Iron Maiden En Vivo (Live) 2012

It’s been ten years since my last Iron Maiden live disc, Rock in Rio. Sure I can listen the echo of  Two Minute to Midnight in a sleep but I convince myself to again entertainment myself with the Beast  latest offer, En Vivo 2012.

The good thing is this decision will never go wrong. With their multimillion platform, Iron Maiden already pull out a perfect live disc every time they wanted. En Vivo is their latest perfection, this time it was set in Chile from the tour around 2010-2011.

For all of us know, Iron Maiden already less putting out a song with straightforward riff followed by screaming chorus. Rather, Iron Maiden is now a metal band that build up their song on certain melodic motive done by their quartet Smith-Gers-Murray-Harris strings, put in a very serious lyrics and repeat their chorus for several minutes. This is exhausting from Dance of Death, A Matter of Life and Death and to The Final Frontier. But this situation actually improved decently with a live performance. Risky slow song like The Talisman and Coming Home are cleverly allocated within the show. For this, Iron Maiden always success in manage to build up a great atmosphere for each song. So, the first setlist taken from The Final Frontier album is quite a success opening. Only a little less confident that they still put in Two Minutes to Midnight right in the fourth set.

Over the show, the quartet melody highlight is when they performed their simple Maiden melodic motive. And of course with three axemen on stage we would like to see the necessary of this. The solos guitar are always the part that I enjoyed the most. There is many combination on this, first is a take turn solos, as in El Dorado, the two unison + 1 answering solo, as in The Trooper , or just plain three unison solos as in 2 Minutes to Midnight.

Production wise are best, they are the industry standard. Whatever Bruce screams, bumbling , grunt, whisper are clear presented. The crowd’s “… to Midnight” are breathtaking recorded. Nicko’s drumming part also polished well.

Even if you owned 20 live disc of Iron Maiden, getting another one will probably give you that little joy. En Vivo is yet another great entertainment for this excellent 2012 year of metal. Interestingly, this is Iron Maiden live album that titled more differently that the other.

Iron Maiden - En Vivo! (LIVE) 2012

Disc I
01. The Final Frontier
02. El Dorado
03. 2 Minutes To Midnight
04. The Talisman
05. Coming Home
06. Dance Of Death
07. The Trooper
08. The Wicker Man

Disc II
01. Blood Brothers
02. When The Wild Wind Blows
03. The Evil That Men Do
04. Fear Of The Dark
05. Iron Maiden
06. The Number Of The Beast
07. Hallowed Be Thy Name
08. Running Free

Bruce Dickinson - vocals
Janick Gers - guitars
Adrian Smith - guitars
Dave Murray - guitars
Nicko McBrain - drums
Steve Harris - bass

Michael Kenney - keyboards

Resensi Album Iron Maiden - En Vivo! (Live) 2012

Album live Iron Maiden terakhir yang saya ikuti adalah album Rock In Rio 2002. Setelah lewat sepuluh tahun, kiranya cukup beralasan untuk mendengar perkembangan si the Beast. Maka kehadiran En Vivo, album live terbaru 2012 dari Iron Maiden nampaknya cukup seru untuk diikuti kembali. 

Sebagai supergroup dan band superkaya, produksi mereka selalu dalam kualitas awesome. Ini adalah penampilan live mereka dari stadium Estadio Nacional, Santiago Chili. Iron Maiden melakukan tur The Final Frontier di daerah Latin Amerika sekitar tahun lalu.

Kita semua maklumi, sekarang Iron Maiden bukan lagi band yang suka membuat lagu sederhana, dengan riff polos seperti era 80an mereka. Iron Maiden sekarang lebih merupakan band yang tertarik dengan lagu yang dimulai dengan motif melody khas mereka. Lagu-lagunya lebih berat di lirik dan yang bikin kurang sreg adalah tendensi mereka mengulang-ulang lick dan chorus hingga cukup panjang. Dari tiga album terakhir, Dance of Death, A Matter of Life and Death dan The Final Frontier, pola ini sudah cukup terulang dan menimbulkan efek bosan bagi penggemar Iron Maiden yang sudah kenal mereka puluhan tahun. Tapi kondisi ini ternyata bisa diperbaiki dalam setting live performance. Quartet Smith-Gers-Murray-Harris memainkan senar adalah pertunjukan utama di sini. Lagu-lagu agak membosankan seperti The Talisman dan Coming Home tampaknya cukup berhasil ditampilkan live di sini dengan memposisikan lagunya di urutan yang tepat. Iron Maiden secara keseluruhan berhasil membawa atmosfer setiap lagu mereka dengan mantap. Keseluruhan pembukaan album ini yang sebagian besar materinya diambil dari album The Final Frontier tampak berhasil dipresentasikan dengan baik. Hanya tembang klasik Two Minutes to Midnight yang mungkin tetap diselipkan agar kebesaran Iron Maiden terus diingatkan.

Bagian solo gitar adalah bagian yang selalu ditunggu-tunggu. Dengan tiga gitaris berkeliaran di panggung, tentu diharapkan ada solo yang cukup untuk dimainkan. Kira-kira ada tiga kombinasi dari mereka, pertama adalah solo bergantian seperti di tembang El Dorado, lalu ada pula dua unison solo yang dijawab solo lainnya seperti di The Trooper, atau paling sederhana, ketiganya mengamuk serempak seperti di tembang klasik Two Minutes to Midnight.

Produksi suara di album ini sangat top notch, mereka adalah standar dalam industri ini. Teriakan, gerutuan, bisikan, apapun dari si Bruce terekam jelas. Suara ribuan penonton juga bisa dinikmati dengan baik. Pukulan si Nicko tidak ada yang terlewatkan. 

