Ancient Bards - A New Dawn Ending (2014)

In their past two albums, Ancient Bards jump the ladder pretty fast. They were soon recognized as new power metal force in the Italian jungle of bands. With those two promising albums, now they are back with full third album called A New Dawn Ending. Sara Squadrani still behind the microphone, backed with all their previous member forces. A New Dawn Ending is the end of their sophomore years as this album yet another solid one.

After the opening intro (Before the Storm) we instantly transfer into the foray of power metal with A Greater Purpose. The song open with stylistic power choruses, Sara Squadrani then conquered the rest of the song with her melodic voices without much problem. A more intense and attacking track is to be followed. Flaming Heart played the contrast structure song between bombastic music and calm singing. The graphic of intensity and velocity seems rising to the peak on the third song, Across This Life. Rhapsody of Fire influence is unavoidable in this album. Fabio Lione even made appearance on the song The Last Resort. In this song they simply follow the generic template of power metal, simple intro, the bridge before the verses, Fabio Lione enters then final blasted with catchy choruses. Piano ballad is for In My Arms. Two long epic songs in Showdown and A New Dawn Ending.

Ancient Bards can also describe as the cross breeding between Rhapsody of Fire and early Within Temptation. A New Dawn Ending offered the most classic symphonic metal featuring female singer. Every songs sounds familiar to ears, a sign that the song writing really hit their target. The instrument teams has no problem transferring any details of their song required into music. They are balance and solid, no overly done parts. Fans of power metal that curious to hear what their classic genre can do in this latest age, A New Dawn Ending is the answer.

Metal Harem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Ancient Bards - A New Dawn Ending (2014)
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01. Before The Storm 1:38
02. A Greater Purpose 7:55
03. Flaming Heart 6:51
04. Across This Life 4:31
05. In My Arms 5:26
06. The Last Resort (feat. Fabio Lione) 6:07
07. Showdown 12:49
08. In The End 5:11
09. Spiriti Liberi 4:49
10. A New Dawn Ending 16:38

Claudio Pietronik - Guitars
Martino Garattoni - Bass
Sara Squadrani - Vocals
Federico Gatti – Drums
Daniele Mazza - Keyboards

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