AC/DC - Rock or Bust (2014)

Instead of having an album called Man Down, Brian Johnson get us a more typical AC/DC album phrase, it's "Rock or Bust". That's right, this is the new AC/DC album, all brand new songs, the first one since 2008's Black Ice. The album marked as the first without Malcolm Young on boards. And they are closely losing Phil Rudd as well on the dramatic case in Australia. Thus where came the idea of Brian Johnson "Man Down" thing. "Rock Or Bust" is everywhere AC/DC album. It is very short, as short as the band name. We got everything we expected, Angus Young's signature Gibson axe sounds, Brian Johnson's screaming, Cliff and Phill unparalleled coordination.

The song "Rock Or Bust" is all you need to be introduce to AC/DC. Simple guitar riffs , simple "hell yeah...", "are you ready?..." intro to get everything on the roll. "Play Ball" is their single, as usual still got enough ball for being facing face to face to current world chart list. Where the song done well actually. Then on the rest of the album, one must start to admit that the band is not interesting in doing some else. This is exactly another 30 minutes of AC/DC world. It is understandable to not expected a classic Back In Black materials. Thus songs like "Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder", "Rock the House" and "Emission Control", are the most interest in term of expecting some signature AC/DC riffs yet never done before.

The album is mean to be taken in relax manner. The situation where we enjoy half nostalgic moment and the other half to salute that they are still faithful in doing so. All for the fans. Production is great, you can listen the classic guitars riffs still the same as yesteryears. Try doing it with a full volume and you can easily drown to a good headbanging session. Rock or Bust it, here they come.

Metal Harem class: ********* eight stars out of ten

AC/DC - Rock or Bust (2014)
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01. Rock Or Bust
02. Play Ball
03. Rock The Blues Away
04. Miss Adventure
05. Dogs Of War
06. Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder
07. Hard Times
08. Baptism By Fire
09. Rock The House
10. Sweet Candy
11. Emission Control

    Brian Johnson – lead vocals
    Angus Young – lead guitar, backing vocals on "Dogs of War"
    Stevie Young – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
    Cliff Williams – bass guitar, backing vocals
    Phil Rudd – drums, percussion

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