Brother Firetribe - Diamond In The Firepit (2014)

I must say this: Heart Full of Fire is my favorite AoR metal album. It was so good that I can keep listen and lamented why they didn't do this more. My lamentation is now ended. Brother Firetribe is firing their third albums. Diamond In The Firepit, six years after their second masterpiece. Will there any possibility that this album keep up the spirit from their 'past'? The answer is pretty much rounded, Heart Full of Fire is still their best, but this new album is a good call.

For Better or for Worse is the first awesome song you'll found. This song is a direct sequel to their previous sound. Among this group is the opener, Love's Not Enough, then the 2nd track Far Away from Love. Then we can jump to Trail of Tears, to have that minor melodic feel again. In the between, we got a mix between softer song, Desperately, hard rock feel in Edge Of Forever, then yet another slow tempo song in Hanging by a Thread. Obviously after six years, the band changed a lot. Winner Takes It All is pretty awesome guitar driven hard rock song, but yet it is no Brother Firetribe as I impressed from their second album.

The first impression is, Diamond... is a slow down compared to H.F.o.F. The energetic AoR beat in their previous masterpiece album is pretty much scale down in Diamond In The Firepit. Their sounds however, which characterized by harmonized singing between Pekka Ansio Heino and the backing vocals, is pretty much preserves. This alone continue to be their great asset. It also seems that Emppu Vuorinen played more guitars compared to H.F.o.F. In that case, the keyboard portion is being taken. Diamond In The Firepit gives us total AoR driven, highly melodic metal songs. It is not as phenomenal as Heart Full of Fire, but still has enough sting worth listening. Coincidentally, the timing of this releasegives the two Nightwish members releasing solos, as Tuomas has also getting high on their solo album.

Favorite tracks: For Better or for Worse, Trail of Tears, Winner Takes It All

Metal Harem class: ********+  seven+ stars out of ten

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Brother Firetribe - Diamond In The Firepit (2014)

1. Intro
2. Love’s Not Enough
3. Far Away from Love
4. For Better or for Worse
5. Desperately
6. Edge Of Forever
7. Hanging by a Thread
8. Trail of Tears
9. Winner Takes It All
10. Tired of Dreaming
11. Reality Bites
12. Close To the Bone

Pekka Ansio Heino – Lead Vocals
Emppu Vuorinen – Lead Guitar
Tomppa Nikulainen – Keyboards
Jason Flinck – Bass / Vocals
Kalle Torniainen – Drums
Record Label: Spinefarm Records

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