Evanescence - Evanescence 2011

Evanescence released their third album in October 2011, self titled (or mirrored ..) "Evanescene".The album supported by rejoining guitarist Troy Maclawhorn. This album went quite complicated producing phase, went from producer Steve Lillywhite  and then producer for the second session, Nick Raskulinecz. So expectly, this album is higher.

I am not really listen a lot to Evanescence, they are "half metal" to me, (the other half, pop). But being a very commercial successful metal-format female band, Evanescence is a must hear. If only the music included a guitar solo, more double beat drum (instead of nu-metal like drumming) and thicker orchestration, Evanescence will probably easiest to enter the symphonic - gothic - metal realm. Especially with singer as charismatic Amy Lee (one of my favorite). But Evanescence play more in commercial friendly area, and they were very good on that.

Having said that, this album also great in tune. Mean, only by two or third listening, all songs will be familiar and enjoyable. The first track and their single, What You Want, is a great opener. Typical Eva sound and great stadium beat feel. More heavier on second track, Made of Stone, the vocal line are great and gothic. A bit setback is, after this point the rest of song quite sounds in the same beat. Until Erase This break in. And for the Deluxe Edition, additional songs added. But except End of the Dream, Never Go Back and Dissapear, you will need to reserve your ear to about ten of mellow songs with Amy Lee vocal as highlight of enjoyment.

So it is the third Evanescence album you can enjoy and you'll get a wide variation of Amy Lee singing. Overall a mellow pop ballad with layered distortion but few are very catchy songs as well.

Evanescence - (2011) - buy from Amazon
1. What You Want
2. Made of Stone
3. The Change
4. My Heart Is Broken
5. The Other Side
6. Erase This
7. Lost in Paradise
8. Sick
9. End of the Dream
10. Oceans
11. Never Go Back 
12. Swimming Home

Deluxe edition bonus tracks
13.New Way to Bleed
14. Say You Will
15. Disappear
16. Secret Door

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