Rage - 21 (2012)

Rage is another 80s generation power/heavy metal from Germany. They were buddies to band like Helloween, Accept, Mekong Delta, Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray, Warlock and even Scorpions. Germany metal bands are famous for their "long lasting" surviving age. So there Rage comes out with their, suppose to be, "21" album.

Thick uber metal on this album. Right after the teaser opening, Twenty One is first introduction to Peter "Peavey" Wagner vocal to any whom haven't introduce to Rage. Here Peter sing theTwenty One, sort of biographical story of Rage history,

Hear the story of a loser
An addicted man
He has spent his whole life gambling
A game called twenty one (ruined by twenty one)

The second track Forever Dead is excellent composition yet by guitarist Victor Smolski, who compose the majority of the album. Victor Smolski himself, is a virtuoso soloist guitarist. Bringing an US influence metal to Rage. Go to Serial Killer, is thrashy metal sound, remind to Kreator. From here the album sound heavier and darker to thrash metal. Good thing is the album never goes boring, example is Death Romantic being sound experimental.

This is a yet another surprise on February 2012 release by Rage. An eye opener to the existing of this veteran band to whom never heard their name, me included. The album music variety from power metal to heavy and thrash metal. They bring the best of 80s sound and mixed with current sound.

Rage - 21 (2012)
01. House Wins
02. Twenty One
03. Forever Dead
04. Feel My Pain
05. Serial Killer
06. Psycho Terror
07. Destiny
08. Death Romantic
09. Black And White
10. Concrete Wall
11. Eternally

Peter "Peavy" Wagner - vocals, bass
Victor Smolski - guitar, keyboards
André Hilgers - drums

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