Vicious Rumors - Electric Punishment 2013

'80s Bay Area metaller, Vicious Rumors come back with their newest torture, the Electric Punishment 2013. Nothing much to say about this veteran band, except their chops and riffs seems getting heavier and heavier each time. Electric Punishment is nothing sort of heavy metal full of riffs and badass vocals works in this century.

The good tunes build from riff madness are  I Am The Gun, Electric Punishment, Dime Store Prophet, and Thirst for a Kill. The second approach of the material is thrash metal sounds as in Black X List and D-Block. Put in other feel as in Escape (From Hell) with a slow ballad intro build up, my favorite track on this album. Or bizzare melody lead in Together We Unite lead to punk metal like unison singing song. The album close with Strange Ways cover of KISS, which concluded what the album actually went through.

Not that we can found anything to criticized. Most enjoyable are their classy guitar riffs along with hitting the edge singing voices. It sure needed more memorable moments to make this not just another album from Vicious Rumors. Overall the album sounds like a combination of several styles, from Metal Church to Slayer (RIP Jeff Hanneman as for today...). Honestly, a great kicking ass album!

Metal Harem class: ******* seven stars out of ten

Vicious Rumors - Electric Punishment 2013
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1. I Am The Gun
2. Black X List
3. Electric Punishment
4. D-Block
5. Escape (From Hell)
6. Dime Store Prophet
7. Together We Unite
8. Eternally
9. Thirst for a Kill
10. Strange Ways (KISS cover)

Geoff Thorpe – Guitars / Vocals
Larry Howe - Drums
Stephen Goodwin - Bass
Brian Allen – Vocals
Thaen Rasumussen - Guitars
Record Label: SPV / Steamhammer Records

Vicious Rumors Electric Punishment album review

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