James LaBrie - Impermanent Resonance (2013)

With few months to go before we got a new Dream Theater released for 2013, James LaBrie offered an earlier 'teaser' with his solo album, released earlier than his bandmate's album. Impermanent Resonance is by all mean James LaBrie third solo album under a simpler 'James LaBrie' moniker. It's seem like James has established a permanent formation as he keep band mate pretty much the same from previous albums. Guitarist Marco Sfogli and keyboardist Matt Guillory had been permanent there, Peter Wildoer and Ray Riendeau in their second term now. Looks alike also, James is the only member of Dream Theater that had a solid less-changing second band. Good thing is this band stay away pretty much from Dream Theater music, in fact James works quite serious to put another style of music away from DT in this album.

Agony is kind of blend between death melodic and progressive metal. A minor resembling of DT's Scenes of A Memory-era singing mnemonic. The combination of Peter's growling vocals and James are things many to be found later, but I hope this is not only a quick tricks to stay away from Dream Theater music. Undertow and for many rest of album to follow is going into modern metal direction. Undertow still featured some metalcore in action with James doing the clean singing and Peter on the 'core' part, the groove is kind of Shadow Falls, Trivium alike. Slight Of Hand begin to has the better ratio of progressive put more in front compare to the first two. The most softened moment could be Back On The Ground, which is completely a modern hard rock mid tempo song. On the other hand, I Got You is a decent progressive song, potential as hit for being radio friendly as well. Explorations on this album of course hardly can't stay away from being sounds Dream Theater, so the closest similarity track I can recommends is Destined To Burn. Last notes, Say You're Still Mine is a sweet piano ballad, something that fans deserved to heard once in a while James singing something like this.

Impermanent Resonance is compacted with exploration of James LaBrie in modern metal, with lots of 'popular' elements such as growling/metalcore, hard rock, even Evanescences-feel (as in Amnesia) that not possible being tolerate if put in Dream Theater music. Band member to spotlight is drummer Peter Wildoer who put aggressive prog drumming into each songs, that actually prevent this album to fall into 'normal' heavy metal category. Marco Sfogli who is a virtuoso guitarist seems enjoying his rather 'easy' task for 'only' providing rhythm and riffs, the guitar solos are not really has enough 'air-time'. Then Matt Guillory put the most important elements, to provide layers of synthesizer sounds that also make this records stand by his own, especially when compared to Dream Theater. Compare to Static Impulse? Impermanent Resonance is a lighter works, delved more into metalcore exploration than as 'technical' as Static Impulse. By now, it's a good 'opening' for our long waited Dream Theater album.

Metal Harem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

James LaBrie - Impermanent Resonance (2013)
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01. Agony (4:22)
02. Undertow (4:03)
03. Slight Of Hand (5:21)
04. Back On The Ground (4:05)
05. I Got You (3:46)
06. Holding On (4:53)
07. Lost In The Fire (3:53)
08. Letting Go (4:18)
09. Destined To Burn (4:01)
10. Say You're Still Mine (3:33)
11. Amnesia (3:44)
12. I Will Not Break (3:53)
13. Unraveling
14. Why

James LaBrie - vocals
Matt Guillory - keyboards, background vocals
Marco Sfogli - guitars
Ray Riendeau - bass guitars
Peter Wildoer - drums
Peter Wichers - writing, additional guitars
Jens Bogren and Tony Lindgren - mixing, mastering
Gustavo Sazes - cover art

James LaBrie Impermanent Resonance album review


The Aristocrats - Culture Crash (2013)

The Aristocrats is a musical trio formed by drummer Marco Minnemann together with Bryan Beller and Guthrie Govan. Yes, this sounds promising by just looking the names. Among them, Bryan Beller maybe the only one need a little introduction, just in case. Brian most popular duties was playing bass for Steve Vai for more than decades, then he also the thumbing guy behind James LaBrie solo works. The Aristocrats was originally only a stage group aimed for one jamming session. Their show was a success,so short story was, they moved to the studio to record original songs. Culture Clash is their second album by now. With such hyper creative musician on board, this album indeed comes with the sharpest edge of music, ranging from progressive rock to bizarre funk fusion.

