Airless - Changes 2013

Airless is a melodic rock act where members are from Spain and their music went as far as USA. They are not well known, yet, but it is time to come where their high musical talent will soon gain a reputation. My first contact to them was by last year's instrumental guitar album, by their own guitarist, Robert Rodrigo. With a guitarist as versatile as Robert, Airless proves a promising band to watch, they are also has so many surprises to dig. Changes is their 3rd studio album. It is so well crafted that I think this is one of the best AOR / Melodic Rock album I encountered for a long time, perhaps since Brother Firetribe's Heart Full of Fire.

Start Again is the first song, it is an AOR tunes something like old Journey. The vocals quickly make me fall in love for this band, the song got a good choruses to give a promising start for the rest of the tracks. I Don't Care showcase the keyboards / piano elements in this mid tempo tunes. The next song come in more attractive hard rock energy, Upstream is a classy '80 glam metal tunes. Guitar works is excellent especially the very technical solos Robert put in there. Dead Inside is again a tasty song with another direction, which is now more modern sounds, but still maintained that glam metal riff and the hard rock style vocal screaming. Changes is coming with very interesting guitar works, a perfect blend between instrumentation and the song writing. A classic feel in Rescue Me remind you a bit of early Bon Jovi's Runaway. Gone Too Far comes with darker lyric theme about humanity and its problems. We again been treated by a shredding guitar solos. The last tune is Latest Prophecy, which is the fastest double pedal tunes to close this excellent album.

The chemistry between all band members is the band's best asset. Not only the guitar works are very enjoyable, but the drums, bass and keyboards all giving their best to make this album shine. Changes gives a late '80s AOR and hard rock feel with highly creative song writing in each tracks. The album also got a good mix of song variation, from fast tunes, mid anthem, to a slow ballad. The singer has a good voice character and fit into the style very well. This is an AOR / Melodic Rock album that able to overcome every possible musical issues in the best way. Surprisingly underrated album from Airless, the band from Spain.

Metal Harem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Airless Changes 2013

01. Start Again
02. I Don't Care
03. Upstream
04. Dead Inside
05. Changes
06. Till The End Of Time
07. Rescue Me
08. Gone Too Far
09. Reach For You
10. Come Back Home
11. Latest Prophecy

IƱaki Lazcano: Vocals
Robert Rodrigo: Guitars
Miguel Manjon: Bass
Pako Marinez de Musitu: Drums

Diego Rois: Keyboards
Danny Vaughn : Vocals on track 4.

Spain / USA Hard Rock band, Airless Changes album review

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