Winterstorm - Cathyron (2014)

Lately, a band with "-storm-" as their name suffix / prefix is almost a guaranteed epic. Especially if their first phrase is Winter! This is the second Winterstorm album we have in Metal Harem. And it's looks like the storm is not yet left the shore. The new Cathyron is as epic as their previous album. It's even probably better than that one.  The band formation carried exactly the same from prior release.

The album properly begin with one of most well composed theatrical soundtrack prelude called A Hero Rises. It is enough to create a pause effect when listen to this one, it is not just that 'easy-listening' synthesizer intro mean as formalities in most power metal album. The continuation to the title song, Cathyron is in good connection. A catchy riffs in contrast to the prelude worth the waiting time. In this song pay attention to the folky melodic prelude and of course the power choir in the choruses. We then meet with "Far Away to the mountain you had to go...", and you know the epic choir is still the main dishes. The next, Burning Gates and Windkeepers are two that appeared to be pretty straight forward power metal . A pentatonic riffs in Windkeepers proved that this scale can work epicly in power metal then amazed with the folk dance in the middle break. Then The Maze is something clean vocal track backed with melodious composition. In contrast we got Elders of Wisdom, which is sung in the most masculine vocal thoroughly. Interestingly is in the track Metalavial, again remind us to Manowar's Daze, an arena feel power metal tunes. A short inclusion of Renaissance's organ and chanting is in The Evocation. Then we off the album with another two catchiest song, Call of Darkness and The Element's Strife, with the last song being heavily orchestrated instrumental.

This album is yet another successful re-worked of all power metal ingredients we can found. Elements of folk metal and symphonic metal, enough of power choruses and melodic catch phrases. Blended this all together and the album is close to become favorite of the year. In the member notes, singer Alexander Schirmer is very versatile in creating vocal effects to all the song's demand. This is a must have for serious power metal listener.

Metal Harem class: ********* nine stars out of ten

Winterstorm - Cathyron (2014)
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1. A Hero Rises
2. Cathyron
3. Far Away
4. Burning Gates
5. Windkeepers
6. Down in the Seas
7. The Maze
8. Elders of Wisdom
9. Metalavial
10. The Evocation
11. Call of Darkness
12. The Element's Strife

Peter Cerveny, Bass (ex-Circle of Grief )
Michi, Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing)
Armin, Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing)
Max, Keyboards
Alexander Schirmer, Vocals
Sebastian "Sebb" Albrecht, Vocals, Drums
(also: ex-Circle of Grief)

Winterstorm Cathyron album review


Stormwarrior - Thunder & Steele (2014)

For a Viking in metal just check on Stormwarrior. The band has making big noises for about five albums, with Thunder & Steele as their latest one. The theme of sea, Vikings, pirates is their stuffs. I mostly favorite all their works in the past and expected them to continue their good output in this album. Thunder & Steele is still the same quality. All songs are composed in the theme of stormy weather, very fast drumming altogether in '80s power metal choruses.

Thunder & Steele is one of that dejavu choruses we might already hear somewhere but didn't mind to sung it right again. With Metal Avenger as the title of second song, obviously Stormwarrior is doing cameos to what Manowar did in the '80. Hear the nice bass line in this song. Sacred Blade is melodic metal. Ironborn is very close to Helloween. Steelcrusade is interesting straight forward guitar riffs in the intro. Then Die By The Hammer, if you need another Helloween references. Child Of Fyre is the only one easy going song in middle pace tempo. Then listen to the final song of One Will Survive for the last headbanging tunes.

Thunder & Steele is just as the phrases describe, it is lightning pace and titanium solid. This four pieces metal band looks very efficient in all their areas. I like the mixing where the bass is clearly audible as their 'melodic' forces. Some of the songs are heavily influenced by Helloween, bits of Manowar, there also fractions of British speed metal fusion, the like of Saxon. Looks like another solid release by Stormwarrior.

