Favorite Guitar Shred Instrumental Album of 2013

Looking back to year 2013, we have yet another great guitar listening time because of these albums. As Metal Harem tradition every year, we would like to compiled all the guitar released into one list. Just simply called this favorite guitar album list, the order is stealthily try to resembling the best album according to our preferences. It's not to be taken serious, but a cage fight debate is okay...lol. So, here we present,
Favorite Guitar Shred Instrumental Album of 2013.

0. Joe Satriani - Unstoppable Momentum  -  review - buy it Here 
Joe Satriani is always reserved to top the list because he just too mainstream, just kidding.. lol. Indeed Satch's Unstoppable Momentum is unstoppable shred moment in 2013. This album continued his legacy and consistency in music.

Number 1 : Simone Fiorletta - Personalities - review - buy it HERE
The real discovery of year 2013 is Simone Fiorletta. Hailed from Italy, his album Personalities is well written, rich in styles and melodious. 

02 : Aristocrats - Culture Clash - review - buy it HERE
This is a power jam, provocative instrumental creativeness in one album. Guitarist is Guthrie Govan , bassist Bryan Beller and drummer Marco Minnemann. 

03. Michael Angelo Batio - Intermezzo - review - buy it Here
When it come to shred, Michael Angelo Batio is the name. This album champion because not only they are too fast, but also contained crazy solos by more than 20 guest guitarist, Joe Stump, Guthrie Govan, Jeff Loomis, Michael Romeo, Rusty Cooley etc.

04. Borislav Mitic - Electric Goddess - review - buy it Here
Borislav Mitic of Serbian virtuoso surprised us with Electric Goddess, melodious and well around instrumental guitar album. Check this guy now.

05. George Bellas - Astral Projection - review - buy it Here
Look at that album title and the art cover, surely this represent the awesomeness of the music inside. George Bellas created another wizardry shred album, the majority of the stuffs inside is in progressive metal style.

06. Torben Enevoldsen - Above and Beyond - review - Buy it Here
As you may notice now, we like melodic guitar album. Torben Enevoldsen is yet another guitarist that pleased us in this preferences. Above and Beyond is simple in composition but big in melodious achievements.

07. Jacky Vincent - Star X Speed Story - review - Buy it Here
In contrast, Jacky Vincent solos is just plain shred and speed story. Michael Angelo Batio and Paul Gilbert is invited along others, so you know how speedy this album is.

08. Bruce Bouillet - The Order of Control - review - Buy it Here
Bruce gives us vintage shred album, still in the vibes of the '80s. It's loud , lots of bizarre licks inside.

09. Francesco Fareri - Mechanism Reloaded - review - Buy it Here
This is a dark, djent-style full shred album. F.F. is widely known for his 8 strings guitar arsenal, Mechanism Reloaded is no compromised progressive music.

10. Alex Masi - Danger Zone - review - Buy it Here
Alex Masi guitar composition today incorporated a lot of electronic music. Danger Zone is guitar instrumental album with heavy distortion solos laid upon synthesizer beat and rhythm. This album will bring metalheads closer to the other area of the world.

11. Marcus Jidell - Pictures From A Time Traveller - review - Buy it Here
Marcus is guitarist from Evergrey band. This album is serious one, meditative and time travel in theme. If you like being hypnotized by a guitar, this is it.

12. Luca Zamberlin - Mad For It - review - Buy it Here
There is enough room for new force to join in. This humble album in instrumental album called every guitar fans to pay attention to him. Atma Anur is the drummer.

13. Julia Kosterova - Springs Of Time - review - buy it Here
She is playing progressive metal in instrumental mode! That's alone should give you a compulsory to track her down. This is only an EP, we will wait a little longer for her full solo.

14. Dario Lorina 2013 - review - buy it Here
Dario just joined Black Label Society band, he is a guitarist that touring with Jane Lane (Warrant) and Eric Martin (Mr. Big). This is his debut instrumental solos and it's shred all the way. Check him!

Favorite Semi Instrumental Album :

Adrian Galysh - Tone Poet - review - buy it Here
Adrian's album Tone Poet, contained half vocalized track and the other half are guitar instrumentals. This unfortunately make him 'half-disqualified' from the guitar shred instrumental album. But his half instrumental tracks really paid off the situation and make it high for guitar fans. Check him out as well for this awesome album.

Favorite Live Guitar Instrumental Album:

Neil Zaza - Live On Crooked River Groove (2013) - buy it Here
Actually released Christmas 2012, this live album was recorded over the intimate Tri-C Black Box Theater in Cleveland. Most are classic Neil Zaza hits such as Melodia, Higher and Higher, In My Dreams and I'm Alright.

UPDATED as per 2014
These are notable guitar shred albums that I missed for listening in 2013:

Paul Wardingham - The Human Afflictions 2013
Paul Wardingham, shredder from Brisbane Australia. This album is a hype, whether or not it was released I'am not sure. Some of the tracks can be found inYoutube for Jamtrackcentral channel.

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