Demian Heuke - Treumal (2014)

Continuing our journey in search for excellent guitar shred album this year, come across Demian Heuke's Treumal. This is a promising debut album from this Germany based guitarist. Still quite little unknown about Demian, where the biggest clue is his connection with guitarist Adrian Weiss from the same area. Treumal is faithful guitar album that colorfully done with heavy metal as main style. It is in the same wake of other melodic shredder such as Adrian Weiss, Daniel Liverani and Marco Sfogli.

The first opening is such a simple riff yet ever green for guitar instrumental. 30 Ballons is the happy champers of I-V-vi-IV chord progression we haven't heard in long times. Dennis Hormes in guest soloing in this track. This song is a true showcase of the guitarist ability as well with frenzy licks rolling all over it. The 2nd track is This Is Now, the opening riff is a two bar licks that also familiar to ears. His guitar best friend Adrian Weiss is the invited guest. While on Jimmy, we move to mid tempo, non violence melodious song that come along with acoustic guitar accompaniment. Alive is a lively wah-wah driven song, excellent bass line at the backdrop. Iced Kingdom is the tip of shred iceberg camouflage by its calm opening. Funky Valentine is as the title suggested a funk orientated composition. Treumal is melodic mid tempo that once again very enjoyable and reflective. The other half of the album contained mostly calm and meditative composition. Such as Diminished Wind that explore the most from the diminished scale to make it as pensive as possible.

Overall a very well written guitar instrumental album. Demian Heuke balance all the thing about composition and guitar playing. The licks are bringing inspirations for listener. Treumal is a quick fall in love album where can be enjoyed by general audience and also die hard guitar fans. This album can come along shoulder to shoulder with his friend, Adrian Weiss album where he also a guest contributor.

Favorite Tracks: 30 Ballons, Treumal
Metal Harem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Demian Heuke - Treumal (2014)
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1 30 Ballons (Dennis Hormes guest solo)
2 This Is Now (Adrian Weiss guest solo)
3 Jimmy
4 Alive (Christoph Kaczmarczyk guest solo (1:08-1:40))
5 Iced Kingdom
6 Funky Valentine
7 Treumal
8 Astronomy
9 Just Breathing
10 Diminished Wind
11 Suffering
12 Daily Settlement

All guitars played and composed by Demian Heuke

Line Up:
Drums - Lars Zehner
Bass - mf-c
Guitar - Demian Heuke
Produced by Demian Heuke and mf-c
Engineered mixed and mastered by mf-c @ "mf-c`s recording hell" studio Dusseldorf / Germany 2013 - 2014
Artwork: Gustavo Sazes ASTRATA

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