Nicolas Waldo - Master Of The Universe (2014)

This short duration of album is a brief showcase of Colombian guitarist Nicolas Waldo. Master Of The Universe happen to be his 5th full length albums according to Metal Encyclopaedia. In this brief essay, there is only one style needed to concern. Master of The Universe is none other than shred, shred and shred. There is no tasty chord progression as like any prog metaller, this is only accompaniment backing track and then Nicolas lay down his faster than lightspeed licks all over.

So, it's understandable if all track running at 160 bpm, then the whole song duration should be much lesser than those who play in 80, right isn't? From Space And Time  right to lastly The Everlasting, there is only neo-classical arpeggios, sweep, tapping, and everything in between to fill in the lightspeed drum track. Stand out is the main title, Master Of The Universe, where the ecstasy of listening shred genre is here. Or maybe there is second styles here, shred acoustic tang, Prince of Peace in the end of the album comes with a mercy to our ear because of Nicolas also play us a sweet acoustic songs.

Master Of The Universe is for those who need to play loud guitar music to wake up his neighborhood. It's only run at 23 minutes where you will find it equal to listening one song of Dream Theater's A Season of Changes. If you like fast guitar and care less about other bull**** , this is the album to satisfy your need.

Favorite songs: Master Of The Universe, Prince Of Peace, Multiverse
Metal Harem class: ******* seven stars out of ten

Nicolas Waldo - Master Of The Universe (2014) 
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1. Space And Time
2. Starburst
3. Master Of The Universe
4. Lightspeed
5. Galaxy Cluster
6. Supernova
7. The Everlasting
8. Prince Of Peace
9. Multiverse

MISTHERIA (Bruce Dickinson, Mark Boals, Rob Rock)
Recorded at Constain Studios // Meggido Records Studios
Produced by Nicolas Waldo - All Guitars and Bass lines by Nicolas Waldo.
Drums by Miguel Rodriguez.

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