Dance Of The Aristocrats as the starter song begin with provocative drum pattern. Using the jamming structure, the bass comes next then follow up by the guitar. Rather hard to define the base style for this, as in other rest of the song, it should be called progressive rock with a taste of electro-funk bass line. Culture Clash begin with a duet between Bryan and Guthrie to formed the thematic riffs. All songs on the album comes without much overdub in guitar, mean we purely listen to three elements, drums, bass and guitars at once. Louisville Stomp is mimicking jazz spirit from the southern area / New Orleans, perhaps. Ohhhh Noooo must be the work initially by Brian Beller for its leading bass theme. Three of them divided same amount of duties to composed each one three songs, thus end up with nine tracks on this album. Gaping Head Wound yet again another jazz-like opening riffs. You must aware that during about each five or six minutes, the song can turned into completely different styles during the song. For instance Gaping Head Wound also comes with a ska rhythm sections. Desert Tornado is another track with Marco opening drum solo, quite similar structure as in Dance Of The Aristocrats. If you familiar with Guthrie's solos album called Erotic Cakes, the next song Cocktail Umbrellas will be close to the materials on Erotic Cakes. This song maybe the most 'melodious' one by its distinguished leading guitars. Another fast tempo progressive feel in Living the Dream, then we are finish by And Finally. I found the last track to be as enjoyable as the rest of song, so no slow down, in fact, the groove in And Finally sounds the sweetest of all.

At first the album is too provocative creative to grasp in. But believe me, just in couple or thrice round of spin, all the drum beat and bizarre bass line will begin sounds familiar by now. The only problem of having three equal member on the composition, is the lack of leading melodies. Their approach of 'all equal share' in composition mean we need to readily switch our attention from one instrument to another, usually by just a split of seconds. Which mean they may sounds too 'jamming' in nature. But even though this is a jamming materials, the quality surely above all you can imagine. Guthrie Govan has been crafting his fame by doing lots of guitar demonstration on Youtube, and also as guest guitarist on many projects. By joining The Aristocrats we can see his potential finally forge into different level as he can concentrated as member of the band. Just a trivia, guitarist Greg Howe was the original chosen guitarist by Marco and Bryan, alas he was unavailable at the moment. The Aristocrats put in the extreme of trio drum-bass-guitar composition, mainly on progressive rock styles. Not much metal feel, but more leaning to jazz and funk diversities. Love guitar? This is your killer stuff to grab.

Metal Harem class: ********* nine stars out of ten

The Aristocrats - Culture Clash 2013
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1. Dance Of The Aristocrats
2. Culture Clash
3. Louisville Stomp
4. Ohhhh Noooo
5. Gaping Head Wound
6. Desert Tornado
7. Cocktail Umbrellas
8. Living The Dream
9. And Finally

Guthrie Govan (guitar)
Bryan Beller (bass)
Marco Minnemann (drums)

The Aristocrats Culture Crash Album Review


Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals - Walk Through Exits Only (2013)

The 'H' is for Hansen, if you wonder. Ah yes, finally a true solo from Pantera frontman, Phil Anselmo. Walk Through Exits Only come to public in July 2013 and it is a container to eight tracks of heavy metal, which we can say closest to Pantera among Phil's many projects. He is joined by guitarist Marzi Montazeri whom also historically close friend to Dimebag.

After a rather industrial-core opening Music Media Is My Whore, we got to introduced to many Pantera-like elements on the rest of album. Phil stated the album will be sounds as angriest as possible, Battalion Of Zero make sure we got that picture clear. Guitar riffs is aggressive as in Vulgar Display of Power era and the solos are brutal. Most close resembling of that perhaps found in Usurper Bastard's Rant, with that staccato pattern beat and octave shift guitar licks. Still we got Walk Through Exits Only comes as most aggressive in tempo, vocals and showering the guitar with shred notes. There is no resting point here, Bedroom Destroyer continue the fury with its awesome drum groove, then fast word screaming choruses. Then Phil make it simple by putting in all in one lengthy final tracks called Irrelevant Walls And Computer Screens.

