Unisonic - Unisonic 2012

This is a continuing collaboration supergroup between Michael Kiske and the Pink Cream 69 crews, to be precise Dennis Ward on bass and Kosta Zafiriou on drum. They were in a side project band called Place Vendome before. What make it different now is additional of guitarist Mandy Meyer (ex Krokus) and .... Kai Hansen. The genre of the band is again AOR type quite similar to Place Vendome. Additional of Kai Hansen do little in bringing back a power metal tune, instead Kai blend nicely into this melodic rock style. This is their first full length album because previously an EP had been released.

First song, Unisonic rise me little fear because Michael Kiske is, in my image, more a melancholy singer than a wild and "happy" rocker. So the chorus "Unison-ic!" is a little weird to me with Kiske. The second song is back on track with Kiske's Souls Alive. Recommended tracks are  Never Changed Me , King For A Day and I've Tried. There is no Helloween trace except a memory on Chameleon here, so fans of Hansen and Kiske expecting this feature should be retreat here. A solid melodious AOR album here.

Metal Harem class: ******* 7 stars out of 10

Unisonic - Unisonic 2012
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01. Unisonic
02. Souls Alive
03. Never Too Late
04. I've Tried
05. Star Rider
06. Never Change Me
07. Renegade
08. My Sanctuary
09. King For A Day
10. We Rise
11. No One Ever Sees Me
12. Over The Rainbow [bonus] [limited edition]

Michael Kiske - vocals, guitar
Kai Hansen - guitars
Mandy Meyer - guitars
Kosta Zafiriou - drums
Dennis Ward - bass

Unisonic graphical art design

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