ReinXeed - A New World (2013)

Even if this counted as a side project, ReinXeed sure got enough energy to unleash, in power metal. The band had released studio albums each year from 2008 until now. Just when we're having enough of cinematic symphonic metal in Welcome to the Theater,  A New World has just arrived. And taking counted that the mastermind behind this, Tommy 'ReinXeed' Johansson also part of the sister band Golden Resurrection which also very active, surely he got extremely well inspired energy. Which is confirmed by the level of ReinXeed's A New World album that are high quality. Band member-wise ReinXeed comes still with drummer Alfred Fridhagen whom also in Golden Resurrection, but now with new guitarist and bassist.

The intro and first song, Distant Horizon opened with that airy - lydian-ish string layer before landed on power metal blasting very song. It's surprisingly familiar tunes but yet you'll not going to let it go off the ear, especially the 'follow me...' choruses. A Stratovarius riff attack combined with Helloween heaviness is on one plate in Into the Darkness. Come to hear about it, Tommy surely one hell of guitarist that blessed with quality vocal to voice a power metal song. The majestic feeling still on in The Journey Home, but my favorite track can be on The Star. Which is, completely power metal on its best arrangement. Then we also have an AoR-Power metal type in Northern Allstars. And we should also anticipated the song titled that really hot, Guitar Hero. For this song faster tempi was implemented and the practice to give significant chorus-modifier to the vocal come into effect when the song now sing in faster and 'wild' style. Then a total cheeky song title A New World is closing this album with its epic 8 minutes duration, except you can still got two extra song in bonuses.

For one thought, A New World is not a concept-base album, unlike in previous two Reinxeed album 1912 and Welcome to the Theater. So as we know, when a power metal album runs into 'random' theme the effect of story-telling is a little bit 'unused'. Nevertheless, never assume A New World will not be catchy enough for you, in fact, on all of their twelve tracks none were a slow tempo or ballad. A New World continue the tradition to bring theaterical symphonic metal to screen, ReinXeed pulled off another easy to listen yet powerful material for power metal fans.

Metal Harem class: ********* nine stars out of ten

ReinXeed - A New World (2013)
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01. Distant Horizon (05:01)
02. Into the Darkness (04:34)
03. The Journey Home (03:32)
04. The Star (05:01)
05. Final Destination (04:02)
06. Northern Allstars (03:32)
07. Chalice of Time (05:12)
08. Curse and Damnation (03:50)
09. Guitar Hero (05:33)
10. A New World (08:46)
11. Haunted Mansion (New studio version) (Bonus track) (04:41)
12. Eternity (New studio version) (Bonus track) (04:14)

Tommy ReinXeed - Vocals / Guitars
Alex Oriz - Guitar / Vocals
Chris David - Bass
Alfred Fridhagen – Drums

Reinxeed A New World - album review

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