Andy Martongelli – Spiral Motion (2014)

We are once again introduced to a new solo guitar album called Spiral Motion. This is recorded by lead guitar of Arthemis, power metal band from Italy. As the trend right now, a numerous of guest guitarists are present. This is ranging from ever popular Michael Angelo Bation (looks like Michael presented in any important shred album releases in 2014) to Dave Martone fame.

We have triumphant feel song as the opening  in Eternal. Enjoy plenty of shred licks of course. We are really going spiral where on the 2nd track comes Screaming Ninja. A very screaming inspirational theme, with all the exotic scale throw in with no mistakes. Another roller coaster of style is happened again in the third song called Infected-Garbage-Blues. Exactly as the title, this is infected furry shred tracks, wittily comes as blues-base composition. After a loud bang in Venomous, we also got sentimental Father in very touching melodic instrumental ballad. Cyber-Hammer of the Gods is specifically designed to get laid down by multiple guitarists. Dark Days is once again a slow yet melodious guitar piece. Jump to the last track, Bite the Bullet is the final track which end the album in blitz dual guitar attack. Solo guitarist Dave Martone join the force to make this encore goes crazier.

Spiral Motion is a loud guitar album. There are various styles emerge in this album with a dominating sounds is in heavy metal. Andy's styles also ranging from classic '80 Shrapnel era (listen to Phoenix Rising) to modern, electronic infused sounds. There are two seriously captivating slow tempo songs as mentioned above. Any guitar fans will found this album ready to rock their day.

Favorite tracks: Dark Days, Screaming Ninja
Metal Harem class: ********* eight stars out of ten

Andy Martongelli – Spiral Motion (2014)

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01. Eternal
02. Screaming Ninja
03. Infected-Garbage-Blues
04. Venomous
05. Father
06. Cyber-Hammmer of the Gods (f. Michael Angelo Batio, Dave Reffet, Alex Stornello)
07. Dark Days
08. Phoenix Rising
09. Dead Symphony
10. Bite the Bullet (f. Dave Martone)

Andy Martongelli: Guitars
Brendan Farrugia: Bass
Corrado Rontani: Drums
Enrico Marchiotto: Keyboards and Sound Loops
Franz Bazzani: Keyboards on “Infected-Garbage-Blues” and “Cyber-Hammer of the Gods”

Special Guests:
Michael Angelo Batio (Nitro)
Dave Reffet (Guitar World Magazine)
Alex Stornello (Angels & Demons)
Dave Martone

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