Van Halen - A Different Kind of Truth 2012

Pioneer of 80s hard rock super band, Van Halen, just released their so long waited album titled " A Different Kind of Truth". Their last album Van Halen III was dated 1998, that's 14 years ago. Featured in the album is David Lee Roth as vocalist. This is the third time (as I remember) DLR officially sings with Van Halen after his departure. David Lee Roth and Van Halen must realized they love each other, forget other thing and straight making love music! The other update in the line up is bass duty changed from Michael Anthony to Wolfgang Van Halen.

The single Tattoo is straight forward, a little outdated or should be labelled classic Van Halen sound. David Lee Roth going exactly what he was and still sound very nostalgic Van Halen in this century. Second track She's the Woman is almost sings with buggy jeans due to its 80s spirit. You and Your Blues is a classic Eddie's muted chopping riff. The rest of songs beared 1980s spirit.

Started from China Town, the tracks begin to bend into heavier tempo and guitar. The guitar works are blends nicely in bluesy and heavier minor scale, support by double pedal drumming. The songs writing and melody development are creative.

Great surprise comeback album and Van Halen has nothing to lose after 14 years stopping producing album and lose nothing up to now. This album maybe going to straight comparison with Satriani + Sammy Hagar + Michael Anthony in Chickenfoot III.

Van Halen - A Different Kind of Truth
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Music by Van Halen. Lyrics by David Lee Roth.

1."Tattoo"  4:44
2."She's the Woman"  2:56
3."You and Your Blues"  3:43
4."China Town"  3:14
5."Blood and Fire"  4:26
6."Bullethead"  2:30
7."As Is"  4:47
8."Honeybabysweetiedoll"  3:46
9."The Trouble with Never"  3:59
10."Outta Space"  2:53
11."Stay Frosty"  4:07
12."Big River"  3:50
13."Beats Workin'"  5:02
Total length: 49:58

Deluxe Edition DVD

The Downtown Sessions
1. "Panama"  5:30
2. "You and Your Blues"   3:20
3. "Beautiful Girls"   3:42
4."You Really Got Me"

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