Veonity - Gladiator's Tale (2015)

Coming out from the jungle of Swedish power metal is Veonity with their debut album Gladiator's Tale. The album contained every power metal needed, fierce guitar riffs and most of all, excellent baritone  power vocals backed by power harmonies. Check their song such as the "Into Eternity", "Slaves in a Holy War", "Phoenix Arise" which all demanded to be put in the same leagues as Sabaton and friends. Especially in Into Eternity where the chorus brings back nuances from the old Helloween's Keeper of Seven Keys era. "Gladiator's Tale", is their single, yup another tight power song but watch out the awesome melodic solos in the middle done by their guitarist.

Gladiator's Tale is one and foremost classic power metal, excellently done without the help of its cousin the "symphonic" elements. Their music done simply by the two guitars attack and stormy double pedal drum. Bombastic album that will lead you headbanging all the way through.

Metal Harem class: ********* eight stars out of ten

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Veonity - Gladiator's Tale (2015)

01. Into Eternity
02. Phoenix Arise
03. Unity
04. Let Me Die
05. Slaves in a Holy War
06. Chains of Blood
07. For the Glory
08. Gladiator's Tale
09. Warrior of Steel
10. Born out of Despair
11. King of the Sky
12. Farewell

Kristoffer Lidre - Bass
Joel Kollberg - Drums
Samuel Lundström - Guitars (lead)
Anders Sköld - Vocals (lead), Guitars

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