Dark Tranquility - Construct (2013)

Not really a Dark Tranquility listener here, but I found the album a good one with a blend of doom-ish feel into good death metal vocals. Construct is the new Dark Tranquility album, bringing this as the band's album number ten. They are called as Gothenburg metal also but quite versatile in doing the music it's between thin line to defined. For Broken Words is a nice opener, bringing us to darker mood for today. Works of instrumentation to company the vocals are done in creative ways. This is better in the second song, The Science of Noise, now comes with 'faster' beat. The running riffs can keep the interest alive and put curiosity to what happen in the next song's sections. Uniformity is more complex. The background piano motives and vocal's style changing make this a good gothic-doom-death metal tracks. The Silence in Between also has a good Paradise Lost feel intro. Not a bad song to call this the hit of the album.  Aphathetic finally comes with strong riffs and fastest drum works. Endtime Hearts is interesting tracks with slighly bits of industrial sounds. The album ended with overlong instrumentation None Becoming, that close the chapter with dark mood.

Best cuts for me are The Science of Noise and The Silence in Between. Love the guitar overdrive / distortion sounds that versatile bringing the doom feel. Singer pulled his growl and clean voices with good shape. Atmospheric background string layered provided by keyboardist Martin Brändström also gives Dark Tranquility their unique sounds. Enjoyable album with a smooth blend in between doom and death metal style.

Metal Harem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Dark Tranquility - Construct (2013)
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1. "For Broken Words" 4:34
2. "The Science of Noise" 3:50
3. "Uniformity" 5:31
4. "The Silence in Between" 3:32
5. "Apathetic" 3:29
6. "What Only You Know" 4:01
7. "Endtime Hearts" 3:59
8. "State of Trust" 4:06
9. "Weight of the End" 4:56
10. "None Becoming" 4:31

 US bonus tracks
11. "Immemorial" 5:06
12. "Photon Dreams" 2:04

Mikael Stanne – vocals
Martin Henriksson – bass guitar, rhythm guitar
Niklas Sundin – lead guitar, album artwork
Anders Jivarp – drums
Martin Brändström – keyboards

Dark Tranquility Construct album review

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