Favorite Guitar Shred Instrumental Album of 2014

Year 2014 was another year full of shreds, here the list of my most favorite guitar album of the year.

Two big names that reserved the top of the list:

00. Paul Gilbert - Stone Pushing Uphill Man (2014)
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Paul recorded his favorite tunes and played it again in instrumental setting. Interesting licks and also, interesting choices of songs.

00. Marty Friedman - Inferno (2014)
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Marty is going ever heavier than before. His style in this so called 'modern rock guitar' is perhaps best shape in this album, Inferno.

01. Daniele Liverani - Fantasia (2014)
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Prolific guitar composer Daniele Liverani has finally put out album that stand out among others. Fantasia is all around guitar shred album, from neo-classic, prog metal to '80 rock.

02. Fabrizio Leo - Spectrum of My Past (2014)
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Spectrum of My Past is great album with all around styles. The album is simple and full of melodious hard rock licks.

03. Christian Muenzner - Beyond the Wall of Sleep (2014)
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If you want something heavy and complexes, Christian will always blow your mind with this amazing instrumental album.

04. Adrian Weiss - Easy Game (2014)
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Adrian put out many new ideas in this fresh instrumental guitar album. All styles with mainly progressive and heavy metal.

05. Yossi Sassi - Desert Butterflies (2014)
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An album full of oriental music with guitar in the foreground. Desert Butterflies will bring you to the Mid Eastern desert and dance on.

06. Demian Heuke - Treumal (2014)
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Pretty much twin album with Adrian Weiss'. All around instrumental album with many enjoyable phrases and licks.

07. Stephan Forte - Enigma Opera Black (2014)
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Going strong with his 2nd solo album, Stephan gives us more complexes music to tackle. Enigma Opera Black is a combo of neo-classical, prog and djent, pretty intense.

08. Andy Martongellia - Spiral Motion (2014)
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A nice album to get introduce to new shredder, Andy. Various styles in rock, and quite heavy indeed.

09. Brian Larkin - Far Enough Into the Void (2014)
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Brian's Far Enough Into the Void is multi styles instrumental album ranging from hard rock to fusion.

10. Francesco Artusato Project - Our Dying Sun (2014)
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As usual, the project gives us heavy and mind blowing progressive metal album.

11. Wayne Calford - Shred Alliance (2014)
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Yes, literally a guitar shredder alliance in one album, from Michael Angelo Batio, Per Nillsson (Scar Symmetry)  and another dozen of guys.

12. Nicolas Waldo - Master Of the Universe (2014)
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If you only need to hear neo-classical licks in every minutes, this is it.


Michael Pinnella - Ascension (2014)
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If only Michael willing to hire guitarist to shred along with his keyboards, this gonna be top list shred album of 2014. Indeed the keys itself is sufficient.

...that I missed in initial list:

Toomas Vanem - 1 (one) (2014)
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Hailed from Estonia, Toomas released 1 (one), which is an instrumental album with a mix of hard rock and fusion. His style is universe and it is clear he is very prolific in his instruments.

Metal Harem recommend 

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