Lillian Axe XI:The Days Before Tomorrow - 2012

Lillian Axe is a nostalgic band. They are hardly the mainstream in the 90s but they remains quite good in memory of all 90s rocker. After about 30 years, it is acceptable curious to hear how classic rock being re-play again, and they done it in their latest album release, XI: The Days Before Tomorrow. Although the Roman numbered at eleven, I counted (from Wiki...) this is their ninth studio album.

The album started with Babylon, a track that open with a nice guitar riff intro and proceed to a mid tempo vocal line. Guitar works are by Steve Blaze and Sam Poitevent. New singer Brian Jones is not sounds very 90s but a bit modern, but this they can manage well. After Death to Come, the 2nd track, most of the songs started with a very familiar heavy metal guitar riff as in track 3 Gather Up the Snow, but the strong point of each song is how the song itself are well composed. Several acoustic guitar ballads plus the piano and the album ended with a bonus instrumental track.

The album is well composed and heavily focus on 90s dual guitar setup. They successfully ignore nu metal influence and keep faith into classic Lillian Axe music. I think the album is very enjoyable.

Lillian Axe
XI:The Days Before Tomorrow 2012
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  • Steve Blaze - Lead guitar, backing vocals, keyboards
  • Brian C. Jones - Lead vocals
  • Sam Poitevent - Guitar, vocals
  • Eric Morris - Bass
  • Ken Koudelka - Drums

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