Play attention to Marzi for all his hard works on this album. Persian by blood, he confessed for being friend to Dimebag a long time ago and shared memories such as jamming with Dimebag. His riffs surely got some influence on his late friends. As for the vocal works no doubt on Phil's signature growling. As stated in the beginning, Pantera fans will found this a nice incarnation of the band, although this is much metalcore, much industrial than Pantera. Still if you got nerve to hold 40 minutes of blasting guitars, Walk Through Exits Only will up your challenge.

Metal Harem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals - Walk Through Exits Only (2013)
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01. Music Media Is My Whore (1:55)
02. Battalion Of Zero (4:20)
03. Betrayed (5:28)
04. Usurper Bastard's Rant (3:57)
05. Walk Through Exits Only (5:34)
06. Bedroom Destroyer (5:03)
07. Bedridden (2:25)
08. Irrelevant Walls And Computer Screens (12:01)

Philip H. Anselmo - Vocals
Marzi Montazeri - Guitars
Joey Gonzalez - Drums
Stephen Taylor - Bass

Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals Walk Through Exits Only album review

Whitesnake - Made in Britain - Japan - World Records (2013)

There are too many stories to write about Whitesnake. David Coverdale is one of best living heavy metal  performer on the planet for now. Age 61, David has lead the team to storm the 2000s version of Whitesnake without much of band membership rotating, dismissing formerly notorious stereotype on the band's image. Continuation from his 25th Whitesnake Anniversary,  Whitesnake had never been so solid by pushing almost four worth of live records. One is from their show in Saitama, Japan 2013 called Made in Japan. Then CD Made in Britain was actually a record on their show in UK on 2011. Not satisfied with this, there is also bonus CD 2 with a title World Records, which literally mean recorded anywhere world aparts. David Coverdale and his The Brutal Brothers team production hand picked the track from their more than 90+ live shows.

There were almost identical hits on both released. Basically classic hits such as Fool For Your Loving and Still Of the Night are there to tears you down. The highlights are newer materials which sounds more in live setting as compared to the original studio version. This prove that Whitesnake team comes with completed on stage mentality when writing these new compositions. Love Will Set You Free is in different energy on stage, another ten years and this will become classic among teenage of the millennium. Best Years is no weak comeback as we doubt when Whitesnake released this on 2008 by album Good to Be Bad. A dancing of dual riffs in Can You Hear the Wind Blows also a magic tunes that chorus so typical to bring you back to the eighties.  Most interesting tracks can also found in Six String Showcase from Made In Japan setlist. This is bad boys Doug and Reb having duel with their six string weaponry. This to be followed by Drum Solo by drummer Brian Tichy. And when David show sing Soldier of Fortune and Burn/Stormbringer again, this basically concluded a rock n roll history from '70 to our times.

Whitesnake 'only' officially released six live albums, so this can still be counted as curiosity for those die hard fans of Whitesnake. Twin brother Doug Aldrich and Reb Beach sure enjoying their time playing Steve Vai and Adrian Vanderberg licks together with their original stuffs for decades now. Perhaps a world records of longest standing Whitesnake guitarist, but must be the longest duet guitarist David ever got. An extra notes for both Doug and Reb is they were also presented on the previous live released, Live: In the Shadow of the Blues, which is focus on Whitesnake earlier hits. For the drummer it is on Brian Tichy accounted even tough Tommy Aldridge will again to be in the line up later in 2013. Bassist Michael Devin also shared the same position, replacing long timer Marco Mendoza. Which is also the case for keyboardist Brian Ruedy who fill in for Timothy Drury. Enjoy the compilation of Whitesnake hit list and familiar yourself once more time with their newest catalog, Still Of the Night forevermore!