Walaupun penggemar memiliki puluhan kaset live Iron Maiden, sekiranya album ini tetap bisa memberi senyuman di bibir. En Vivo adalah hiburan yang baik untuk awal tahun 2012 ini.


3 Inches of Blood - Long Live Heavy Metal 2012

Even after 40 years of heavy metal invented by Black Sabbath, there still enough signs that this genre not going to die soon. Evidence of this is how an album with “Metal” word keep appearing on scenes. Months ago was Hysterica with The Art Of Metal and then week ago Blaze Bayley with The King Of Metal. Totally unknown to me was band called 3 Inches of Blood who put in another brave album called Long Live Heavy Metal.

Not only the title album was brave, but the commodity inside are far awesome to be missed. Just like Anvil and Annihilator , 3 Inches of Blood happens to be a Canadian band. Which another examples of how Canadian potential in keeping traditional heavy metal alive on earth. The reviewer many said they are New Wave of British Heavy Metal genre, the genre that belong to the best metal act on Earth, Iron Maiden.

The first three tracks of the album, confirmed the potential keep inside this band. Traditional vocal screaming, awesome dual guitar attacks and fast songs , this is yet another Judas Priest reincarnation in the 2012 year.  This interrupted a bit by new age-ish folk metal Chief and the Blade before the storm multiple again the song Dark Messenger. The singer Cam Pipes is supported by guitarist Justin Hagberg who doing the death metal part.

During its 52 minutes Long Live Heavy Metal demonstrated neat heavy metal act. Their unique because some of the songs incorporated elements of death metal and folk metal nicely to its British Heavy Metal background. If you are looking for yet another catchy riff, catchy metal, this album will very less disappointed you.

Metal Harem class: ******* 7 stars out of 10

3 Inches of Blood - Long Live Heavy Metal 2012
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1. "Metal Woman"   4:48
2. "My Sword Will Not Sleep"   4:37
3. "Leather Lord"   3:57
4. "Chief And The Blade"   2:27
5. "Dark Messenger"   4:07
6. "Look Out"   5:29
7. "4000 Torches"   4:16
8. "Leave It On The Ice"   3:34
9. "Die For Gold (Upon The Boiling Sea IV)"   4:03
10. "Storming Juno"   4:24
11. "Men Of Fortune"   7:35
12. "One For The Ditch"   3:31

    Cam Pipes - vocals
    Shane Clark - guitar, vocals
    Justin Hagberg - guitars
    Ash Pearson - drums
    Byron Stroud - bass


Anvil - Juggernaut of Justice 2011

Anvil – Juggernaut of Justice 2011

Just like any other inhabitants of Earth, I had completely forget about a band Anvil. I said forgot because in the early of 90s, his song Infanticide from the album Worth the Weight was one of metal song that impressed me a lot. That was already ten years after their classic release Metal On Metal on 1982.

Just week ago while surfing at Metalstorm.com, somebody mentioned Anvil and quick I browse the name to find out what happen to this awesome band they was. To my surprise the world seems suffered the same Alzheimer with me and it need a slap in the face movie “Anvil: The Story…” to give a wakeup call about this forgotten band.

Juggernaut of Justice is their 14th album, released last year May 2011. Yes, even with eyes close tight to the metal scene this album still over my radar. But actually Lips and Rob’s exile day have long passed due to Sascha Gervasi’s handycam movie Anvil! The Story of Anvil. Their This Is Thirteen was their egg breaking. I kind of shock how could recording like Nuclear Blast or Roadrunner not on their luck with that album.

Thing got improved on Juggernaut of Justice. It was recording in Dave Grohl’s award winning studio. Juggernaut of Justice opener is just a simple I want to do metal business. Guitar starts screaming as wild ever and the drumming, the drumming is another hidden treasure of heavy metal. Rob is one of fastest kick without any recognition from the industry, he is the true underrated drummer.

OF twelve songs in the standard edition, ten stick to Anvil world. Limited creativity yes, but this compilation of songs are for those who only want to listen to heavy metal. No bullshit about fearing to lost chop to younger generation, Lips and Rob together with bassist G5 , just enjoy their music the same as twenty years ago.

Only two songs needed to break away their ritual. The last two song Paranormal is a Black Sabbathian tempo cameo song. And Swing Thing is the swing thing instrumental, the best we-are-not-even-serious way to close this chapter.

Despite the moon of luck already on their head, this album still show the incredible stay true to yourself and stay true to metal spirit. Perhaps real gone now the monumental song of Metal On Metal or proggie achievement in Infanticide, but Juggernaut of Justice is still  metal’s best keep secret with Anvil. You will not believe yourself if the guys behind this record need to gone the lowest obscurity years ago.

Metal Harem class: ******* 7 stars out of 10

Anvil - Juggernaut of Justice
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1.  Juggernaut of Justice
2.  When Hell Breaks Loose
3.  New Orleans Voodoo
4.  On Fire
5.  FuckenEh!
6.  Turn It Up
7.   This Ride
8. Not Afraid
9. Conspiracy
10. Running
11. Paranormal
12. Swing Thing

 Bonus tracks
13. The Station
14. Tonight Is Coming
15. What I Want To Be (iTunes/Japanese CD bonus track)

    Lips - Vocals & Guitar
    Robb Reiner - Drums
    Glenn Five - Bass


Adrenaline Mob - Omerta 2012

Adrenaline Mob – Omerta 2012

Since the leaving of Mike Portnoy from DT back in 2010, his only major project was with Avenged Sevenfold. The setting was a bit different now with his new project Adrenaline Mob. In AM, this is their new brand child of music, Mike himself write the music together with band mates Mike Orlando (Guitar/Bass), Russel Allen (vocal – Symphony X), and then join on stage now by bassist John Moyer (Disturbed).

