Mastodon - Once More 'Round the Sun 2014

A recent New Mexico's Mastodon fossils discovery this week is surely not a media prank for the real Mastodon's album, Once More 'Round the Sun. The Atlanta sludge metal crossover band released their fifth album in precise timing. This is three years after their previous The Hunter. What we got here is even sludgier concept, which the band decided to focus all songs in clean yet darker voices.

On the starter set, enjoy the big grooves found "The Motherload", which only one side of the album's dimension. Their most enjoyable strength is their successful approach in bending sludge metal with progressive as platform for songs "Tread Lightly"and "High Road" , both also having a great guitar riffs intro that easily familiar. On the rather psychedelic antique points, we still got "Feast Your Eyes"  which is heavy in dissonances. In "Aunt Lisa", a song featuring ladies punk band The Coathangers, the band played experiment which resulting in much more un-orthodox crossover of sludge, punk and cheer-leading yel-yel. "Asleep in the Deep" is a flat singing and staccato beat track, another Mastodon escapade need to bring affront.

Once More 'Round the Sun will accepted by die hard fans for its continuity of sturdy sludge metal feel, yet attractive for their outer rings listener for its crossover fanciness. Overally enjoyable album with lots of details and uniqueness to be found by repeated spinning. Favorite songs are: "Asleep in the Deep", "The Motherload" and "Ember City".

Metal Harem class: ********* eight stars out of ten

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Mastodon - Once More 'Round the Sun 2014

1. "Tread Lightly"   5:14
2. "The Motherload"   4:59
3. "High Road"   4:15
4. "Once More 'Round the Sun"   2:58
5. "Chimes at Midnight"   5:32
6. "Asleep in the Deep"   6:12
7. "Feast Your Eyes"   3:23
8. "Aunt Lisa" (feat. The Coathangers) 4:08
9. "Ember City"   4:59
10. "Halloween"   4:39
11. "Diamond in the Witch House" (feat. Scott Kelly) 7:49

 Troy Sanders – bass guitar, vocals
 Brent Hinds – guitars, vocals
 Brann Dailor – drums, vocals
 Bill Kelliher – guitars, vocals

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