Angelus Apatrida - Hidden Evolution (2015)

Spanish thrash / heavy metaller is back with their fifth studio album "Hidden Evolution". The band gained increased success since their strong Clockwork works in 2010. In this album, the quartet continued their journey in the worldwide style of thrash metal. Some of the songs really dig out Megadeth style cross breed to Slayer, Kreator and Testament all at once.

"Immortal" is heavy opening, high speed appetizer to brings us in the thrash zone. The style demands lots of technical guitar playing while the singer pulled out excellent voices recreating landscape of thrash metal from the '80s. "First World of Terror" has a song title that sounds like Kreator of Europe or Testament in the West world. It is indeed an headbanging song with lots of references to those two bands. In the third song, it is more Megadeth we got in "Architects", the same feeling if you jump to the last song, "Hidden Evolution" is also very Mustainesque in style. How about Metallica, they would probably best captured in the song "Serpents on Parade", although taken mostly from their Kill Em All era. There are ten songs in the album that contained many Angelus Apatrida's very owned kitchen, from rather technical "End Man", a speed worship "Speed of Light", and the low pitch riffs in "I Owe You Nothing".

One should praised the singer Guillermo Izquierdo, who seems to have a collections of "voices" from Dave Mustaine,  Chuck Billy to Kreator's Milland Petrozza. Hidden Evolution is a solid collections of thrash metal. In any moments in the album we will found thrash metal in their glorious form. No kidding in finding references of many thrash metal bands which maybe the only trolling we can brings up. Beside of that, it is a solid headbanging music from Angelus Apatrida.

Metal Harem class: ********* eight stars out of ten

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Angelus Apatrida - Hidden Evolution (2015)

01. Immortal 05:15
02. First World of Terror 05:01
03. Architects 04:24
04. Tug of War 06:09
05. Serpents on Parade 03:11
06. Wanderers Forever 04:26
07. End Man 05:29
08. Speed of Light 04:22
09. I Owe You Nothing 05:18
10. Hidden Evolution 09:00

Guillermo Izquierdo - Lead vocals, Lead guitars
David G. Alvarez - Lead guitars, Back vocals
Jose Izquierdo - Bass, Back vocals
Victor Valera - Drums, Back vocals

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