Harem Scarem - Thirteen (2014)

One should lament on how many hair metal bands that bailed out in the grunge era, just to comeback again twenty years later. On this year are the comeback of Tesla, Winger, Night Ranger, all the way to Mr.Big if they counted. One of the band that included is Harem Scarem. This melodic rock / metal group from Canada pulled out string of early albums that really stayed in the heart of melodic rock lover. They did not really disappear actually, as the band actively released albums all the decade of '90s, those just didn't catch the momentum more so than their Mood Swing-era.

Thirteen is obviously their 13th studio album. This one has a majority of Harem Scarem late era materials. "Garden Of Eden" is catchy one for the opener. Those who longing for Pete Lesperance guitar works can enjoy it here, although this album did not many repeated the 'wild' riffs happened in the Mood Swing catalog. "Early Warning Signs", "Saints And Sinners" may also close to that sense, where quick alternate picking riffs take the action. We got easy and happy hard rock tracks as in "Live It". Then the rest are very much pop rock to ballads when track like "Whatever It Takes" where the power chorus is vibe of '90s feel, and "All I Need".

Thirteen is also giving their Pledge music page, where you can find their progress. Overall it is fun to have Harem Scarem back kicking in the business. To hear Harry Hess singing in the band he arising from. As we know both Hess and Pete got a decent solo albums out there also. Thirteen is not a repeating hair metal in the '90s, more so their new interpretation of guitar orientated rock song.

Metal Harem class: ********* seven stars out of ten

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Harem Scarem - Thirteen (2014)

1. Garden Of Eden
2. Live It
3. Early Warning Signs
4. The Midnight Hours
5. Whatever It Takes
6. Saints And Sinners
7. All I Need
8. Troubled Times
9. Never Say Never
10, Stardust
11. The Midnight Hours Acoustic (Japan bonus)

    Harry Hess – Lead vocals, keyboards
    Pete Lesperance – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Backing vocals
    Creighton Doane – Drums
    Darren Smith – Backing vocals

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