Anvil - Hope in Hell (2013)

There a couple of bands that you no need to afraid they will suddenly play a music not exactly what you expected. Anvil is one of them and perhaps one of extreme. They are consistent, playing well inside the Anvil 'sounds' and will not surprised you much. Even tough Anvil now won back their success and glory, they are still the same Anvil we once know back in '80 and '90. My favorite Anvil album is still Worth the Weight of the '90s, the new 2013 album just like newer version of it only without the '90s over extending guitar trails. Hope in Hell is their new works, together with new family member Sal Italiano the bassist, the eleven tracks is, surprisingly, the same Anvil music we knew for most of the time. Whether this is a compliment or criticism I think we leave it to the fans to judge.

Hope in Hell is the tradition album title for opener song. The Metallica's 'Puppet' riff is what heard for once. Of course Anvil riff is no where sounds similar to that and in fact leads to our Anvillian metal song. The song structure as we know are simpler compared to when they were young back then. Still the chorus '...Hope in Hell!" is too creative for Anvil fans (slightly sarcasm intended). Eat the Words is a good one, this rock n' roll metal light up the mood with energetic drums and deep voices singing. Through with You is a prove that Lips trying to battle each popular riff into this hand. As trivial as Smoke in the Water, the riff again, Anvilized into their sounds without problems. Lots of drum fill to enjoy, intro in Flying for example. Badass Rock n Roll is another stand out song, something should remind to Whitesnake / Rainbow now. Time Shows no Mercy again display the drum and bass creativity. Mankind Machine is heavier song with interesting un-Anvillian singing style. Hard Wired is so much fun hard rock song.

After more than fifteen studio albums, the trio seems enjoy the formula 'don't fix something unbroken' very well. There are some new energetic ideas in Hope in Hell, so it's not overly follow the template. In fact, the album is best released after their 'comeback' with many diverse tricks inside, compared to This is Thirteen and Juggernaut of Justice. The drum groove is one of thing to enjoy, Robb Reiner surely one that talented drummer, expert in drum fill that it hard to believe he rarely in top drummer list. Lips, as usual need only to get the riffs and the song flows naturally, he is the real master of riffs. Interestingly is the third man. Sol taking good care to maximum his extra space left by Lips in creative way. He is playing important rule by giving meaningful lower pitch rhythm for each song.  Good package for Anvil Pounder Union, their legion of fans club worldwide. This album will not 'offend' any die hard fans as well as easy to enjoy by newer enthusiast.

Metal Harem class : ******** eight stars out of ten

Anvil - Hope in Hell (2013)
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1. Hope in Hell
2. Eat your Words
3. Through with You
4. The Fight Is Never Won
5. Pay the Toll
6. Flying
7. Call of Duty
8. Badass Rock n Roll
9. Time Shows no Mercy
10. Mankind Machine
11. Shut the Fuck Up

Hard Wired
Fire At Will

Robb Reiner - Drums
Lips aka Steve Kudlow- Lead Vocals / Lead Guitars
Sal Italiano - Bass
Bob Marlette - Producer
Record Label: SPV / SteamHammer Records

Anvil 2013 Hope in Hell album review

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