Metal Harem class: ********* nine stars out of ten


Whitesnake Made In Britain 2013 [LIVE]
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CD 1- Made In Britain:
01.Best Years
02.Give Me All Your Love
03.Love Ain´t No Stranger
04.Is This Love
05.Steal Your Heart Away
07.Love Will Set You Free
08.My Evil Ways
09.Fare Thee Well
10. Ain´t No Love In The Heart Of The City
11. Fool For Your Loving
12. Here I Go Again
13. Still Of The Night

CD 2 – The World Record:
01.Bad Boys
02.Slide It ln
03.Lay Down Your Love
04.Pistols At Dawn
05.Snake Dance
06.Can You Hear The Wind Blow
07.Fare Thee Well
08.One Of These Days
09.The Badger
10.Deeper The Love
11.Soldier Of Fortune

Made in Japan - Buy It Here
CD 1
1. Best Years
2. Give Me All Your Love Tonight
3. Love Ain't No Stranger
4. Is This Love
5. Steal Your Heart Away
6. Forevermore
7. Six String Showdown
8. Love Will Set You Free
9. Drum Solo
10. Fool For Your Loving
11. Here I Go Again
12. Still Of The Night

CD 2  - Soundcheck
1. Love Will Set You Free
2. Steal Your Heart Away
3. Fare Thee Well (Acoustic Version)
4. One Of These Days (Acoustic Version)
5. Lay Down Your Love
6. Evil Ways
7. Good To Be Bad (Acoustic Version)
8. Tell Me How (Acoustic Version)

David Coverdale (vocals)
Doug Aldrich (guitars)
Reb Beach (guitars)
Michael Devin (bass)
Brian Tichy (drums)
special guest Brian Ruedy (keyboards).

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Luca Zamberlin - Mad for It (2013)

Luca Zamberlin is another guitarist that works his name to the scene by playing many gigs and sessions across London and then New York area. From his biography on Facebook we got to know that he even existed long way in 1989, trying his luck with local London bands before then moving to New York around 2002 and then also back to his home country, Italy. In 2013 his debut instrumental album, Mad for It, finally completed and being released by De Fox Records and Heart of Steel Records. On this album he played with 'shred' specialized drummer, Atma Anur. The album is in full shredding number in hard rock styles. The elements of Greg Howe and Paul Gilbert combined can be a word to described the things happened on the album.

On the opening track, Luca decided to put a boogie number on it. So we got Hacipaci Boogie as a warm up track which immediately bring us to happy jazzy feel but not least metal riff on the body. Mad 4 It is more hard rock feel, thick with '80s hair metal band riff and harmonics screams. Still in the same melodic rock vibe for Cup of Tea or Cup of Cofee. For Spaced Out its a bit slow down and taken time to developed some sweet melody lines without the full accompaniment of drums. C.t.p. on other hand showcase the neo classical licks and Luca Zamberlin skill in composing a fugue for twin guitars. Binge Blues is not that very traditional blues we heard in Southern region, but rather a music we likely to heard in a rock n roll party. Another ballad cuts in Here and Now with some nice percussion works. For Big Country, we met again with a work of acoustic guitar where join forces with distortion melody. White Summer is a calm epilogue to bring the end as smooth as possible.

While the disc is enjoyable, but Mad for It is a bit to short. The timing marked at only about thirty minutes. The present of Atma Anur is just lifting up the situation, unfortunately got about three to four tracks that didn't have him full scaling behind the drums. Atma also actually a 'co-headliner' for the album with officially titled Luca Zamberlin feat. Atma Anur. Bass works are enjoyable and fit to the situation then we got Steve Saluto credited as guest guitarist as well. Overall Mad for It did a respectable debut for this long time session guitarist. On the most updated information for Luca Zimberlin, he was playing a gigs together with another caliber guitarist, Alex Masi and Remi Galliazzo. Mad for It should do well for shred fans that eager to listen to unknown player with big talents.