Now a supergroup had been banded they just need a great idea on what to do about it. That’s probably the only things weakest in this situation, the concept. What would you do with many talents on the band, doing another prog project might probably the greatest thing or the greatest waste of time. Right from the start of track 1 Undaunted, it feel like the band hesitate to just sweep all their arsenal. Rather  start with generic idea and simple song structure that probably will leave prog fans unsatisfied. It’s left only Russel Allen to do the best job during its first four minutes of introduction. We need more.

Psychoinsane follows but it’s just fade away the same feeling as previous. Guitar works are increased with moments of glory. But there are sign now that guitarist Orlando need more space to show off his contribution on pair to Portnoy drumming fame.

Then there is  All on the Line, a (prog) ballad metal that happen to be well written. The choruses and lyric went well with a music carefully build up to the climax. Hit the Wall come next, more heavy and complex piece that require som
e careful consideration, and by far the longest duration song of six minutes. Come Undone must be Portnoy latest craziness, though the cover done in very enjoyable form.

There were nothing to wait since all the songs left here are about 4 minutes and a half.  There must be space for vocal, so expect a tight space for instrumentation show off. This giving the impression that the album done in a rush without gone into further song development. Combine with the artwork that seems as well “too simple”.  But nevertheless, this is a very interesting project. Across between what would happen if the frontman of metal most in front band, Symphony X and (ex) Dream Theater come to play together.

Adrenaline Mob - Omerta 2012
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1.            "Undaunted"     4:44
2.            "Psychosane"    4:37
3.            "Indifferent"       4:30
4.            "All on the Line" 4:20
5.            "Hit the Wall"     6:32
6.            "Feelin' Me"       3:55
7.            "Come Undone" (Duran Duran cover ft. Lzzy Hale of Halestorm)                4:50
8.            "Believe Me"     3:59
9.            "Down to the Floor"       3:33
10.          "Angel Sky"        4:25
11.          "Freight Train"                   4:13

Russell Allen - vocals
Mike Portnoy - drums
Mike Orlando - guitars, bass

Indonesian Review - Resensi album Adrenaline Mob - Omerta 2012 
Sejak cabutnya Mike Portnoy dari DT sekitar 2010 lalu, proyeknya yang paling serius adalah dengan Avenged Sevenfold. Namun sekarang, Adrenaline Mob dibentuk kondisi dengan setting agak sedikit berbeda. Ini adalah band terbaru yang langsung digawangi Mike, di sini dengan bebas ide bermusik kembali bisa disalurkan bersama rekan bandnya, yang antara lain para maestro Mike Orlando, gitaris muda hasil dari kompetisi bergitar, Russel Allen (vocal, Symphony X). Kemudian untuk penampilan live, bassis John Moyer dari Disturbed direkrut mereka.

Sekarang sebuah supergroup sudah dipersekutukan, yang mereka butuhkan tinggal ide. Dari pantauan Metal Harem, justru di sini letak kekurangan di proyek ini, sebuah konsep. Dengan personil super talented di band ini, apakah perlu mereka kembali mengusung aliran prog atau sebaiknya mencoba hal baru? Di Adrenaline Mob, hal ini agak ragu-ragu mereka kembangkan.

Di mulai dengan tembang pertama, Undaunted, keliatan bahwa para pemain masih malu-malu bermain habis-habisan ala Dream Theater atau Symphony X. Lagu pembukaan ini masih terlalu singkat dan minim penampilan yang diharapkan penggemar prog. Riff masih terlalu generic dengan struktur lagu yang sederhana. Hanya saja vocal Russel Allen memang apik dan satu-satunya point paling menghibur di pembukaan ini.

Lagu kedua Psychoinsane menyusul dengan pola yang sama dan meninggalkan rasa penasaran yang sama. Memang ada peningkatan permainan guitar di sini, tapi nampaknya sang gitaris kurang mendapat tempat untuk bersaing dengan drumming Portnoy yang paten seperti masa jayanya di DT.
Sebuah ballad All On The Line menyusul. Ballad yang apik dengan penataan komposisi yang baik, lagu dikembangkan dengan rapi dari lembut hingga memuncak dengan tensi klimaks terfokuskan di bagian chorus. Lagu Hit the Wall mungkin lagu paling komplek di sini, dengan durasi terpanjang hingga enam menitan. Selanjutnya cover lagu Come Undone bisa menghibur kalau penasaran bagaimana lagu ini dibuat ala progressive metal.

Kurang banyak yang bisa dinantikan lagi. Lagi-lagi semua lagu hanya dalam kisaran empat menitan. Durasi ini kurang untuk bisa berpamer solo ria karna ruang musti disediakan untuk vocal line sang singer. Kurang lebih proyek ini menarik di sisi bagaimana pentolan Symphony X dan Dream Theater saling bersanding bermain musik. Yang diperlukan adalah konsep lebih jelas dari mereka, mau tampil prog habis-habisan atau mencoba yang lain. Di album Omerta ini, rasanya masih terlalu polos dan hanya heavy metal generic biasa. Memberi kesan bahwa album ini masih dikerjakan dengan tergesa-gesa, tanpa melewati proses pengembangan lagu lebih mendalam. Gitaris Mike Orlando juga terkesan terjepit di dalam tiap lagu yang berdurasi pendek dan Cuma kebagian solo-solo singkat.


