Luca Zamberlin - Mad for It (2013)

Luca Zamberlin is another guitarist that works his name to the scene by playing many gigs and sessions across London and then New York area. From his biography on Facebook we got to know that he even existed long way in 1989, trying his luck with local London bands before then moving to New York around 2002 and then also back to his home country, Italy. In 2013 his debut instrumental album, Mad for It, finally completed and being released by De Fox Records and Heart of Steel Records. On this album he played with 'shred' specialized drummer, Atma Anur. The album is in full shredding number in hard rock styles. The elements of Greg Howe and Paul Gilbert combined can be a word to described the things happened on the album.

On the opening track, Luca decided to put a boogie number on it. So we got Hacipaci Boogie as a warm up track which immediately bring us to happy jazzy feel but not least metal riff on the body. Mad 4 It is more hard rock feel, thick with '80s hair metal band riff and harmonics screams. Still in the same melodic rock vibe for Cup of Tea or Cup of Cofee. For Spaced Out its a bit slow down and taken time to developed some sweet melody lines without the full accompaniment of drums. C.t.p. on other hand showcase the neo classical licks and Luca Zamberlin skill in composing a fugue for twin guitars. Binge Blues is not that very traditional blues we heard in Southern region, but rather a music we likely to heard in a rock n roll party. Another ballad cuts in Here and Now with some nice percussion works. For Big Country, we met again with a work of acoustic guitar where join forces with distortion melody. White Summer is a calm epilogue to bring the end as smooth as possible.

While the disc is enjoyable, but Mad for It is a bit to short. The timing marked at only about thirty minutes. The present of Atma Anur is just lifting up the situation, unfortunately got about three to four tracks that didn't have him full scaling behind the drums. Atma also actually a 'co-headliner' for the album with officially titled Luca Zamberlin feat. Atma Anur. Bass works are enjoyable and fit to the situation then we got Steve Saluto credited as guest guitarist as well. Overall Mad for It did a respectable debut for this long time session guitarist. On the most updated information for Luca Zimberlin, he was playing a gigs together with another caliber guitarist, Alex Masi and Remi Galliazzo. Mad for It should do well for shred fans that eager to listen to unknown player with big talents.

Metal Harem class: ******* seven stars out of ten

Luca Zamberlin - Mad for It (2013)
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01 Hacipaci Boogie 03:38
02 Mad 4 It 03:02
03 Cup of Tea or Cup of Cofee 03:36
04 Spaced Out 03:21
05 C.t.p. 03:30
06 Binge Blues 03:38
07 Here and Now 03:14
08 Big Country 03:40
09 White Summer 01:29

Luca Zamberlin: guitars
Atma Anur: drum
Piero Trevisan: bass
Jurj Luisetto : cello
Steve Saluto: guest guitarist
Carlo Zundo: producer, mastering, guitars and bass
Claudio Zambenedetti : mixing
Label: Defox Records , Heart of Steel Records

Luca Zamberlin feat Atma Anur Mad For It album review

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