Whyzdom - Symphony For A Hopeless God (2015)

Whyzdom is a female fronted symphonic metal from France. Their power house is Marie Rouyer. The band is doing full scale power metal with orchestration in a style of good ol' days of Nightwish. A thick layer of guitar riffs is what put this band more in line with Epica instead. Symphony For A Hopeless God is their 3rd studio album, where the previous two already reserved some promising position in the heart of symphonic metal fans.

All songs are polished with catchy orchestrations, brasses and strings are swirling freely to accompanying the main attacking voices, the guitar distortion. In the background the double pedal drums continuously put heavy beats into the storms. The songs are no different to standard bombastic power metal. The first tune we got is "While The Witches Burn", lengthy Latin inspired choruses and cathedral bell is our first impressions. Catchy guitar riffs blends in, and we got the symphonic metal in its full seriousness. Marie Rouyer implemented a soft 'gothic' style singing in duet with the male vocals. But indeed, this is not their main style. The majority of the song incorporated straight forward, standard heavy metal style of singing, as heard in "Let's Play With Fire" , one of their very melodic song that I found very strong. "Asylum Of Eden" is having trace of Nightwish's latest Imaginaerum influences. The song composition itself have many serious highlight, such as just when the album exhausting into the end, we got "Theory Of Life" that really brings the album into the climaxing end. This left the last song "Pandora's Tears" acted as the closing credit, very similar to the last movie score in the end of its show.

This album have more bombastic power metal orchestration than what you may think. Almost endless of brass attack in every song. The highlight is Marie as the center of attention. Her voices ranged from soft gothic style to heavy operatic voices. Musically, the power metal elevated a lot from the guitar distortion, which trying to have more room when surrounded by the strings and brasses. Symphony For A Hopeless God is heavy, also melodic. Expected lots of high time listening to this. Whyzdom is the new force to listen, ready to sneak in between the other 'veterans' alike of Within Tempation, Epica, and Nightwish.

Metal Harem class : ********* eight stars out of ten

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Whyzdom - Symphony For A Hopeless God (2015) 

1. While The Witches Burn
2. Tears Of A Hopeless God
3. Let's Play With Fire
4. Eve's Last Daughter
5. Don't Try To Blind Me
6. The Mask
7. Asylum Of Eden
8. Waking Up The Titans
9. Theory Of Life
10. Where Are The Angels
11. Pandora's Tears

Marie Rouyer - Vocals
Vynce Leff - Guitar, Orchestrations
Nico Chaumeaux - Drums
Regis Morin - Guitar
Xavier Corrrientes - Bass
Marc Ruhlmann - Keyboard
Record Label: Scarlet Records

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