Asgard - Outworld (2013)

This is yet another heavy / power metal talent from Italy. They formed in 2003 in Ferrara, near the Unesco Capital Bologna. They ever since released two album in 2011 and in 2013 called Outworld. The album sounds heavier than ever, the styles is in between old style heavy metal and power metal riff.

Forty minutes of intense riffs, the highlights in this album are not few. Spirits, their opener track, go straightforward with heavy mighty sounds whether the guitar riffs, drum or vocals will pleased first time listener and raise curiosity about the rest of the album. The Interceptor not fall much behind the opener song, thundering notes flow without compromised and thus ended with four minutes run time. Sound of Shadows follows up, this darker theme licks shows the duo guitarist capability to raise the in tension to even more heavier and darker. Then Outworld settled the moment with its acoustic intro, before storming again with full force. We then passed several songs with pretty much similar vibes. Cyber Control near the end is short track but with interesting drum intro. Then we done after Marry the Widow close this album, this time with bass intro to give another heavy effect to the song.

Maybe there already thousand of bands with similar styles, but Asgard seems locked this album with great dignity. The sounds engineering is superb, all drums sounds like it's kicking in front of your ears. We also welcomed one more metal singer with powerful voices, Federica "Mace" Mazza delivered every songs in great shape. The Penoncini brothers and bassist Renato are just excellent in their duties. I won't be surprised to find their name in the future, in fact very much they can catch the popularity they deserved.

Metal Harem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Asgard - Outworld (2013)
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 1. Spirits 04:32
 2. The Interceptor 04:05
 3. Sound of Shadows 06:04
 4. Outworld 04:40
 5. Wall of Lies 04:27
 6. Riot Angels 04:11
 7. The Night Hawk 04:26
 8. Cyber Control 02:56
 9. Marry the Widow 05:39

Renato "Reno" Chiccoli Bass
Rudy Mariani Drums
Davide "Dave" Penoncini Guitars
Alberto "Ably" Penoncini Guitars
Federico "Mace" Mazza Vocals

Italian Power Metal Asgard in Outworld album review

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