Metal Harem class: ******* seven stars out of ten

Luca Zamberlin - Mad for It (2013)
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01 Hacipaci Boogie 03:38
02 Mad 4 It 03:02
03 Cup of Tea or Cup of Cofee 03:36
04 Spaced Out 03:21
05 C.t.p. 03:30
06 Binge Blues 03:38
07 Here and Now 03:14
08 Big Country 03:40
09 White Summer 01:29

Luca Zamberlin: guitars
Atma Anur: drum
Piero Trevisan: bass
Jurj Luisetto : cello
Steve Saluto: guest guitarist
Carlo Zundo: producer, mastering, guitars and bass
Claudio Zambenedetti : mixing
Label: Defox Records , Heart of Steel Records

Luca Zamberlin feat Atma Anur Mad For It album review


Personal List of Metal Drummers

You like drumming and now need a list of names for entertaining yourself, don't you? Here is the time saver, a list of drummers, of new generation, you (shall) need to know (later) and need to watch. Well, why I write this article is because I always enjoy watching and listen to drum virtuoso. This simple list is to keep my personal favorite of drummer who I came across in recent years while doing review in this Metal Harem blog.

Be warned, the list is an unconventional one, I have make a wide room for newcomer, mean, well under God's mercy, dismissed the like of John Bonham, Terry Bozio, Neil Peart, Steve Smith, as well, Lars Ulrich (hmm... he is that popular you know!) , Nicko McBrain, Charlie Benante, Dave Lombardo, Dean Castronovo and all their cyborg-friends. Here we go,..

Of course I will need to keep Mike Portnoy, to fit the storyline! Mike is well busy post Dream Theater era. He recorded in Adrenaline Mob (metal), help Neal Morse (progressive rock), Flying Colors (Hard Rock) and the latest the Winery Dogs (hard rock), as well as jamming with many other (Tony MacAlpine, Derek Sherinian etc.)

The Seven Samurai of Dream Theater Auditioners
The list of seven drummers auditioned for Dream Theater as Mike's replacement. I enjoy watching their audition documentary so I like to begin with the list with them.

Mike Mangini (born 1963)
The winner,Professor of drum and percussion in Berklee Boston. Played in Annihilator, Extreme, Steve Vai. He was the original drummer to Steve Vai's complexes composition on Bangkok, Jibbom and The Fire Garden suite (Fire Garden album). Interestingly, Virgil Donati covered some of his works when Virgil toured with Steve Vai's. Dream Theater may be Mike's second full time job as permanent drummer since his Annihilator days.

Virgil Donati (born 1958)
My favorite Virgil moment was when he in Steve Vai band. The Steve Vai Live in Astoria DVD put everything about him. Very versatile, jamming-based drummer, improvisational guru. But then, he is also theoretically not very fit to Dream Theater strict academy of beat. His other important band was Planet X, a progressive metal jamming band with Tony MacAlpine and Derek Sherinian.

Thomas Lang (born 1967)
The Arnold Schwarzenegger of drum! Austrian he is. Come from the same city of Mozart. He is also multi instrumentalist and his works are mostly serious one (jazz, instrumental pop etc). Really can't see him travelling as band crew with Dream Theater around the world.

Marco Minnemann (born 1970)
(Kreator, Necrophagist), best smile behind the drum. Worked with Paul Gilbert also and quite a session-ed drummer he is. Not too busy maybe, he was always surprised us with his name keep pop out in the line up list. Example? Such as with Julia KosterovaGeorge Bellas and the latest with the Aristocrats (Guthrie Govan and Bryan Beller).

Aquilles Priester (born 1971)
But he is a damn good drummer. You just haven't get into Angra yet. He played in Angra, Vinnie Moore, Hangar and the latest rumour is in new superband Midas Fate with Mike DiMeo in vocals.