Metal Harem class: ******* eight stars out of ten

Stormwarrior - Thunder & Steele (2014)
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01. Thunder & Steele
02. Metal Avenger
03. Sacred Blade
04. Ironborn
05. Steelcrusader
06. Fyres In The Nighte
07. Die By The Hammer
08. Child Of Fyre
09. One Will Survive
10. Servants Of Metal

Lars Ramcke - vocals, guitar
Alex Guth - guitar
Jens "Yenz Leonhardt" Arnsted - bass, vocals
Jörg Uken - drums

Stormwarrior Thunder & Steele

PRIMAL FEAR - Delivering The Black (2014)

Delivering the Black is Primal Fear tenth studio album and the materials inside exactly reflecting the maturity of the band. Delivering the Black, consisted of ten songs and they are simply heavy metal on its glorious form. Catchy riffs, pumping beat, awesome duo guitars, strong vocals and creative composition are what made up the album. Every song seems followed the uncompromising structure that guarantee all the elements mentioned above present. When we step back to their previous one, Unbreakable, that album sounds like a warm up to this one.

We start with King For A Day, there is an intro riffs that simply double up with twin guitars and then we sucked into the song with its headbanging beat. The second offering also in the same spirit. Rebel Faction is also the same structure as the first song, except now the orchestration is taking important rules to provide symphonic elements to the song. When Death Comes Knocking is my favorite riffs, a bit of thrash metal feel in the acoustic intro, the main riffs is in total power metal feel with slow down tempo and also zither accentuation. Alive & On Fire is the opposite, this is happy hard rock feel designed to pump the audiences in the live arena. Delivering The Black is understandably a solid number because it's the title album bearer. One Night In December is interesting one, a story telling song that see the band push the song writing limit further away. And the album got perfected by the inclusion of Born With A Broken Heart, an emotional title for a ballad of course.

This is the album that success in combining song writing with extremely talented team.  Ralf Scheepers is a factor to enjoy Primal Fear, he had been gone busy by appearing as quest to many band, so to speak about his level of musician. On the guitar department, we got Magnus Karlsson who slowly making fame with his shred and melodious solos. Remember his solo album last year. Then we have Alex Beyrodt who works also included Missa Mercuria and the latest album in Silent Force. The rest of rhythm defender are Randy Black and bassist Mat Sinner, with Mat also being busy member performing in many other project. Overall, Delivering The Black is really lifted up the reputation of Primal Fear as Germany strongholder of heavy metal.

Metal Harem class: ********** nine stars out of ten

PRIMAL FEAR - Delivering The Black (2014)
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01. King For A Day
02. Rebel Faction
03. When Death Comes Knocking
04. Alive & On Fire
05. Delivering The Black
06. Road To Asylum
07. One Night In December
08. Never Pray For Justice
09. Born With A Broken Heart
10. Inseminoid

11.Innocent Man (Bonus Track) (4:12)
12. Man Without Shadow (Bonus Track) (4:03)
13. When Death Comes Knocking (Single Edit) (Bonus Track) (4:25)
14. Born With A Broken Heart (Edit Version) (Bonus Track) (4:13)

Ralf Scheepers - Vocals
Magnus Karlsson - Guitars
Alex Beyrodt - Guitars
Randy Black - Drums
Mat Sinner - Bass & Vocals

Guest Musician:
Liv Kristine (Leave's Eyes, Theatre of Tragedy) : Vocals

Record Label: Frontiers Records

Primal Fear Delivering the Black album review


Within Temptation - Hydra (2014)

Hydra is WT's sixth studio album. The first sensation we'll notice is the appearances of several singers, the likely and the unlikely. The invitation for Tarja is a likely situation where in ten years ago, both Sharon den Adel and Tarja rules the world of female symphonic metal without much challenge. The song they are in, Paradise (What About Us?) did come with a vibe of Tarja's style, especially in her latest solo album. Epic song with thick orchestration that brings Within Temptation's earlier styles, although they never fully go back to the era of The Silent Force.

