UFO Seven Deadly 2012

UFO is on sight again. The year 2012 seems to start with old/vintage band pulling out their teeth again. No difference with UFO, this is their twentieth studio album (well, according to Wikipedia) titled Seven Deadly. For everyone who missed Phill Mogg voice, here is another chance to enjoy it.

Very similar to what we familiar with, UFO is hard rock hardly here. Vinnie Moore guitar of course one of the highlight, and as fans of Vinnie some of the moments here also fill out the missing of Vinnie Moore solo album in  2000s. This is the fourth studio album Vinnie join in for UFO. As Neo-classical background guitarist, it is interesting to see how Vinnie gone into bluesy/rock territory in UFO. The other legendary musicians, Paul Raymond, Andy Parker and bassist Pete Way all make a great way to Phil and Vinnie in supporting each song.

Lets talk on song in more details. Opening track Fight Night is easily standard "cowbell" intro hard rock song. As veteran song writer and lyricist, each song contained well written lyric provided by Phil. Wonderland is the next faster tempo with hard rock groove feel. Mojo Town feel slightly different and remind to Aerosmith like. Angel Station is a ballad song intermezz. Year of the Gun is my favorite up to this point, a light country blues rock. The Last Stone Rider put the bass in front line. Jump to The Fear, a very thick blues feel with harmonica added.

Overall a diverse hard rock blues album. The vocal also remind me to Deep Purple's Banana and Abandoned feel. The guitar works are great. Great release by UFO for this year.

UFO - Seven Deadly 2012
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01. Fight Night
02. Wonderland
03. Mojo Town
04. Angel Station
05. Year Of The Gun
06. The Last Stone Rider
07. Steal Yourself
08. Burn Your House Down
09. The Fear
10. Waving Good Bye
11. Other Men's Wives [bonus]
12. Bag O' Blues [bonus]

Phil Mogg - vocals
Paul Raymond - keyboards, rhythm guitar
Vinnie Moore - guitar
Andrew Maynard "Andy" Parker - drums
Pete Way - bass

Colorful Cover ARt for UFO cover album.

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