Winger - Better Days Comin' (2014)

When the torch of hair metal extinguished in the '90s, some of the bands become only famous after math. I believe Winger is one of the example. Their albums was hunted by hair metal fans and widely considered as 'underated' in their active era. One of the reason is most of Winger members were doing successful later. Notable is Reb Beach who soon become shredder symbol, later join Dokken and Whitesnake. Rod Morgenstein is drum guru, a eternal member of progressive grup Dixie Dregs. Then of course Kip Winger become solo artist and producer. The reunion of Winger already produced two albums previously. This year is their third reunion album, their sixth overall, titled as Better Day's Comin'.

The three talented guys were also supported by John Roth. Better Days Comin' is half part in hair metal legacy but the other parts is a more modern progressive stuffs. The songs Midnight Driver of a Love Machine, Queen Babylon, Rat Race are great fast tempo songs with guitar riffs driven, best to fill the cup of '80s metal tributes. We got the transitional song in Better Days Comin' , is a lighter rock which lots of vocal harmony. Tin Soldier defined Winger new direction. This song also their pick for a video music. It feel more progressive with complex structures, uncompromising drumming variations and Kip Winger singing style also feel darker. The other good adaptation of their glam metal root with modern sound is in a song So Long China. The song slow down the tempo a bit, just try to fall into AOR style with its longer choruses. On the last track, enjoyed the sweet ballad in Out Of This World.

This is enjoyable album with balance stuffs between old school hair metal and modern sounds. Reb Beach is kind of less in getting shredding parts, Rod Morgenstein got lot of drum chops on the other hand. Kip Winger is now sing in modern style, not much screaming as in the '80s hair vocalist. Nonetheless, this album gives the maturity Winger needed for. It's still bring back to good old days.

Metal Harem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Winger - Better Days Comin' (2014)
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01. Midnight Driver of a Love Machine
02. Queen Babylon
03. Rat Race
04. Better Days Comin'
05. Tin Soldier
06. Ever Wonder
07. So Long China
08. Storm In Me
09. Be Who You Are, Now
10. Another Beautiful Day (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
11. Out Of This World

Kip Winger – bass guitar, vocals
Reb Beach - guitars
Rod Morgenstein - drums
John Roth - guitars

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