Axel Rudi Pell - Circle Of The Oath 2012

Axel Rudi Pell – Circle of the Oath 2012

I wish  there were specific term for Axel Rudi Pell music. Maybe ballad metal or sad metal can do some of them. This is to give justice for what he had done in the last twenty years over 15 metal albums he produced. This week, Circle of the Oath is another example of “don’t fix ain’t broken thing”. For those who never listen to Axel (if such person exist) here is your one other chance.  For diehard fans, that wait anxiously, can rejoice now because the album, Circle of the Oath 2012, is… still the same album Axel live and breathe with. The same level of guitar riff, the same slow handed melodies, he had presented to us last in September 2010 on The Crest and is continued here. Waiting for his album is just like waiting for the sequel of very long novel he authored.

But wait, the intro track Guillotine Suite actually is something 0.001% new, a fresh melancholy guitar to prepare our self. Then the real opening Ghost In The Black is actually something different, heavy and fast tempo song.  And then the third track is yet another improvement, Run With The Wind, this song had been leaked on Youtube many days before the album releases. Only the choruses is still the same familiar chorus. Getting to the middle part of the album, seems like Circle of the Oath indeed Axel trying to do something new, forth track Before I Die sounds slightly hard rocking. Then come the title epic Circle Of The Oath, this nine minutes tracks can actually concluded the album at this point. And tells the direction this album is indeed more than what we expected, the song itself slightly country rock (?) into Axel music and runs on a slightly exotic – oriental scale. Interesting now. Axel "only" filler are the last three tracks left. And then the band doing something really cool, the cover of  The Temple of the King! Perhaps my most satisfaction on this album, especially on how nice the vocal and guitar do the adaptation on this classic.

Singer Johnny Gioeli has developed the best trade mark for Axel music. Mostly his vocal are what the best thing to enjoy by me. Beside Axel, Mike Terrana is the most well known musician there, Mike presented confirm that although Axel music is … simple, still attracted world class player to delivered it. Usage of synth and keyboard mastery also thicker here than previous works. Trivially all the other members are actually the same guy played with Axel over more than ten years. Maybe playing same tunes best kept friends.

For everyone who need a little break from Axel, there present slightly interesting point where Axel put in effort to write something away from his comfort zone.  This album sounds more "happier" and fast compare to his before. But overall, Circle of the Oath really designed to hypnotized previous listeners with another Déjà vu of metal.

Metal Harem class: ******* 7 stars out of 10

Axel Rudi Pell - Circle Of The Oath 2012

01. The Guillotine Suite (Intro)
02. Ghost In The Black
03. Run With The Wind
04. Before I Die
05. Circle Of The Oath
06. Fortunes Of War
07. Bridges To Nowhere
08. Lived Our Lives Before
09. Hold On To Your Dreams
10. World Of Confusion (The Masquerade Ball Part II)

bonus: The Temple Of The King (Live)

Johnny Gioeli - vocals
Ferdy Doernberg - keyboards
Axel Rudi Pell - guitars
Mike Terrana - drums
Volker Krawczak – bass

Cover Art and Graphic Design


Jeff Scott Soto Damage Control 2012

Jeff Scott Soto Damage Control 2012

Jeff Scott Soto have been hired gun for the last decades. His most faithful project was in Swedish hard rock Talisman band. He was also voice of earlier Yngwie Malmsteen and Axel Rudi Pell. But for now, in his fifth solo album Damage Control, the vibes are an AOR album.

First opening is Give a Little More, a palm muting guitar riff starts the intro. Most of the songs are pure in AOR style. Expected many melodic guitars and vocal harmonies here. Look Inside Your Heart and Die A Little are recommendations here. BonaFide is a piano ballad that really shine with JSS vocal. Krazy World is a krazy guitar work and heavier tune. All the rest are up to standard melodic rock presented to us.

Many musicians join parts to support JSS new album, I paste the complete line up below. Notable is Joel Hoekstra of Night Ranger playing (Look Inside Your Heart). This is an album to being picked by all melodic rock lover, with many guitar style to be heard in between.

All Vocals: Jeff Scott Soto
Guitars: Gary Schutt, Jorge Salan, Diego Armelin, Rodrigo Armelin, Joel Hoekstra, Emo Markov, Dave Meniketti, Peter Pac Söderström, Alex Llorens, Roger Benet, Leo Mancini
Bass: Fernando Mainer, Nalley Påhlsson, Henrique Baboom, JSS
Keyboards: Fabio Ribiero, Ulf Wahlberg, BJ (Luis Paulo Almeida Jr)
Drums: Edu Cominato, Carlos Exposito, Casey Grillo, Mike Vanderhule, Jamie Borger, Joey Soto

Jeff Scott Soto - Damage Control 2012
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Frontier Label

01. Give A Little More
02. Damage Control

03. Look Inside Your Heart

04. Die A Little

05. If I Never Let Her Go

06. Tears That I Cry
07. Bonafide
08. Krazy World

09. How To Love Again

10. Afterworld

11. Neverending War

graphic design of Damage Control album


Blaze Bayley The King of Metal 2012

Blaze Bayley, however, already permanently recorded in the history of metal. For those who never listened any Wolfsbane and his other solo project, this new solo album will give you many nostalgic moments. Can't denied, Iron Maiden 90s era filled with his voices. This album gives me that nostalgic X-Factors era. Coincidentally or not, just by his voice, some of the album sounds close to Iron Maiden as well. Fighter , a track in the middle of the album represented this, that repetitive melodic riff.