The other likely collaboration is with ex Killswitch Engage frontman, Howard Jones. The song Dangerous hits it hard with heavy symphonic metal feel. Howard Jones immediate reply on the second verses fit the heaviness of the song. Though he did not applied metalcore singing instead a clean voices. Guitar riffs are catchy with the beat, there is interesting hard rock snare drum sounds as the choice of fills in, which added more cleverness into this song. Within Temptation also try their sounds with leading alternative rock singer, Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum. The song Whole World Is Watching quickly switch into pop metal territory. Surprisingly again, they are both mixed well with Dave Pirner seems the contrasting elements in the song. And We Run, is the last collaboration, the unlikely one with rapper Xzibit. Though it is predictable for Within Temptation to try reach out into uncharted area. The song did pretty much in Within Temptation sounds, Xzibit only 'fills' in the bridge and a solos rap. Believe me it is a good experiments.

As for the rest of Hydra stuffs. they are closer back to their earlier heavy sounds. Not much repeating the last conceptual The Unforgiving experiments. Let Us Burn sounds pretty close to the Silent Force era. Edge of the World sounds familiar, it is Sharon's best cut to blow us away in this ballad song. Silver Moonlight is also heavy tracks with added harsh vocal in the background. Covered By Roses is nice cross over between hard rock blues song writing but wrapped in symphonic metal.

Very solid album. Within Temptation shows us that the band keep evolving into the right direction. Composition wise we got the best. The four featuring songs all represented WT abilities to write whatever they want to write. The best news is the album bring back a lot of their earlier sounds, which is simply bombastic symphonic metal.

Metal Harem class: ********* eight stars out of ten

Within Temptation - Hydra (2014)
Buy it Here - Amazon

01. Let Us Burn
02. Dangerous (feat. Howard Jones, Killswitch Engage)
03. And We Run (feat. Xzibit)
04. Paradise (What About Us?) (feat. Tarja)
05. Edge Of The World
06. Silver Moonlight
07. Covered By Roses
08. Dog Days
09. Tell Me Why
10. Whole World Is Watching (feat. Dave Pirner, Soul Asylum)

Sharon den Adel - vocals
Robert Westerholt - guitar
Ruud Jolie - guitar
Stefan Helleblad - guitar
Jeroen Van Veen - bass
Martijn Spierenburg - keyboards
Mike Coolen - drums

Within Temptation Hydra album review


Axel Rudi Pell - Into The Storm (2014)

It's an even number year and a studio album should be expected from Axel Rudi Pell.  Into the Storm is his year 2014 album. Axel Rudi Pell is most consistent with his releases, almost every year if we counted non studio album and two year cycle for studio album. Into The Storm marked his 16th studio album! Axel had been doing this since 1989. On the latest album notes, as usual Axel also has a consistent band formation but only drummer maestro Mike Terrana is replaced by another veteran drummer, Bobby Rondinelli.

When you hear Axel you'll able to imagine the music even before its started. That's the third consistent we have, the music! This album sounds closer to all their previous compared to the last one (the 15th!) Circle of the Oath. The sounds remained melodic-sentimental mood, as soon as Johny starts to sing. Forget The Inquisitorial Procedure which is the brief theatrical intro with redundant title, Tower of Lies is what we talkin' about. Simple guitar riffs, replied by a drum fills, and we are off the road of Axel Rudi Pell heavy metal world. Long Way to Go is celebrated oldies '80s kind of riff to start. Enjoyable song with memory to the past, it just I feel the song sung in slightly too low in the key. Burning Chains is homage to Deep Purple's Burn itself in the opening and hammond organ sounds. Much to enjoy and the solos begin to show off some fast stuffs. When Truth Hurts is a piano ballad, we should ban the band in playing ballad because the result going to be too effusive. But I tell ya after this song, the half next part of the album did provide many interesting tracks. Touching Heaven is recommended here. Of course Hey Hey My My is very fit to Axel and Johny duet, and in fact I pretty much like this version. Finally Into the Storm should received credits for its epic composition and zither sounds. There are two bonuses, one instrumental guitar track in White Cats and then new age-ish Way to Mandalay.

