Top 10 Recommended Guitar Shred Albums of 2015

Sorry for a very late induction of 2015 Top 10 Recommended Shred Guitar Albums. The year was quite calm, Only few big names releasing their guitar orientated album. Nevertheless, Joe Satriani and Neil Schon did save the year with their release. The two top spots reserved to them as a they are indeed the godfathers of the genre. Here it is the Top 10 Recommended Guitar Shred Instrumental Albums of 2015.

01. Shockwave Supernova - Joe Satriani (2015)
Joe Satriani assembly Marco Minnemann, Bryan Beller, and Mike Keneally to produced Shockwave Supernova. All Satch trademark tunes are available here. Full review

02. Vortex - Neal Schon  (2015)
One of most productive all around rock guitarist, Neal Schon, well traverse into rock, jazz, R/B, funk and fusion. Vortex is a double CD and that always room for his musics.

03. Aerial Visions - Vinnie Moore (2015)
Vinnie Moore come back to his solo work in Aerial Vision, after so many year we miss him in this kind of work. Joinning him is bassist Dave LaRue. As ex-Shrapnel generation, his works include blues and neo-classical metal. This album however provide more wider colors. A must have album. Full Review

04. Concrete Garden - Tony MacAlpine (2015)
The 12th studio album from Tony. Concrete Gardens once again contained all shred guitar instrumentals. On this album, Tony supported by Aquiles Priester on all tracks and three other bassists. Jeff Loomis appeared on one song, "Square Circles". Some of the tracks are being recorded live with video, you can view it on EMG PickUp TV. Also Nili Brosh appeared on the live video. This is also Tony's album before he got struck by illness. Full Review

05. The Human Affliction - Paul Wardingham (2015)
Paul Wardingham, the latest ultra fast shredder from Australia is on his second shred album. This is all about guitar and outer space theme. A brain blower for shred fanatics. Full review

06. Tres Caballeros - The Aristrocrats (2015)
Being success with their first album,  these happy guys in The Aristocrats has pulled out their second studio album called (the) Tres Caballeros. Based on their album cover we may feel that the trio is very happy and enjoy much time jamming together. Not much rock band want to proclaimed their togetherness as solid as Disney's classic trio. As reminder, The Aristocrats is super talented band with Guthrie Govan on guitar, Bryan Beller bass and Marco Minneman drum. The GGBBMM is going to blow everyone's mind with their blazing progressive madness. Full review

07. Protocol 3 - Simon Phillips (2015)
Legendary drummer Simon Phillips pulled out his solo drum shred album in Protocol III. The guitarist in charge is no other than Andy Timmons. This is a  jazz-rock, fusion type of album. Check it out.

08. Invent Your Future - Bunny Brunel (2015)
Well, Bunny Brunel is session bassist mostly play in jazz. His fame was in Chick Corea and other jazz legends.  In this album, believe it or not, mr Bunny gathered top dogs in metal guitarist to help him. Listed is Tony MacAlpine, Julia Kosterova, Frank Gambale, and others. While in drum section, Virgil Donati is on the list as well. If you like bass , here is the ultimate album for you.

09. From the Wilderness - Thobbe Englund (2015)
From the metal world, the entry is defended by Thobbe Englund. The Sabaton guitarist inaugurated his first solo instrumental guitar album in From the Wilderness. Totally shred album.

10. Life of Dante - Alexius September  (2015)
And from the indie guitarist community, Life of Dante is work of Italian guitarist Alexius September. Some of the song featured well known drummer, Marco Minnemann. The works is totally in shred guitar style.

Notable mentioned :

Six String Renegade - Martin J. Andersen (2015)
This is a semi instrumental hard rock album done by guitarist Martin J. Andersen. Six String Renegade is the debut album for Martin, who is the guitarist of Blindstone, hardrock / blues band from Danish. If you haven't heard about his name, google him now. The style has been around American blues and hard rock. Full review

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