The title track King of Metal was chosen by fans, in fact Blaze has asked fans to choose/guess the title of all songs here. Surely the fans appreciated a lot by fix on that title. But you can really listen to the struggling here. If not because of the vocal, this track will very hard get recognized. Thinks got listen worsen in Dimebag, the ballad metal as soon as the second track. Agony and pain are painted on this. Luckily its follow by The Black County that recovered the album to metal again. The Rainbow Fade to Black tries to be little happy, but things is Blaze vocal not exactly the best for that.

Following Fate, is very Virtual X-esque vibe, and maybe one of interesting song in the middle. Good thing is there is also piano ballad One More Step that show different faces of Blaze's vocal, which is a nice one.

There is sure some miss and hit on the album. This is an humble comeback from Blaze. The band is not very knowable, Thomas Zwijsen on guitar and helped developing the song composition. Fans of Iron Maiden will need to catch this as souvenir of Blaze's legacy. Surely he can't escape his fate to being connected to his former super band. This is an overall a heavy metal album by Blaze Bayley.

Blaze Bayley - The King of Metal 2012
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  1. The King of Metal
  2. Dimebag
  3. The Black Country
  4. The Rainbow Fades to Black
  5. Fate
  6. One More Step
  7. Fighter
  8. Judge Me
  9. Difficult
  10. Beginning
    Blaze Bayley – vocals
    Thomas Zwijsen – guitar
    Andrea Neri – guitar
    Lehmann (Matteo Grazzini) – bass
    Claudio Tirincanti – drums

Cover and design art for Blaze Bayley

Overkill The Electric Age 2012

Here comes another surprise from the old band. Overkill is/was famous thrash metal from the 80s, and , again, less expectation that old horse will still need to work hard on their 2012 century album. But, here the album completely beyond the threshold. As the title, The Electric Age wants to tells how Overkill going to thrash you in this age.

The album starts bland simple with Come and Get It, the simple riff intro wants to tell let's start this f@@cking album as quick as you can. Bobby Blitz Ellsworth still the same voice as in the last decades. Here what it's high point, the vocal is as blitz as ever. Some of the melodic line represented the era very much, some of reminiscence of Metal Church's The Dark era. Which is one of my favorite classic. As well, the trail of punk style still detectable.

Electric Rattlesnake is somehow just continued the first start with little differences. Wish You Were Dead is an uphill again with its yet another very classic tunes. No hurry to overjoy yourself comes Black Daze quickly fill in another high point. We should mentioned Drop the Hammer Down, the title song that already give you how the choruses need to be sung. Of ten tracks, all doing very consistent and with high workmanship of classic thrash metal hits, only last track is a little anomaly, Good Night is an one minute clean guitar ballad that close the album with a bang. Production wise the album is masterfully mixed. The drum tunes sounds very well as thunder inside a heartbeat. Guitar works by Dave Linsk and Derek The Skull Tailer work harmonically with D.D.Verni bass.

The Electric Age is one of best album releases so far in 2012, very little to complain here. And while other veteran bands put out an album to prolonged their breath, The Electric Age will serves as one of the band's best release.

Metal Harem class: ******** 8 stars out of 10

Overkill The Electric Age 2012
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01. Come And Get It
02. Electric Rattlesnake
03. Wish You Were Dead
04. Black Daze
05. Save Yourself
06. Drop The Hammer
07. 21st Century Man
08. Old Wounds New Scars
09. All Over But The Shouting
10. Good Night

  • Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth - Lead vocals
  • Dave Linsk - Lead guitar, Backing vocals
  • Derek "The Skull" Tailer - Rhythm guitar, Backing vocals
  • D.D. Verni - Bass, Backing vocals
  • Ron Lipnicki - Drums

Overkill Cover Album art


Hysterica - The Art Of Metal 2012

Hysterica – The Art of Metal Review

Couple years ago, in 2005, couple of ladies from Stockholm successfully banded an all female band. Quite successfully they are not mean to entertained metal fans with their “gender” specialty but the music was as good either.  As a promoter of female force in metal I am bounded with  burden to expose this band.

The Art of Metal comprise of ten heavy metal tracks.  The band music can be illustrated from Gamma Ray to anthemic  choruses of Hammerfall. The good news here is, they are not on the track of another gothic/symphonic metal, but this is rather than a heavy and power metal album.

The singer, Anni De Vil is spiritful and fresh. The growling (but softer) , as in second track Fighters of the Century, is actually need to be enjoy rather than criticized. Opener Breaking The Walls is a simple bringing guitar riff and sings formula. Live Or Die is perhaps the only close to gothic song, where the usage of female singer is needed. Spirit Of The Age is again another tasty heavy metal to follow. Other songs mostly went clean and the female vocal (part that most criticized in female metal band) less become a problem to their excellent music. Mean that if we substitute the female vocal with standard male singer, there should be less different there. There sure a sign of immature and fresh energy on their second album here. But I love to enjoy the band yet unspoiled ideas.

Guitar works also great, perhaps Marydeath is one of our time talented female guitarist around. All songs full with headbanging guitar riff and chops. The solo however, is not for you who looking for Alexei Laiho wizardry blitz, rather than a melodic approach, yet some of the licks went above technical difficulty. Hysterica deserved their chances to be listened by all metal fans . The album is solid entertaining. Although their marketing strategy comes with unnecessary band sex fronted images , you will surprise with the level of this album.

Hysterica The Art Of Metal 2012

01. Breaking The Walls
02. Fighters Of The Century
03. Live Or Die
04. Spirit Of The Age
05. Message
06. Fear Of The Light
07. Force Of Metal
08. Heels Of Steel
09. Hysterica
10. Daughters Of The Night

Anni De Vil - vocals
Marydeath - keyboards
Bitchie - guitar
Hell'n - drums
Satanica - bass guitar

Hysterica photos and graphic design. On album Art of Metal 2012, Hysterica asked the fans to design an artwork base on each of their song. Wallpaper and art works can be found on their URL www.hysterica.se 


Pharaoh Bury The Light (2012)

Pharaoh Bury The Light Album Review

I’ve decided to take a look on the new album of Pharaoh, Bury The Light. The band is not familiar to me, they happens to be a Power Metal force from America. Through the internet, the album received high and positive reviews. So not to let myself not knowing this I grabbed a copy of them.

