Sweet & Lynch - Only To Rise (2015)

In the light of holy and unholy alliance, Michael Sweet has team up with George Lynch for a fascinated all star 80's hair rock band. Michael Sweet rightly comes up from the Stryper, instantly remembered as prominent hair rock and Christian band of the 80's, and George Lynch, the bad boys from Dokken and later his very own Lynch Mob. So then the yellow strip has found its yellow strip (refered to George's beloved guitar design motif) counter part. To make it more exciting, the two yellows are joined by two ex-albino's. Bassist Brian Tichy is summoned, he was all around player most famous when served under White Snake of David Coverdale. Then James Lomenzo who grown up with the White Lion. Such an all star musicians that at a glance too good to be exist.

The music itself in their first record, Only To Rise, is  most based on Michael Sweet influence but heavilized by George Lynch signature guitar riffs. Well the album title already sounds "Stryper-esque" indeed. The first song "The Wish" is also one of song that video clipped. Pretty much simple '80s hair rock with Michael Sweet voices easily can make it very close to any Stryper song. Much classic is the 2nd track "Like A Dying Rose", which we got Lynch begin to infiltrate into the song's feel with his guitar licks. Another exciting song is "Time Will Tell", still very much under Michael's influence but at least something more 'generic' hair band, in a good way. "Rescue Me" is showcasing drum's parts a bit in the intro. A mellow ballad song in "Me Without You" with interesting guitar playing on thick chorus effect. George Lynch enjoys his moment in "Divine" where he outburst some more intrick guitar riffs. Something also excellent in the follow up song "September". The album ended with even more heavy songs culminated in the last "Only To Rise".

Although it started up as a variant of Stryper album, but it is then evolved with more diverse style, gladly when George Lynch begin to show his teeth. The overall album tension is nicely arranged where it is really climaxing on the last part of the album. Both bassist and drummer didn't just sit there and they contributed in many good moments, supporting the main casts. In this collaborations we kind to see both musicians able to break up from their routines and enjoy what the other guys gives in. George is a beast when support by veteran song writing such as Michael Sweet. This album brings back many glory of '80s hair metal, one of excellence collaborations between stars.

Favorite song: Like A Dying Rose, Time Will Tell, Divine
Metal Harem class: ********* nine stars out of ten

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Sweet & Lynch - Only To Rise (2015)

1. The Wish
2. Like A Dying Rose
3. Love Stays
4. Time Will Tell
5. Rescue Me
6. Me Without You
7. Recover
8. Divine
9. September
10. Strength In Numbers
11. Hero-Zero
12. Only To Rise

Michael Sweet – Vocals, Guitar (Stryper)
George Lynch – Guitar (ex-Dokken, Lynch Mob)
James Lomenzo – Bass (ex-White Lion, ex-Megadeth)
Brian Tichy – Drums (ex-White Snake, Foreigner, Ozzy Osbourne )

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