Axenstar - Where Dreams Are Forgotten (2014)

Whatever sub-genre of power metal coming out, it is always the pure the traditional power metal that stand still in the last. Axenstar had been that kind of band since their first inception. Crawling in the crowd of power metal, the Sweden quartet first find it hard to fight their fame with some of their sophomore albums. Then starting The Final Requiem and Aftermath, it is became clear that those who follow the right path will find their way. Axenstar's Where Dreams Are Forgotten is quite anticipated by power metal fans. Three years from Aftermath is enough waiting, so they are on the last minutes of being forgotten. The album exactly an upgrade continuation from Aftermath, now with more power, more riffs on their belt. Through very much traditionalist in power metal, Axenstar is not without distinguish signature. It is their vocalist Magnus Winterwild that gives Axenstar something to remember. His vocal style is actually not in the mainstream power metal where he avoid singing in traditional high pitch, in fact his style is kind of mid to low range and with strong attack in every breath.

You will find songs such as "Fear" is the most power metal can do with its trade mark guitar riff. The background is fill with thin layer of keyboard string, not too thick to get them a 'symphonic' label, but enough to gives the neo-classical feel. Speedy drumming is there also, the album has a good start. As with many formulaic song order, the following "Inside The Maze" flows nicely to continue what the first song finish. Tension is still maintained up to their third song, is "My Sacrifice" where the bombastic seems more and more. The pinnacle of their first phase attack is likely in "Curse Of The Tyrant", a short variation on drum and acoustic guitar in the intro glued us to the ground from the start. "The Return" is the beginning of their next set, with contained package of "Demise", then "Greed", then a very Helloween-ish "The Reaper" is a strong point in this section.

With exception of "Annihilation" in the intro, this album is full of power riffs parallel with galloping drums. Clear to us Where Dreams Are Forgotten is dedicated to die hard power metal fans. You will find no other disrupting non sense gimmicks blocking your way listening full blast of riffs, speedy solos and metal choruses. It is the time for Axenstar ascending to higher class of power metal arena, which I believe they already so.

Favorite tracks: Fear, Curse Of the Tyrant, The Reaper
Metal Harem class: ********** eight stars out of ten

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Axenstar - Where Dreams Are Forgotten (2014)

01. Fear
02. Inside The Maze
03. My Sacrifice
04. Curse Of The Tyrant
05. The Return
06. Demise
07. Annihilation
08. Greed
09. The Reaper
10. This False Imagery
11. Sweet Farewell

Line Up:
Magnus Winterwild - Vocals, Bass & Keyboards
Joakim Jonsson - Guitars
Jens Klovegård - Guitars
Adam Lindberg - Drums
Record Label: Inner Wound Recordings

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