There sure exist positive music on this album. Bury the Light is a straight forward metal works with much intrigue guitar and melodic song. The first notable is the missing of orchestra parts ala European power metal. Great let’s see how this can be their positive strength. This mean the using of more traditional guitar part combine with bass line, that most of the time put in front out of guitar, instead of just in the background. Example are straight forward intro in the first track Leave Me Here to Dream.

Secondly, the brutality level is higher without orchestration. And Darker feeling. This mean sound ala Judas Priest earlier year through Iron Maiden’s Killer era is something close to described Pharaoh achievement on this album. The vocalist is notable for his voice in the most high pitch screaming and added more brutal to each songs.

More traditional power metal tracks recommended is Burn With Me. Castle in the Sky is perhaps their most effort for trying to get their song a nice chorus. The Years of Blizzard is ’70 metal riff intended and mixed with many feel over its seven minutes composition. But overall, each songs on the album is flat high quality.

I’m not going to write the same with other album reviewers and critics, who highly praised the album. You need to listen to them and judge yourself. To me, Bury The Light need more work on listening, to grab their details, otherwise the album will be just the same power metal album. As mentioned, no notable moment in the album that can get your attention immediately. Bury the Light is a traditional power metal without its cosmetic orchestration. Many reviewer has deep knowledge on their previous three albums (Bury the Light is their forth), and claimed a nice positive progression on each album. But for first time listener to Pharaoh music, the missing of this knowledge maybe a big factor to appreciated this album alone.

I am glad such band as talented as Pharaoh exist and recommended them to every reader on this blog. One more thing… the band need a Wikipedia article they deserved.

Pharaoh - Bury The Light 2012

01. Leave Me Here To Dream
02. The Wolves
03. Castles In The Sky
04. The Year Of The Blizzard
05. The Spider's Thread
06. Cry
07. Graveyard Of Empires
08. Burn With Me
09. In Your Hands

Line-up -
Tim Aymar - vocals
Matt Johnsen - guitar
Chris Black - drums
Chris Kerns - bass

Guest musicians
Mike Wead - guitar solo
Jim Dofka - guitar solo

Pharaoh Bury The Light - Art Design


Epica Requiem for the Indifferent 2012

Epica - Requiem for the Indifferent Review
Resensi Album Requiem for the Indifferent oleh Epica (di bawah)

It's been a great first quarter for fans of symphonic metal, up to March 2012 we already given Xandria and Amberian Dawn, and now Epica released their 5th album “Requiem for Indifferent” on 9th March. The album had been prepared since February 2011 so it’s a year in process to produce this yet another epic Epica album.

Overall the album emphasized even more to orchestration and choirs. Karma overtured the album followed by Monopoly On Truth. This song had been released periodically on Youtube previously. Lyrics on the song immediately surround the crisis and conflict of human races, religions and financial, its album overall theme. In its seven minutes , Monopoly On Truth sees Epica experimenting between metal and orchestration, and near the end sees guitar solos we all waiting for to qualified it into progressive metal label.

This open the next 70 minutes of symphonic metal. Storm the Sorrow is typical Epica with great Simone vocal on frontline. Delirium is a as soon as on the third track as a mellow ballad song, but the a capella intro is notable. Then jump to Requiem for the Indifferent, started with exotic intro, the album title song is an eight minutes epic requiem. Its blended metal with Minor Asia folk tunes. Deep Water Horizon is another moment where Simone enjoy her singing with acoustic guitar but briefly the composition went into a wild headbanging scenes.

Requiem for Indifferent is yet another up to standard female fronted symphonic/gothic metal album. Compare to Nightwish who gone far into movie like score music or Xandria's power sopranic voice. This Epica remained faithful to what Symphonic Gothic Metal , solely emphasized their strength on song composition and intense orchestration.

Producer Sascha Paeth together with Epica founder Mark Jansen help build this great album. Not much differed from previous album Design Your Universe, only that the lyrical theme and feel now much “universe” and “indifferent”.  Great album here.

notice on song Serenade Of Self-Destruction production error:
The first pressing edition of the album are missing vocals on track Serenade Of Self-Destruction. Epica and Nuclear Blast have distributing the correct version of the song, it is free download, the link are here  , you'll need email address to obtain the code.

Metal Harem Class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Epica Requiem for the Indifferent 2012

01. Karma
02. Monopoly On Truth
03. Storm The Sorrow
04. Delirium
05. Internal Warfare
06. Requiem For The Indifferent
07. Anima
08. Guilty Demeanor
09. Deep Water Horizon
10. Stay The Course
11. Deter The Tyrant
12. Avalanche
13. Serenade Of Self-Destruction
Mark Jansen - vocals, guitar
Simone Simons - vocals
Coen Janssen - keyboards
Isaac Delahaye - guitar
Ariën Van Weesenbeek - drums
Yves "Yvel" Huts - bass

