Dream Theater - A Dramatic Turn of Events (2011)

Progressive titan Dream Theater had facing such a dramatic turns of events earlier this decade. In 2010 the band went a bit lossy in intensity of jammin' together. The drummer and co founder of the band, Mike Portnoy, somehow feel exhausted (or did he feeling boredom playing Dream Theater??) asking for a long term rest time. Rest of the Dream Theater band didn't feel agree and decide to do something crazy, trying to continue playing without Portnoy.

So, if you haven't watch the Youtube three episodes of madness searching for replacement, they managed to found a replacement drummer. Mike Mangini, among six other drummers, did the audition. Mike Mangini fully completed the mission and he is in. Mike Mangini is, a super veteran drummer for so many crazy metal stuffs around the decade including earlier works with Annihilator, Extreme, and I think several stuff with Joe Satriani and Steve Vai.

So, the band quickly recorded new album, and named "A Dramatic Turn of Events" and released September 2011. As big fan, it is completely excitement for me to hear what would Dream Theater to be after a change in their arsenal. The last three DT albums, started from Octavarium, Systematic Chaos and BCSL are perhaps three almost identical albums. So I wish to see this new album able to break in.

Album started with blazing epic feel (and Grammy-ish) On the Back of Angels. One can hear previous Portnoy-ish phrases are missing now , notable the triad drum power fill, replaced by new Mangini's fill. But seriously, if you didn't look for the change it will not present to your ear, since Mangini is fully integrated.
Not bad stuff and a promising start. Second song started a bit worrying with computerized drum machine but in a second goes into full DT sound. La Brie's vocals are giving great feeling to the song here. Bridge in the Sky is another point of interest with interesting chanting intro. The album finished with '90s era DT style of ballad, Beneath the Surface.

Over all the album tune down a little bit of complexity and giving more space to symphonic elements and other experimental stuff. Still I prefer and love hearing this album and after two months of listening, it is as high as their previous three late albums. Even so, as changing in drum beating part, A Dramatic Turn of Events is great way to re introduce to Dream Theater. And Mike Mangini present now is interesting point of Dream Theater history,

A Dramatic Turn of Events (2011)
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01. On The Backs Of Angels
02. Build Me Up, Break Me Down
03. Lost Not Forgotten
04. This Is The Life
05. Bridges In The Sky
06. Outcry
07. Far From Heaven
08. Breaking All Illusions
09. Beneath The Surface

James LaBrie - vocals
Jordan Rudess - keyboards
John Petrucci - guitars, backing vocals
Mike Mangini - drums
John Myung - bass

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