Nightwish - Imaginaerum 2011

My amateurish album review on Nightwish's Imaginaerum:

One of the greatest female fronted metal band on Earth todays, Nightwish put on their latest release early December this 2011 year. This is the second album of Nightwish, with their second vocalist, Annette Olzon, which is already more than five years on board. The album is much await because the world of symphonic metal has chances in a fierce pace and their classic Nightwish metal formula had been copying endless times. Everybody now waiting for Nightwish to once again become their rule model and wait for what they still have to once again top their rivals.

This album surely one of high point in symphonic metal. Nightwish's Imaginaerum, the album name, is not very much following their previous works. Firstly, Annette Olzon is now singing in full Gothicesque style, rather than in sopranic as in Tarja. And the song is now fully adapted to her vocal. The album also write in a red line of conceptual album, telling a story of an old composer while laying on his bed. Rumours saying it is an OST to a movie with the same title. Less guitar heavyness. But now the album experimenting with folk, jazz and more theaterical elements.

The intro Taikatalvi is not a grandeaur operatic Overture style. But rather a calm introduction. Unfortunately, this is very much quickly become "boring" in my hearing and we just couldn't wait to skip it right to the next masterpiece, Storytime. Storytime is the best song opener yet, blend hundred percent with Annette vocal style. Storytime is the album's single, release on youtube and download site pre release of the album.

Storytime Single Art Design

The second song, Ghost River, slightly back to Nightwish old metal sound. Then come the jazzy Slow, Love, Slow. I Want My Tears Back come next with folkish melody intro. After this point it just couldn't help for Nightwish to dive into the more theatrical show. Songs are become intense and intense and the singer sounds wilder and wilder. And I think Annette singing remind me of Bellatrix LeStrange of Harry Potter! The listener will keep holding breath waiting for final climax, which is long way to come.

Great show so far. The albums best listen in one shoot. One of strong release this year.

Visual Art Design from Official Website

Anette Olzon - vocals
Tuomas Holopainen - keyboards
Erno "Emppu" Vuorinen - guitars
Jukka "Julius" Nevalainen - drums
Marco Hietala - bass, vocals

Guest musicians
Pekka Kuusisto - violin
Troy Donockley - uillean pipes, tin whistle, vocals
Kai Hahto - drums

Imaginaerum - Get Imaginaerum Album Package from Amazon
01. Taikatalvi
02. Storytime
03. Ghost River
04. Slow, Love, Slow
05. I Want My Tears Back
06. Scaretale
07. Arabesque
08. Turn Loose The Mermaids
09. Rest Calm
10. The Crow, The Owl And The Dove
11. Last Ride Of The Day
12. Song Of Myself
    1 - From A Dusty Bookshelf
    2 - All That Great Heart Lying Still
    3 - Piano Black
    4 - Love
13. Imaginaerum

Imaginaerum Album Graphic Design by Janne "Toxic Angel" Pitk√§nen

the Movie 'Imaginarium' teaser poster

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