Sekedar informasi pengantar, awal tahun 2012 menyaksikan grup Xandria dan Amberian Dawn dengan gagah meluncurkan dua album Symphonic Metal yang ber-vokalis cewek. Keduanya tampil gemilang dengan Xandria secara mengejutkan berganti style dengan lebih bernuansa opera. Di bulan Maret 2012 ini, Epica akhirnya turut serta meluncurkan album ke-limanya dengan judul Requiem for the Indifferent. Menurut informasi album ini sudah dipersiapkan sejak awal 2011 dan diproduseri oleh pemusik kawakan Sasha Paeth. Di album ini Epica lebih mengentalkan lagi nuansa orkestra-nya dan bermain komposisi yang kompleks. (by metalharem.blogspot.com)

Di intro pembukaan Karma, kita dihadirkan overture pembuka yang cukup serius, lengkap dengan paduan suara dan soprano. Kemudian masuk ke tembang pertama, Monopoly On Truth yang cadas di mana Simone Simon bersahutan duet dengan vokal 'growling' yang dinyanyikan oleh Mark Jansen, gitaris mereka. Melody Monopoly On Truth cukup kentara untuk diingat, lagipula lagu ini secara berkala sudah dirilis Epica di Youtube untuk membantu promosi. Storm of Sorrow adalah lagu yang enak untuk dinikmati, melodious dan sangat tipikal Epica, di mana melodi lagu gaya bersahut-sahutan oleh Simone. Delirium hadir sebagai tembang ballad, intro acapela nya cukup menarik dan membuat album ini lebih variatif. Selanjutnya Requiem for the Indifferent adalah komposisi delapan menitan yang cukup kompleks, lengkap dengan nuansa exotic, scale dan feel percussion dari Timur. Untuk yang mau menguji kemantapan vokal Simone, lagu Deep Water Horizon patut disimak di mana Simone bernyanyi diiringi gitar akustik. (by metalharem.blogspot.com)

Secara umum, ini adalah album yang cukup lengkap untuk dinikmati. Tidak terlalu straight forward, lurus lurus metal, tapi banyak komposisi musikal yang lebih mendalam. Seperti biasa peranan gitar di sini lebih sebagai pengiring, jadi jangan mengharapkan solo gitar menyayat di Epica. Komposisi dan fungsi orkestra adalah kunci album ini. Asyiknya vokal Simone berpadu dengan suara death metal Mark, dan Symphony Metal Epica adalah yang perlu untuk disimak di album Requiem for the Indifferent ini. Album inipun siap meladeni tantangan grup-grup sejenis seperti dari Xandria dan Amberian Dawn yang lebih dulu mencuri start di awal tahun 2012. Di tahun 2013 Epica melakukan tour ke Indonesia dalam program Requiem for the East mereka, mereka bisa disapa di festival Hammersonic, Jakarta 2013. (2013, metalharem.blogspot.com)

Epica Cover album and Graphic Design


March 2012 Most Anticipated Metal Albums

I will just list out great metal albums that will releases start from March 2012.

1.Epica - Requiem For The Indifferent
 release: 9 March 2012 - pre order here at Amazon
Metal Harem review here - Epica had release teaser video of the song "Monopoly on Truth" via youtube. The video break downed into 7 parts each consisted of individual tracks per week. The song  saw Epica continued to get heavier and the symphonic elements with full scale choir present. This will be great album to anticipated from Epica.

2. Axel Rudi Pell - Circle Of The Oath
 release: 23 March 2012 - pre order here at Amazon
Metal Harem review here -  Axel Rudi Pell continue to increase his long port folio on power metal music by releasing new album Circle of the Oath. The sample song are available via youtube. 

3. Overkill - The Electric Age
 release: 27 March 2012 - pre order here at Amazon
Metal Harem review here - Long waited Overkill new album from this veteran metal band

4. Accept - Stalingrad
 release: 6 April 2012 - pre order here at Amazon
Metal Harem review here - Accept last album is a great comeback and this will be the next project to be waited. The video clip Teutonic Terror promise a greaaat music, a must have.

5. Jeff Loomis - Plains Of Oblivion
 release: 9 April 2012 - pre order here at Amazon
Metal Harem review here -  Check the teaser video The Ultimatum here and judge by yourself the excitement of this album. Featuring guests are no other than Marty Friedman, Tony MacAlpine, Ihsan, Chris Poland etc. 

6. Paradise Lost - Tragic Idol
 release: 23 April 2012 pre order here at AMAZON
Metal Harem review here - Paradise Lost seem to back to their nostalgic Draconian Times era, lots of Youtube video to follow on this album progression. The track list are here.

7. DragonForce - The Power Within
 release: 15 April 2012 pre order here at Amazon
Metal Harem review here - After left by singer ZP, Dragonforce will continue their journey with new singer, expectation and hope are within this album, teaser here.

8. Europe - Bag of Bones
release: 18 April 2012 pre order here at Amazon
Metal Harem review here  - Europe previous album with addition of Symphonic element on song Last Look at Eden is a changing in style, but from the teaser of Bag of Bonese here, Europe will sound more heavy metal similar to Secret Society.

9. Kreator - Phantom Antichrist
release : 1 May 2012 pre order here at Amazon
Metal Harem review here [soon]


Primal Fear Unbreakable (2012)

Primal Fear  Unbreakable 2012 Album Review

Primal Fear existence is "only" 15 years old to date. For those who not very familiar with Primal Fear, the band history was started by vocalist Ralf Scheepers and Mat Sinner (bassist ex Sinner). The duo formed a band after Scheepers slightly lost the spot on Judas Priest after Halford departure at 1997. With this already strong formation, Primal Fear gained success with 8 albums, before this month releases Unbreakable.