Peter Wildoer (born 1974)
New rising star in drumming. His major staying is in Sweden death metal band Darkane. He is hired in James LaBrie band, Grimmark, Armageddon and Arch Enemy.

Derek Roddy (born 1972)
The true drum rōnin without attached to one particularly band. His best known band is Nile, Hate Eternal, Serpent Rise and others.

Personal List of Metal Drummers

Rod Morgenstein (born April 19, 1953)
One of great drummer of our time! Now not every drummer must started their days with progressive stuff, Rod simply grow bigger by playing in '80 glam metal band, Winger. He was well close with progressive scene later, playing in Dixie Dreggs and actually close to Dream Theater members. Come to think, it will be interesting to saw Rod Morgenstein auditioning for Mike Portnoy position as well. The Jelly Jam (Dream Theater's John Myung on bass and King's X guitarist/vox Ty Tabor), The Steve Morse Band and Rudess/Morgenstein Project were part of his resume.

Gregg Bissonette, (born June 9, 1959)
Although he was more popular as David Lee Roth, Joe Satriani, and Steve Vai drummer, my personal moment of Gregg was when he connected to Jason Becker stuffs (..."Dang!" , his voices is very bass, from Jason Becker's Not Dead Yet documentary movie). Also playing with Ringo Starr and Spinal Tap!

Mike Terrana (born 1960)
The big brother of every metal drummer. He is literally almost there for most of important metal acts. Notable  from Yngwie Malmsteen, Rage, Tarja, Axel Rudi Pell, Masterplan, Roland Grapow, Kiko Loureiro, Tony MacAlpine and another 20+ projects. He rarely mentioned as the metal story goes, but actually he helped many important musicians throughout his career.

Jimmy DeGrasso (born March 16, 1963)
His famous moment was of course when he was in Megadeth. His other memorable band was White Lion. A totally hireable drummer, he was playing with Lita Ford, Ozzy Osbourne, Y&T, White Lion, Fiona, Suicidal Tendencies, Alice Cooper, Megadeth, Dave Mustaine's MD.45, David Lee Roth, Hail. His latest schedule is with Dokken now days.

Alex Holzwarth (born 1968)
Settled and making fame mostly from Rhapsody of Fire(s). Alex was/is the person providing the drum beat for our legendary symphonic metal band. He is also having fun with side project Vision Divine, which he left later. He also help the latest Timo Tolkki's Avalon.

Atma Anur (born unknown...)
To say Atma is one of the best unknown sideman is trully understatement. He was the hidden weapon for Mike Varney for its Shrapnel records projects. His records included Speed Metal Symphony by Cacophony, Jason Becker, Richie Kotzen, Greg Howe, etc. He was also in Joop Wolters, Vicious Rumours, Hardline, Tony MacAlpine, and unbelievable drumming session for Guthrie Govan, Jason Becker's Not Dead Yet and many others. When you see his name on your CD it mean that CD is a serious one!

Bobby Jarzombek (born 1963)
Riot, Halford, Sebastian Bach, Arch/Matheos, Rob Rock, Iced Earth. Well Rob Halford once said about him, “He’s like an illusionist on the drum kit. It’s effortless and entertaining, and he’s just brilliant.”, 'nuff said.

John Macaluso (born 1968)
Another lesser known drummer samurai. Played in Yngwie Malmsteen, James LaBrie, Symphony X, George Lynch, Alex Masi. His latest project is as drummer for Mastercastle and Simone Fiorletta

Collin Leijenaar (born 1974)
Dilemma, Affector, Neal Morse live drummer. He actually a substitute for Mike Portnoy in Neal Morse's 2012 album, Portnoy played in studio recording and Collin must played in live setting. He played in new progressive metal band called Affector.

Top Young Generation Drummer
Support young talented drummer won't you, otherwise the metal genre will be ended in the year 2889. Here are some of most promising drummer, ready to replaced the older generation.

