Whitesnake - Made in Britain - Japan - World Records (2013)

There are too many stories to write about Whitesnake. David Coverdale is one of best living heavy metal  performer on the planet for now. Age 61, David has lead the team to storm the 2000s version of Whitesnake without much of band membership rotating, dismissing formerly notorious stereotype on the band's image. Continuation from his 25th Whitesnake Anniversary,  Whitesnake had never been so solid by pushing almost four worth of live records. One is from their show in Saitama, Japan 2013 called Made in Japan. Then CD Made in Britain was actually a record on their show in UK on 2011. Not satisfied with this, there is also bonus CD 2 with a title World Records, which literally mean recorded anywhere world aparts. David Coverdale and his The Brutal Brothers team production hand picked the track from their more than 90+ live shows.

There were almost identical hits on both released. Basically classic hits such as Fool For Your Loving and Still Of the Night are there to tears you down. The highlights are newer materials which sounds more in live setting as compared to the original studio version. This prove that Whitesnake team comes with completed on stage mentality when writing these new compositions. Love Will Set You Free is in different energy on stage, another ten years and this will become classic among teenage of the millennium. Best Years is no weak comeback as we doubt when Whitesnake released this on 2008 by album Good to Be Bad. A dancing of dual riffs in Can You Hear the Wind Blows also a magic tunes that chorus so typical to bring you back to the eighties.  Most interesting tracks can also found in Six String Showcase from Made In Japan setlist. This is bad boys Doug and Reb having duel with their six string weaponry. This to be followed by Drum Solo by drummer Brian Tichy. And when David show sing Soldier of Fortune and Burn/Stormbringer again, this basically concluded a rock n roll history from '70 to our times.

Whitesnake 'only' officially released six live albums, so this can still be counted as curiosity for those die hard fans of Whitesnake. Twin brother Doug Aldrich and Reb Beach sure enjoying their time playing Steve Vai and Adrian Vanderberg licks together with their original stuffs for decades now. Perhaps a world records of longest standing Whitesnake guitarist, but must be the longest duet guitarist David ever got. An extra notes for both Doug and Reb is they were also presented on the previous live released, Live: In the Shadow of the Blues, which is focus on Whitesnake earlier hits. For the drummer it is on Brian Tichy accounted even tough Tommy Aldridge will again to be in the line up later in 2013. Bassist Michael Devin also shared the same position, replacing long timer Marco Mendoza. Which is also the case for keyboardist Brian Ruedy who fill in for Timothy Drury. Enjoy the compilation of Whitesnake hit list and familiar yourself once more time with their newest catalog, Still Of the Night forevermore!

Metal Harem class: ********* nine stars out of ten


Whitesnake Made In Britain 2013 [LIVE]
Buy it HERE   - Made In Japan

CD 1- Made In Britain:
01.Best Years
02.Give Me All Your Love
03.Love Ain´t No Stranger
04.Is This Love
05.Steal Your Heart Away
07.Love Will Set You Free
08.My Evil Ways
09.Fare Thee Well
10. Ain´t No Love In The Heart Of The City
11. Fool For Your Loving
12. Here I Go Again
13. Still Of The Night

CD 2 – The World Record:
01.Bad Boys
02.Slide It ln
03.Lay Down Your Love
04.Pistols At Dawn
05.Snake Dance
06.Can You Hear The Wind Blow
07.Fare Thee Well
08.One Of These Days
09.The Badger
10.Deeper The Love
11.Soldier Of Fortune

Made in Japan - Buy It Here
CD 1
1. Best Years
2. Give Me All Your Love Tonight
3. Love Ain't No Stranger
4. Is This Love
5. Steal Your Heart Away
6. Forevermore
7. Six String Showdown
8. Love Will Set You Free
9. Drum Solo
10. Fool For Your Loving
11. Here I Go Again
12. Still Of The Night

CD 2  - Soundcheck
1. Love Will Set You Free
2. Steal Your Heart Away
3. Fare Thee Well (Acoustic Version)
4. One Of These Days (Acoustic Version)
5. Lay Down Your Love
6. Evil Ways
7. Good To Be Bad (Acoustic Version)
8. Tell Me How (Acoustic Version)

David Coverdale (vocals)
Doug Aldrich (guitars)
Reb Beach (guitars)
Michael Devin (bass)
Brian Tichy (drums)
special guest Brian Ruedy (keyboards).

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