Despite being know about the band history, shamelessly, surprisingly, this is the first primal fear experience I had. In a first couple of runs, the band convinced me that they are a faithful defender of pure power metal to date. Strike kick off soon after a prelude instrumental. The chorus, Strike... and take no prisoner, reminds me of Megadeth's of the same chorus lyric. While the song remind me of Helloween. Give Em Hell, is another incarnation of fifth notes guitar riff. Then there is a catchy, epic feel And There Were Silence, of very Helloween-ish guitar double harmony and double pedal drum. If you imagine Derris singing, this should be a kick ass Helloween tracks, but sorry this is Primal Fear. If you haven't got close enough, listen to Marching Again.

Duo guitarist of Magnus Karlsson (Allen/Lande) and Alex Beyrodt (Silent Force, Sinner) provide the backbone of each tracks. Best solos perhaps on track Marching Again.

The other highlight track is Unbreakable (Part 2), perhaps the highest moment of the album with its epic anthem. The album finished with couple of melodic power metal tracks. Solid album, very familiar tunes and album Unbreakable will prove you power metal still awesome up till this very minutes.

Primal Fear Unbreakable 2012
buy now at AMAZON

1.Unbreakable (Part 1)
3.Give 'Em Hell
4.Bad Guys Wear Black
5.And There Was Silence
6.Metal Nation
7.Where Angels Die
8.Unbreakable (Part 2)
9.Marching Again
10.Born Again
11.Blaze Of Glory
13.Night Of The Jumps

Primal Fear Unbreakable
Graphic and Cover art design


Megadeth Th1rt3en (2011) Review

Megadeth Th1rt3en (2011) Album Review

When Megadeth or Dave Mustaine "finished" in 2002 after the albums alike Risk, nobody really hope that Megadeth will arise and teeth in until the 13rd number of studio album. We all prove wrong and glad it was. Megadeth Th1rt3en studio album is another try for the member of Big Four to extend their colonialization on the genre.

What excitement about Megadeth album is to see how well the 2nd (or soloist) guitarist put their flavour into Dave's composition. Th1rt3en is the second Megadeth recording for virtuoso guitarist Chris Broderick here. But the other big news to be expect from this album is, this is the first come back of David Ellefson on bass. So, again Megadeth success in convincing everyone to get the album just by seeing the line up alone.

Sudden Death started with a minute of brutal guitar blitz. Dave Mustaine jump in to the song as mature as his speech about war and politics. Public Enemy no.1 is the big song here. This song flows natural and sound very easy for Megadeth to just chop and scream yet another commercial track. Whose Life (Is It Anyway?) is rather new feel for Megadeth. Gone through some awesome middle track, Dave still put his crazyness a bit into the track Never Dead. Black Swan is the next highlight. Millenium of the Blind continue Megadeth tradition to give a thrash ballad track ala Blood of Heroes. Deadly Nightshade remind us to Risk era, and it all end up in 13.

What should be expect from this album. There really no serious weakness here. The song structure is patented to chop and chorus. Th1rt3en is probably the best of  Megadeth after their break up in 2002. The band also actively touring with fellow Metallica and other Big Four. Dave Mustaine connection to the Metallica guys are now their biggest asset. A video of Dave Mustaine and Metallica performing "Phantom Lord" on Metallica 30th Anniversary is an historic end to their rivalry (link here).

come and get Th1rt3en from Amazon now.

01. Sudden Death
02. Public Enemy No. 1
03. Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)
04. We The People
05. Guns, Drugs & Money
06. Never Dead
07. New World Order
08. Fast Lane
09. Black Swan
10. Wrecker
11. Millennium Of The Blind
12. Deadly Nightshade
13. 13

Dave Mustaine – lead vocals, lead, rhythm
Chris Broderick – lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars
Dave Ellefson – bass guitar
Shawn Drover – drums

UFO Seven Deadly 2012

UFO is on sight again. The year 2012 seems to start with old/vintage band pulling out their teeth again. No difference with UFO, this is their twentieth studio album (well, according to Wikipedia) titled Seven Deadly. For everyone who missed Phill Mogg voice, here is another chance to enjoy it.

Very similar to what we familiar with, UFO is hard rock hardly here. Vinnie Moore guitar of course one of the highlight, and as fans of Vinnie some of the moments here also fill out the missing of Vinnie Moore solo album in  2000s. This is the fourth studio album Vinnie join in for UFO. As Neo-classical background guitarist, it is interesting to see how Vinnie gone into bluesy/rock territory in UFO. The other legendary musicians, Paul Raymond, Andy Parker and bassist Pete Way all make a great way to Phil and Vinnie in supporting each song.

Lets talk on song in more details. Opening track Fight Night is easily standard "cowbell" intro hard rock song. As veteran song writer and lyricist, each song contained well written lyric provided by Phil. Wonderland is the next faster tempo with hard rock groove feel. Mojo Town feel slightly different and remind to Aerosmith like. Angel Station is a ballad song intermezz. Year of the Gun is my favorite up to this point, a light country blues rock. The Last Stone Rider put the bass in front line. Jump to The Fear, a very thick blues feel with harmonica added.

Overall a diverse hard rock blues album. The vocal also remind me to Deep Purple's Banana and Abandoned feel. The guitar works are great. Great release by UFO for this year.

UFO - Seven Deadly 2012
buy from AMAZON here

01. Fight Night
02. Wonderland
03. Mojo Town
04. Angel Station
05. Year Of The Gun
06. The Last Stone Rider
07. Steal Yourself
08. Burn Your House Down
09. The Fear
10. Waving Good Bye
11. Other Men's Wives [bonus]
12. Bag O' Blues [bonus]

Phil Mogg - vocals
Paul Raymond - keyboards, rhythm guitar
Vinnie Moore - guitar
Andrew Maynard "Andy" Parker - drums
Pete Way - bass

Colorful Cover ARt for UFO cover album.
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