The Francesco Artusato Project - Our Dying Sun (2014)

The Francesco Artusato Project is exactly your dearest Devil You Know, All Shall Perish guitarist solo memento. Our Dying Sun is his second full length album. It is very much similar to his previous works, combined only guitar instrumental in progressive metal genre. In this eleven tracks of shred guitar, Francesco made it the sounds of destruction, futuristic, industrial and apocalypse theme. You got the idea, well just observe the cover art.

There are not much melodic line here. Songs are dominated by heavy dissonance, low string 'djent' like distortion. The representative track is "Our Dying Sun" for description above.  The other landmark point is "Infinite Waves", where the author spare some movement for drum, keyboards and bass to shine. Or maybe listen to "Sleeples Night" where the we got more down to earth leading riffs and melodies. Compared to its predecessor album, Chaos and the Primordial, Our Dying Sun sounds more homogeneous, from song writing to guitar tones.  If you like the idea of exploring one hour end-of-the-world theme shred guitar album, this one is for you.

Metal Harem class: ******** seven stars out of ten

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The Francesco Artusato Project - Our Dying Sun (2014)

01. 210
02. Gates of Reason
03. Our Dying Sun
04. Divergence
05. Infinite Waves
06. Burning Leaves
07. Sleepless Night
08. Miura
09. Blood From a Stone
10. Omega
11. Spirito

Line Up:
Francesco Artusato (Devil You Know, All Shall Perish)

Guests Guitarists:
Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry)
Wes Hauch (ex-The Faceless)
Ryan Knight (The Black Dahlia Murder)

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