June 2014 Classic Hard Rock Revival Albums

This June of 2014 we saw several old timer hard rock bands released their new works. Due to my busy summer peak time, here their list with brief album reviews:

Night Ranger - "High Road" 2014
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Nice reunion between Jack Blades, Brad Gills, Kelly Keagy, together with new guitarist Joel Hoekstra and Eric Levy produced this album "High Road". The single "High Road" and "Knock Knock Never Stop" really brings back US '80s hard rock feel. 8/10

Track List:

3. Rollin' On
4. Don't Live Here Anymore
5. I'm Coming Home
6. X Generation
7. Only For You Only
8. Hang On
9· St. Bartholomew
10. Brothers
11. L.A. No Name*

Night Ranger High Road album review

Tesla - "Simplicity" 2014

My favorite hard rock band from the late '80s. Tesla is back with "Simplicity". Favorite songs are "So Divine..." and "Ricochet". They indeed did not sounds much like their classic Psychotic Supper era,  Jeff Keith vocals brings back all the memories. Frank Hannon get along well with Dave Rude , who replaced Tommy Skeoch in the 2006. 8/10

Line Up:
    Jeff Keith - lead vocals
    Frank Hannon - guitars, vocals, piano, bass
    Brian Wheat - bass, vocals, piano
    Troy Luccketta - drums, percussion
    Dave Rude - guitars, vocals, bass

Track List:

01. M P 3
02. Ricochet
03. Rise and Fall
04. So Divine...
05. Cross My Heart
06. Honestly
07. Flip Side!
08. Other than Me
09. Break of Dawn
10. Burnout to Fade
11. Life is a River
12. Sympathy
13. Time Bomb
14. 'Til that Day
15. Burnout to Fade (writing demo version) - Bonus Track
16. Honestly (writing demo version) - Bonus Track

Tesla Simplicity album review

Nazareth - Rock 'n' Roll Telephone (2014)
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Nazareth actually been active ever since 2008, this year they release "Rock 'n' Roll Telephone". Pete and Lee Agnew is still keeping the band alive. Dan McCafferty doing the vocals now and Jimmy Murrison to complete the band. "Boom Bang Bang" set the opener, catchy and classic good old stuffs. "Back 2B4" is exactly time shift to their '70s sounds. "Rock 'n' Roll Telephone" is crunchy guitar riffs mid tempo song. The last song "God Of The Mountain" closed the album in loud and hard style. Fully entertain album by the guys who in their 50s! 9/10

    Dan McCafferty – vocals
    Jimmy Murrison – guitars
    Pete Agnew – bass guitar
    Lee Agnew – drums

 Track List:

01. Boom Bang Bang
02. One Set Of Bones
03. Back 2B4
04. Winter Sunlight
05. Rock 'n' Roll Telephone
06. Punch A Hole In The Sky
07. Long Long Time
08. The Right Time
09. Not Today
10. Speakeasy
11. God Of The Mountain

Nazareth Rock n Roll Telephone album review

Uriah Heep - Outsider  (2014)
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Outside is Uriah Heep manifesto of existence. Listen to their hit of the album "One Minute", greatly composed piano ballad that improve to great hard rock song. Bernie Shaw vocal never fail to please us. Solid hard rock album that again re-captured the spirit of classic hard rock to our modern times. Superb release. 9/10

    Bernie Shaw – lead vocals
    Mick Box – guitars
    Phil Lanzon – keyboards
    Russell Gilbrook – drums
    Dave Rimmer – bass


01. Speed Of Sound
02. One Minute
03. The Law
04. The Outsider
05. Rock The Foundation
06. Is Anybody Gonna Help Me?
07. Looking At You
08. Can't Take That Away
09. Jessie
10. Kiss The Rainbow
11. Say Goodbye
12. One Minute (Bonus' 60 Seconds)
13. Between Two Worlds (Bonus' Live)

Uriah Heep Outsider album review

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