As usual, Into the Storm really Axel Rudi Pell in every aspect. But as his fans for many years and albums, I think this album consisted many original ideas. It is sounds like the same but with new songs keep coming. Praised to Axel and the band to put everything on the track without losing to the syndrome of repetition. The cover art is also cool. This album should keep us busy for the two solid year,... before the 17th album come.

Metal Harem class: ********* eights stars out of ten

 Axel Rudi Pell - Into The Storm (2014)
Buy from Here - AMAZON

1. The Inquisitorial Procedure
2. Tower of Lies
3. Long Way to Go
4. Burning Chains
5. When Truth Hurts
6. Changing Times
7. Touching Heaven
8. High Above
9. Hey Hey My My (Neil Young cover)
10. Into the Storm
11. White Cats (Opus #6 Scivolare) (Bonus)
12. Way to Mandalay (bonus)

Volker Krawczak – Bass
Axel Rudi Pell – Guitars
Ferdy Doernberg – Keyboards
Johnny Gioeli – Vocals
Bobby Rondinelli - Drums

Axel Rudi Pell - Into the Storm album review


Daniele Liverani - Fantasia (2014)

It is still fresh in my ears when Daniele Liverani released Eleven Mysterious only two years ago in 2012. That album was received well and still frequent play in my shred play list. Not losing a momentum, Daniele comeback with his latest concept, Fantasia. This is yet another ambitious project, it's very conceptual album, done in instrumental guitar setting of course. It's remind us to  Fantastic is the word here. In Fantasia, Daniele consistent to only one styles, progressive metal, which mean he lessened a lot of other popular shred styles such as the neo-classical stuffs.

Unbreakable is the opening act. A short cinematic sounds effects gives a clue about where the story started. The guy (or robot) doing the speech is familiar to us, who listen to Eleven Mysterious previously. Unbreakable is solid a progressive piece, the rocket toms (sounds very Mike Mangini stuffs..) is exploding left to right. For such important rules, drummer Simon Ciccotti is given the faith to lead the rhythm section. The influence of neo-classical stuffs only appeared on the fourth track, Apocalypse, preceding its two 'standard' shred stuffs in Joke and Peacefully. Daylight, with piano leading in phrases and odd meter all around the song, this is very technical stuffs that at the same time still achieving its musical purposes for being 'enjoyable'. Overall the album, the bass itself have a lot of 'foreground' moment, but only in Gigantic that the bass is the leading riff-ers. And we reach the ballad moment, in Black Horse, which is a bluesy ballad guitar cut. The other mellow song is in Heaven. And Daniele choose to end the album with another neo classic arpeggios jam, in Rage.

Just a couple days from new year of 2014, we already presented a great instrumental album. Fantasia is slightly different in styles compared to Eleven Mysterious. While the previous album deal with heavier tunes, virtuoso stuffs, Fantasia is approaching more melodic area, and also being more story-driven plot. The band only consisted of other three recordings artist, in which only keyboardist Marco Zago was appeared in previous album. Daniele able to spread well the musical duties among his musicians and Fantasia really sounds like a whole band music. Do not let this album slip away if you are guitar shred head!

Metal Harem class: ********** nine stars out of ten

Daniele Liverani – Fantasia (2014)
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01. Unbreakable
02. Joke
03. Peacefully
04. Apocalypse
05. Daylight
06. Gigantic
07. Black Horse
08. Outstanding
09. Guilty
10. Heaven
11. Rage

Daniele Liverani (guitars and others)
Marco Zago (keyboards)
Nicolò Vese (bass)
Simon Ciccotti (drum)


Thaurorod - Anteinferno (2013)

The guys from Thaurorod, translate as 'Mountain of Horror' in Tolkien-ish language, have only two studio albums including this one, but they are on the good track to be the next big thing from Finland. Anteinferno is their second album, the first one was Upon Haunted Battlefield released three years ago. As expected from their band name and cover artwork, this is power metal in its infernoid mode. Even though Anteinferno maintained many of its original album sounds, now half of the band member was new recruit. Most notable is singer Michele Luppi who no more supporting instead replaced by Andi Kravljaca, experienced singer who previous sing in many bands such as Seventh Wonder. The other replacement happened in guitar and keyboard department. In a quick glance Anteinferno sounds much more heavier.

