Borislav Mitic – Electric Goddess (2013)

I have long come to know this Serbian guitar master, Borislav Mitic. His album 'Fantasy' (2000) was truly neo-classical classic stuffs with spirit of Yngwie Malmsteen, Impellitteri and Vinnie Moore all come into one records. Then he also published 'The Absolute' (2010) on Lion Records and a step forward in quality and maturity. So it is an approved mind to expect more on this 2013 album released by Shrapnel, Electric Goddess. The album still largely done by Boris himself, but now a rising star drummer, Jeremy Colson of Steve Vai / Billy Idol fame is helping behind the drum.

On the opening track, Boris chose to done it with calm acoustic intro, playing main thematic melody for the song called Garden Of Dreams. It is divided into several parts combining acoustic and electric guitars. For once on Borislav's album, the first song did not try to win you with blasting neo-classical shred but rather with slowly build up guitar composition. Win or Lose on the second song is also not repeated the idea of neo-classical but playing in the pentatonic hard rock style, with a taste of Frank Gambale instead. Electric Goddess is building up a mystical atmosphere in mid tempo new-age-ish feel composition. Time is something like timeless late 9 pm instrumental backing track on TV, remind to Joe Satriani feel. Machine World is another interesting track with thick groove pattern. On Desert Highway it is now standard rock n roll groove, very Satriani in spirit. And as far as in the eleven track then we meet the most neo-classical stuff on this album in the song called The Golden Throne. We then meet with melodious Destination Reality and the final epilog in Alone.

Quite a surprise switch of interest in Borislav area of playing. As we only know more about his previous neo-classical stuffs, Electric Goddess is like a breakthrough album to reach more diversified styles. The result is tremendous enjoyable. Electric Goddess is another great instrumental guitar album of the 2013.

Metal Harem class: ********* nine stars out of ten

Borislav Mitic – Electric Goddess (2013)
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1. Garden Of Dreams 6:01
2. Win or Lose 4:08
3. Electric Goddess 5:22
4. Time 4:21
5. Out of the Blue 2:31
6. Machine World 4:22
7. Moment of Glory 5:19
8. Desert Highway 5:09
9. New Dawn 4:49
10. Unfinished Business 5:54
11. The Golden Throne 4:22
12. Destination Reality 6:08
13. Alone 2:26

Borislav Mitic Primary Artist, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Electric Guitar
Jeremy Colson Drums

Borislav Mitic Electric Goddess album review

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