Mystic Prophecy - Killhammer (2013)

Mystic Prophecy is Germany's heavy/thrash metal act formed in 2000s. The band's history included Firewind's Gus G in formation, when he was still unknown. With previous seven full length releases, Mystic Prophecy's Killhammer is their latest album making it a solid eight studio albums. The thing is, Mystic Prophecy seems enjoying their game in a very 'standard' heavy metal jungle. Mystic Prophecy did not swim into the Teutonic thrash metal ala Kreator or Sodom, neither they concentrate on traditionalist as in Accept or U.D.O. Another fact, they never really fancy the idea to brutally destroy their listeners with super speed tempo, they simply slowing down it!

The killer hamming tunes in Killhammer are, Killhammer of course. Very U.D.O.-ish, in fact almost a twin of Udo's Steelhammer! Armies Of Hell sounds at first as Megadeth's early years riffs, but when songs inserted , Anthrax-ish influence comes to mind. The chorus "armies of hell!" is a screamer. To Hell And Back is a good example of song writing Mystic Prophecy displaying, a story telling structure and again, easy listening for all level. Interesting track is in Hate Black, where an exotic scale intro will re-fresh the attention. Children Of The Damned is another 'cloned' song title, this time from Iron Maiden, (who grab it from a sci-fi movie of the '60s). And 300 In Blood? Another movie-inspired theme perhaps. Now, the tempo raised to more thrash standard velocity, undoubtedly the heaviest on the album. There are several other titles that are catchy as in Angels Of Fire which started with a must-learn sliding minor scale riff exercise. Warriors Of the Northern Seas is Amon Amarth inspired theme. Set the World on Fire is competing with Megadeth's and Paradise Lost in song title database. And the climax is a direct cover to Ozzy's Crazy Train.

Killhammer can do a very basic introduction to heavy metal world. Their materials ranged from 'easy listening' to a heavy one. Guitarist Constantine is a versatile virtuoso, together with Markus Pohl, covered the distortion sounds in perfect enjoyable music. Singer Roberto Dimitri Liapakis is also an all around in style, from clean to harsh voices. Nevertheless, a nice heavy metal album.

Metal Harem class: ********* eight stars out of ten

Mystic Prophecy - Killhammer (2013)
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01. Killhammer (4:17)
02. Armies Of Hell (4:24)
03. To Hell And Back (4:24)
04. Kill The Beast (3:25)
05. Hate Black (4:54)
06. Children Of The Damned (4:42)
07. 300 In Blood (4:22)
08. Angels Of Fire (4:07)
09. Warriors Of The Northern Seas (4:21)
10. Set The World On Fire (3:48)
11. Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne Cover) (5:20)

Roberto Dimitri Liapakis Vocals
Markus Pohl Guitars
Connie "Connor" Andreszka Bass
Constantine Guitars
Tyronne Silva Drums

Mystic Prophecy Killhammer album review

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