Planet X act as the opener, the song combined speed and melodic in the best way. Best describe as having elements of Rhapsody of Fire, Sabaton and the speed of Dragonforce-ian, put in the same pot.  Heart Of The Lion is standard melodious cut, easily to follow and memorable choruses. Same thing to Overboard, is so melodic in writing that the notes storming from lower key up overboard to highest one. Even more straight forward melodious is Far from Home, galloping choruses, nice phrases in lyrics, all the best in power metal ingredients put in together in this song. And to say the last, all the rest of the song are highly tasty in the same spirit as their opener. Anteinferno come as the longest track, sealing the tradition of power metal album to have one lengthy conceptual song.

This album is consistent in keeping the momentum alive. From the first track to the last one we are not allowed to expected a slight changes of styles or slowdown in tempo. They are all melodic power metal stuffs in Anteinferno. Vocalist Andi Kravljaca is quite a traditional screamer that always aims to the highest pitch available. And I must repeated to say that most song are done in ultra fast double pedal mode, so high credit given to drummer Joonas Pykala-aho. Two studio albums and Finnish may finally get to counter their southern Italian camp in this operatic power metal battle. If you like Rhapsody of Fire, this album, the cover art alone, should give you a reason to have it.

Metal Harem class:  ********* eight stars out of ten

Thaurorod - Anteinferno (2013)
Buy it Here - Amazon

1. Planet X
2. Heart Of The Lion
3. Overboard
4. Far from Home
5. Victor
6. Marked for Diablo
7. For the Rose to the Grave
8. Anteinferno
9. Path
10. Riders of the Shires

Andi Kravljaca - Vocals
Emil Pohjalainen - Lead guitars
Lasse Nyman - Guitars
Harri Koskela - Keyboards & Piano
Pasi Tanskanen - Bass
Joonas Pykälä-aho - Drums
Record Label: NoiseArt Records

Thaurorod Anteinferno album review


Most Favorite Metal Albums of the Year 2013

Metal Harem's Most Favorite Albums of the year is presented below. I dismissed the idea to listed everything I've heard as in last year, but only selected up to 20 in power metal and top ten in other genres. You may also notice there are lesser extreme metal albums such as in death or underground genre because I just can't listen to everything. So, the focus is on the power / symphonic metal area. Again, these list are subjective but indeed comes after consideration through out the year. Enjoy and let's hope 2014 will be another great year in metal \m/


2013 Most Favorite Power Metal Albums
Power - Symphonic - Folk - Gothic Metal

01. Stratovarius - Nemesis
02. Helloween - Straight Out of Hell
03. Avantasia - Mystery of Time
04. Civil War - The Killer Angel
05. Rhapsody of Fire - Dark Wings of Steel
06. Serenity - War of Ages
07. Timo Tolkki's Avalon - Land of New Hope
08. Dark Moor - Ars Musica
09. Revamp - Wildcard
10. Tarja - Colours in the Dark
11. Reinxeed - A New World
12. Magnus Karlsson - Freefall
13. Hammerforce - Access Denied
14. Gloryhammer - Tales from Kingdom of Fife
15. Leaves' Eyes - Symphonies of the Night
16. Amaranthe - The Nexus
17. Armory - Empyrean Realm
18. Asgard - Outworld
19. Wardrum - Messenger
20. Dreamtale - World Changed Forever

2013 Most Favorite Heavy Metal Albums
Heavy - Thrash - Death - Extreme Metal

01. Sodom - Epitome of Torture
02. U.D.O. - Steelhammer
03. Motorhead - Aftershock
04. Black Sabbath - 13
05. Darkane - The Sinister Supremacy
06. Trivium - Vengeance Falls
07. Devil Driver - Winter Kills
08. Saxon - Sacrifice
09. Amon Amarth - Deceiver of God
10. Avenged Sevenfold - Hail to the King

