Yossi Sassi - Desert Butterflies (2014)

Yossi Sassi strengthened his feet as leading Oriental prog guitar specialist in recent days. After his solo album Melting Clock got widely accepted by fans, the sequel is coming. Desert Butterflies is his second solo album, more oriental music from the orphaned Holy Land that divided the world into three factions today. Instead of going to pursue more 'metal' aspect, Yossi choose the 'folk' aspect that he need to play more. This is the correct path that many fans will also rejoice. Desert Butterflies is full of showcase of Israeli - Mid Eastern influences music, all wrapped in modern guitar instrumental form.

A simple phrases got developed more and more in the opening title, "Orient Sun". The clean acoustic guitar sounds mimic what we might listen when we are in the middle of desert. If that repetitive melody too hypnotizing , the second one is a dance on the wild. "Fata Morgana" is completely going to 'swing' your imagination with angelic desert belly dancers. Yossi masterful the combination of many folk instruments and traditional 'choirs' to raise even more desert-like effects. We then move closer to the West with "Neo Quest", this one has tasty groove and a light oriental musics. "Azadi" is of course basically Mid Eastern music re-interpreted in modern piano and guitars playing. A nice piece to show how well versed he is in piano also. "Believe" is a lyrics composition, it is mixed in foreign language and English to exemplify its great "oriental" feel. The singer is Mariangela Demurtas of Tristania. "Desert Butterfly" is thick dune theme, but this one bring us closer to the Wild West. In "Azul" we got the very basic blending between melodic guitar shredding and oriental music. "Cocoon" is the only second lyric song to end the album.

It is also only natural that the Oriental will then meet with the Exotic. Marty Friedman starts his collaboration with Yossi in live jammin' and then landed his "Far Eastern" licks to Yossi on this album. There are another dozens of musicians involved to make this album as rich as possible. If you like guitar, you will not pass this album. Not everybody's diet but this is the gems you'll happy to explore.

Metal Harem class: ********* eight stars out of ten
Favorite songs: Fata  Morgana, Azadi, Neo Quest

Yossi Sassi - Desert Butterflies (2014)

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1. Orient Sun 04:22
2. Fata Morgana 04:34
3. Neo Quest 04:26
4. Azadi 03:11
5. Believe 03:29
6. Desert Butterfly 04:42
7. Inner Oasis 04:44
8. Shedding Soul 02:01
9. Jason’s Butterflies 01:24
10. Azul 03:27
11. Cocoon 03:58
12. Palm Tree Road (Limited Edition Only) (3:23)

- Yossi Sassi / Vocals, Guitars, Bouzouki, Charrango, Oud, Saz, Chumbush, Keyboards
- Or Lubianiker / Electric & Acoustic Bass
- Shay Ifrah / Drums
- Ben Azar / Guitars
- Roei Fridman / Percussion

- Marty Friedman / Guitar Lead
- Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal / Guitar Lead
- Mariangela Demurtas / Vocals
- Erez Lev Ari / Choir vocals, guitars
- Roy Zu-arets / Piano, Hammond
- Daniel Hoffman / Violins
- Itzhak Ventura / Arabic, Turkish and Persian ney
- David Sassi / Choir vocals
- Ariel Qassis / Kanun
- Shlomo Oz / Sitar
- Yosefa Zauosh / Vocals
Record Label: Independent

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