Anthriel - Transcendence (2017)

In year 2010, progressive metal fans surprised by the arrival of Anthriel, a young group from Finland. Their debut album, The Pathway, was a success. The quartet were at least bookmarked and put under watch list by the fans. However, it takes about seven years to continued what they have done. Transcendence is Anthriel's second studio album, with seven years gap after The Pathway. The good news is, the album is meet the expectations.  In Transcendence, all eight tracks displayed the spirit of traditional progressive metal genre as we often hear way back then. Transcendence included the feel of classic Dream Theater as in their Scene from A Memory-era way back to Queensryche. The band put every good things we hear from other prog band such as Circus Maximus and Symphony X.

The album building up with "The Calling", an introduction song similar to Dream Theater's Regression song. The Calling transformed the atmosphere into Anthriel's world.  This followed up with "Under Burning Skies", an heavy song that connected the classic progressive riff and strong oriental theme played with Indian-like voices. The journey continued to "Oath Of Darkness" that run in lengthy eleven minutes. This is where the conceptual theme being discussed in detail. In the whole eleven minutes, the main theme occurred sporadically to serves as connecting theme. "Siren's Song" is also a very progressive one. After the keyboard lick, a grooving guitar riffs quickly takes over. Only several listening, the riff from this song will stayed in your head.

"Painted Shadows" is an Yngwie Malmsteen inspired song. The neo classical feel brings us back to the era of Yngwie's Trilogy Suite era. Interestingly, the band decide to titled the next song "Rhapsody of Fire", kind of homage to the Italian band. The song itself is very Symphony X rather than RoF. "My Dark Morning Star" is another odd-metered song serves as a bridge to the 19 minutes finale, "Fallen Souls".

Transcendence is an awesome follow up to Anthriel's first album. The music styles did not change much. The only notable differences is,  The Pathway still gives us a power metal feel, while  Transcendence is a rather dark one. As any good album out there, the power of this album is their strong song writing. The quartet put an awesome works of musicianship as well, as this album comprised of many awesome details. This is a good start to get into this band for those who haven't listen to them yet. It will be a challenge for the band to put the next followed up album, but in the meantime, let's enjoy this

Metal Harem class: ********* nine stars out of ten

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Anthriel - Transcendence (2017)

1. The Calling
2. Under Burning Skies
3. Oath Of Darkness
4. Siren's Song
5. Painted Shadows
6. Rhapsody Of Fire
7. My Dark Morning Star
8. Fallen Souls

- Timo Niemistö / Guitar
- Antti Horttana / Bass
- Henrikki Markkula / Drums
- Simo Silvan / Vocals


The Ferrymen - The Ferrymen (2017)

Magnus Karlsson had started yet another metal project. This time, the guitarist from Primal Fear teamed up as trio with drummer Mike Terrana (Tarja, Axel Rudi Pell, Yngwie Malmsteen) and vocalist Ronnie Romero (Rainbow). A strong line up indeed! The trio doing yet another melodic metal stuffs, but of course with such creative mind on board, there are many wet ideas to be found.

First thing about this record is the presence of Ronnie Romero's. His new energy spend in this album will added more color to those who already familiar with his voices. As for started "End Of The Road" is a traditional heavy metal tunes that remained us to Rage, Masterplan and Primal Fear, bands that belong (or ex-belong) to the member of The Ferrymen. Magnus Karlsson released his beastly shredding with creative riffs and speed light solos, to lift up the expectation of his guitar hero status. "Ferryman" is a promising melodic metal stuff dive into the area of old Stratovarius. For Mike Terrana, he truly he meet his match in the third track "Fool You All", where Magnus Karlsson trying to mimic old Whitesnake "Fool for Your Loving" riffs. Mike blasted out some powerful drum fill in every connecting passages. Ronnie Romero try out old Rainbow-like stuff in ballad "One Heart". "Eternal Night" show this album tendency to expanded into the old '80s stuff, with nostalgic high notes singing.

The Ferrymen is not that ordinary side project with random veteran musicians jammed up. This album is a very productive collaboration between three musicians that happened to be big names in their respective band. Listeners can expected traditional heavy metal stuffs with details performance of Magnus Karlsson guitar works and Mike Terrana drumming. On top of that Ronnie Romero is doing great job interpreting ideas with his vocals. Song writing is a fantastic factor in this album, that basically done a regular heavy metal and power metal stuffs. Lovely and successful debut album indeed.

Metal Harem class : ********** nine stars out of ten

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The Ferrymen - The Ferrymen (2017)

01. End Of The Road
02. Ferryman
03. Fool You All
04. Still Standing Up
05. Cry Wolf
06. One Heart
07. Darkest Hour
08. How The Story Ends
09. Enter Your Dream
10. Eyes On The Sky
11. Eternal Night
12. Welcome To My Show

Mike Terrana : drums
Magnus Karlsson : guitars, bass, keyboards
Ronnie Romero : vocals

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