2013 Most Favorite Progressive Metal Albums
Progressive Metal - Progressive Rock

01. Ayreon - The Theory of Everything
02. Dream Theater - Dream Theater
03. Lalu - Atomic Ark
04. Queensryche - Queensryche
05. Royal Hunt - A Life to Die For
06. James LaBrie - Impermament Resonance
07. Orphaned Land - All is One
08. Almah - Unfold
09. Amorphis - Circle
10. DGM - Momentum

2013 Most Favorite Hard Rock Albums
Hard Rock - AOR

01. The Winery Dogs
02. Stryper - No More Hell to Pay
03. Pretty Maid - Motherland
04. Airless - Changes
05. Place Vendome - Thunder in the Distance
06. Bon Jovi - What About Now
07. Herman Rarebell and Friends - Acoustic Fever
08. Bret Michaels - Jammin' with Friends
09. Deep Purple - Now What
10. Pink Cream 69 - Ceremonial

See 2013 Most Favorite Guitar Albums HERE


Deliverance - Hear What I Say! (2013)

Deliverance is American Christian Thrash metal, already on the pulpit since 1989. Hear What I Say!, released December 2013, is their tenth studio album. Deliverance is on their edge for being close down, and this album remarked their comeback and also their future next break up. At least that what the news about this album. In general the album is a mixed styles, ranging from thrash metal and some cross over between modern groove metal + thrash metal.

After solemn piano intro in Liber 111, The Annals of Subterfuge starts by a delicious aggressive guitar riffs. Hailed from LA, Deliverance bring along a lot of classic '80s influence from the area and this song immediately remind us on thrash metal from there. Angst on other hand infused new metal sounds of the '90s, combining nu-metal / rap metal into it. Hope Lies Beyond is kind of Queensryche influence, the band that connected to band leader Jimmy Brown. Detox is pretty much the combination of previous three, thrash-nu-Queensryche things with that low pitch guitar riffs. Passing is the most modern sounding of all. A Perfect Sky is devoted guitar acoustic ballads. Then they inserted one interesting Iron Maiden cover of Where Eagles Dare.

Pretty much balance album with coverage of thrash metal and modern metal ideas. The liberty of transfusing Christianity theme into their lyric is not become an issue rather now it's just another idea to heavy metal. All four musicians behind the band all superb in their creations. This album can do justice to close Deliverance story, if that is the desired future of them.

Metal Harem class: ********* eight stars out of ten

Deliverance - Hear What I Say (2013)
Buy it Here - Amazon

01. Liber 111 (Intro)
02. The Annals of Subterfuge
03. Angst
04. Hope Lies Beyond
05. Detox
06. Nude
07. Passing
08. A Perfect Sky
09. Where Eagles Dare (Iron Maiden Cover)
10. Entgiftung (German Version of Detox)

Manny Morales Bass
Michael Phillips Guitars
Jimmy Brown Vocals, Guitars
Jayson Sherlock Drums


Favorite Guitar Shred Instrumental Album of 2013

Looking back to year 2013, we have yet another great guitar listening time because of these albums. As Metal Harem tradition every year, we would like to compiled all the guitar released into one list. Just simply called this favorite guitar album list, the order is stealthily try to resembling the best album according to our preferences. It's not to be taken serious, but a cage fight debate is okay...lol. So, here we present,
Favorite Guitar Shred Instrumental Album of 2013.

0. Joe Satriani - Unstoppable Momentum  -  review - buy it Here 
Joe Satriani is always reserved to top the list because he just too mainstream, just kidding.. lol. Indeed Satch's Unstoppable Momentum is unstoppable shred moment in 2013. This album continued his legacy and consistency in music.

Number 1 : Simone Fiorletta - Personalities - review - buy it HERE
The real discovery of year 2013 is Simone Fiorletta. Hailed from Italy, his album Personalities is well written, rich in styles and melodious. 

