Kenziner - The Last Horizon (2014)

I do owned Kenziner albums from their past. I considered their 2nd album "The Prophecy" as valuable classic neo-power metal of that time. In the early '00, internet weren't really taken the hype, so when Kenziner went into inactivity they were just like lost from the radar. It is only 15 years later they are back with a new album. Kenziner was actually lead by Jarno Keskinen's. A virtuoso guitarist who also performed in a project Virtuocity. By the time goes, all original member of Kenziner were replaced by new forces. The singer choice fell to Markky Kuikka, ex Thaurorod, ex Book of Reflections. His voices is completely different to ex singer Stephen Fredrick though. With this new line up, "The Last Horizon" pull off as serious neo-progressive-power metal release.

With more than 10 years of time, this album just like the compilation of Jarno Keskinen's ideas. Every track has been impressively composed. The main platform is Jarno's virtuoso guitar playing. Then there is strong connections between keyboards to provide the neo classic keys licks. Songs are more progressive than their 15 years ago works, which is more neo-classic and power metal. The first track "Run For Your Life" may not much revealed what potential in this album, as this opener just a simple standard power metal tunes with strong guitar riffs. From 2nd song onward it starts to kick really hard in the ass. "Our Times" is catchy melodic neo-classic song, with very progressive lyric line. The structure and music complexity is escalated, riffs ideas are flying around yet the song itself did not suffered and remained easy to follow. Then listen to "Devour The World" which is amazing composition showcase resulted in rich and dynamic song. "End Of An Era" is also an insane guitar improvisation through out the song. "Keep The Flame Alive" is finally another standard anthem power metal feel. So far we can describe this album as Symphony X,  Yngwie Malmsteen and Helloween all mixed at once. Check also track "No Turning Back" in which at their last moment all instrument seems playing tightly together in unison. As said before, all songs are crazy, let's make the last recommendation which is fall on the titled track "The Last Horizon". The longest track on the album, mean an epic eight minutes of blasting progs.

Not much can be said, "The Last Horizon" is killer comeback album of Kenziner. Replay factor are high on this album for its creative song writing. Those enjoy real guitar works in a prog/power setting should quickly grab this album. The fact that the person behind this works was absence from metal for years proved that when you have enough talents, it will not vanished by time. Stunning works.

Favorite tracks: all of them... especially Our Times, Devour The World

Metal Harem class: ********** nine stars out of ten

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Kenziner - The Last Horizon (2014)

1. Run For Your Life
2. Our Times
3. Heroes Ride
4. Devour The World
5. End Of An Era
6. Keep The Flame Alive
7. I Am Eternal
8. No Turning Back
9. The Last Horizon
10. Perfect Moment (CD Bonus Track) 192

Line Up:
Markku Kuikka - Vocals (Book of Reflections, Status Minor, ex-Gronholm, ex-Thaurorod, ex-TorneD)
Jarno Keskinen - Guitars (Virtuocity, ex-Let Me Dream)
JJ Hjelt - Bass (Royal Truck, ex-Battagia)
Jukka Karinen - Keyboards (Status Minor, The Magnificent, Thunderstone)
Make Lievonen - Drums (Embassy of Silence)

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