Jeremy Colson (born 1978)
Before he make it famous to Steve Vai's Where the Wild Things Are era drummer, he already worked with Marty Friedman, Michael Schenker Group (MSG), and Dali's Dilleman (progressive metal). Now he is ready to join the high paid drummer as he also hired by Billy Idol. Hard hitting and aggresive, I like his 'Beast' portable drum set which he used in Steve Vai's Where The Wild Things Are DVD.

Charlie Zeleny (born 1981)
Young drummer which almost unofficially the 8th drummer samurai that auditioned for Dream Theater. He put a youtube video for all three Dream Theater audition songs (Dance of Eternity, Nightmare to Remember, Spirit Carries On). Only credit the most as drummer of Behold, he is much into jamming and professional hired drummer.

Martin "Marthus" Škaroupka (born 1981)
Drumming for Cradle of Filth, and now Masterplan in 2013. He is also trained in piano and singing. I will need to add more story on him later...

Enrico Sidoti (born 1986)
Almost unknown, he is now drummer in new Italian metal band, Earthcry.


Herman Rarebell & Friends - Acoustic Fever (2013)

Would you like to listen one more Scorpions album, played in acoustic setting? Yes, of course, especially when the song listed are somewhat no included the over popular Somewhere In Time or Still Loving You. Also extra special when the album is actually a cover album with singers we are well known. This record, simply called Acoustic Fever are lead by Scorpions drummer Herman Rarebell. He takes  friends and shortlisted a combination of well known Scorpions hits to somewhat less rotated songs. The re-arrange acoustic mode is what make this record easy to grab. Although Scorpions also recorded Acoustica in 2001 again, the song did not overlap in both record.

My recommended  tunes from this album are Passion Rules The Game (from album Savage Amusement 1988) sung by John Parr of Quiet Riot. Not only the song itself already beautiful, the vocal harmony re-done in acoustic setting adding more feel to it. On the fast song, Loving You Sunday Morning as opener is reprise the song rules in 1979 album Lovedrive. On the singers list, I mostly curious to see Johny Gioeli. Taken that his voice is somewhat 'melancholy' that will presumably works well in Scorpions ballad. Instead he was employed in rather catchy tune in Dynamite.  On the lesser heard songs are Arizona and Another Piece Of Meat. The last tune Animal Magnetism also giving a good touch.

Strange as it is, Herman Rarebell seems just enjoying his drumming without much personal showcase to his parts. The album serves as another cover collection for Scorpions huge hits. So if you fans of Scorpions this will come as nice gift to remind the band's great past.

Metal Harem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Herman Rarebell & Friends - Acoustic Fever (2013)
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01. Loving You Sunday Morning (vocals by Michael Voss - Mad Max)
02. Passion Rules The Game (vocals by John Parr - Ouiet Riot)
03. Is There Anybody There (vocals by Alex Ligertwood - Santana)
04. Rock You Like A Hurricane (vocals by Bobby Kimball - Toto)
05. You Give Me All I Need (vocals by Don Dokken - Ouiet Riot)
06. Make It Real (vocals by Doogie White - Rainbow)
07. Dynamite (vocals by Johnny Gioeli - Axel Rudi Pell)
08. Falling In Love (vocals by Gary Barden - MSG)
09. Don’t Make No Promises (vocals by Jack Russell - Great White)
10. Love Is Blind (vocals by Paul Shortino - Ouiet Riot)
11. Arizona (vocals by George Daniels)
12. Another Piece Of Meat (vocals by Tony Martin - Black Sabbath)
13. Animal Magnetism (vocals by Michael Nagy)

-Herman Rarebell (Scorpions) - Drums
-Robby Lochner (Fight, Cherie Currie, Eddie Money, Great White) - Steel Strings Guitars
-Dario Seixas (Firehouse, Stephen Pearcy, Crown of Thorns, Great White) - Bass
-José Antonio Rodríguez (Alejandro Sanz, Marc Anthony) - Flamenco Guitar
-Corey Whitehead - Flamenco Guitar

Herman Rarebell & Friends Acoustic Fever album review
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