02 : Aristocrats - Culture Clash - review - buy it HERE
This is a power jam, provocative instrumental creativeness in one album. Guitarist is Guthrie Govan , bassist Bryan Beller and drummer Marco Minnemann. 

03. Michael Angelo Batio - Intermezzo - review - buy it Here
When it come to shred, Michael Angelo Batio is the name. This album champion because not only they are too fast, but also contained crazy solos by more than 20 guest guitarist, Joe Stump, Guthrie Govan, Jeff Loomis, Michael Romeo, Rusty Cooley etc.

04. Borislav Mitic - Electric Goddess - review - buy it Here
Borislav Mitic of Serbian virtuoso surprised us with Electric Goddess, melodious and well around instrumental guitar album. Check this guy now.

05. George Bellas - Astral Projection - review - buy it Here
Look at that album title and the art cover, surely this represent the awesomeness of the music inside. George Bellas created another wizardry shred album, the majority of the stuffs inside is in progressive metal style.

06. Torben Enevoldsen - Above and Beyond - review - Buy it Here
As you may notice now, we like melodic guitar album. Torben Enevoldsen is yet another guitarist that pleased us in this preferences. Above and Beyond is simple in composition but big in melodious achievements.

07. Jacky Vincent - Star X Speed Story - review - Buy it Here
In contrast, Jacky Vincent solos is just plain shred and speed story. Michael Angelo Batio and Paul Gilbert is invited along others, so you know how speedy this album is.

08. Bruce Bouillet - The Order of Control - review - Buy it Here
Bruce gives us vintage shred album, still in the vibes of the '80s. It's loud , lots of bizarre licks inside.

09. Francesco Fareri - Mechanism Reloaded - review - Buy it Here
This is a dark, djent-style full shred album. F.F. is widely known for his 8 strings guitar arsenal, Mechanism Reloaded is no compromised progressive music.

10. Alex Masi - Danger Zone - review - Buy it Here
Alex Masi guitar composition today incorporated a lot of electronic music. Danger Zone is guitar instrumental album with heavy distortion solos laid upon synthesizer beat and rhythm. This album will bring metalheads closer to the other area of the world.

11. Marcus Jidell - Pictures From A Time Traveller - review - Buy it Here
Marcus is guitarist from Evergrey band. This album is serious one, meditative and time travel in theme. If you like being hypnotized by a guitar, this is it.

12. Luca Zamberlin - Mad For It - review - Buy it Here
There is enough room for new force to join in. This humble album in instrumental album called every guitar fans to pay attention to him. Atma Anur is the drummer.

13. Julia Kosterova - Springs Of Time - review - buy it Here
She is playing progressive metal in instrumental mode! That's alone should give you a compulsory to track her down. This is only an EP, we will wait a little longer for her full solo.

14. Dario Lorina 2013 - review - buy it Here
Dario just joined Black Label Society band, he is a guitarist that touring with Jane Lane (Warrant) and Eric Martin (Mr. Big). This is his debut instrumental solos and it's shred all the way. Check him!

Favorite Semi Instrumental Album :

Adrian Galysh - Tone Poet - review - buy it Here
Adrian's album Tone Poet, contained half vocalized track and the other half are guitar instrumentals. This unfortunately make him 'half-disqualified' from the guitar shred instrumental album. But his half instrumental tracks really paid off the situation and make it high for guitar fans. Check him out as well for this awesome album.

Favorite Live Guitar Instrumental Album:

Neil Zaza - Live On Crooked River Groove (2013) - buy it Here
Actually released Christmas 2012, this live album was recorded over the intimate Tri-C Black Box Theater in Cleveland. Most are classic Neil Zaza hits such as Melodia, Higher and Higher, In My Dreams and I'm Alright.

UPDATED as per 2014
These are notable guitar shred albums that I missed for listening in 2013:

Paul Wardingham - The Human Afflictions 2013
Paul Wardingham, shredder from Brisbane Australia. This album is a hype, whether or not it was released I'am not sure. Some of the tracks can be found inYoutube for Jamtrackcentral channel.

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