Julia Kosterova - Springs of Time (2013, EP)

Well, she is not a tennis player but a very fast guitar player instead. Julia Kosterova coming all the way from Russia and to become the first Russian guitar player that get the spotlight world wide. The introduction from personal website dubbed : “… an alien sent down to represent the last several decades of music…”  paying justice to Julia’s music inspired by a wide range of influences from Jeff Beck to Steve Vai, while american producers and casting directors went straight calling her ‘new female Eddie Van Halen’. That's is only confirmed when this little EP from her come with big names at behind, such as Marco Minnemann, Derek Sherinian, Brian Tichy etc. So, here let's listen this exciting EP called Spring of Time by our lady fast finger, Julia Kosterova.

Springs of Time as the first track, is begin with tasty minor power metal riff with slapping funky bass. Soon the song developed into the complex progressive section, well you never can understand a lady with first listening. But after this complex parts, here comes the first real solos only start on clock 3 minutes in this six minutes composition. It is clear we are dealing with talented, shred guitarist here. The Wave of Luck started with a bang of Derek Sherinian's keyboard intro and then a thematic groove solos to lead the rest of the song. Stranger is happy feel composition, still comes with enough complexity to keep we glued to the chair, this track is supported by Brian Tichy of Whitesnake fame. Hi Power started with furious Marco's drum solos and the band played another stunning guitar composition.

Not only miss Julia able to show herself as a true shred lady, the four compositions show the chemistry of all parts, bass, keyboards and drums, come together to fully backed the guitar. The band played as one whole composition and we also get the best from each Derek, Marco and the bass. Overall the style is similar to Greg Howe, Richie Kotzen, and those whom like to played in fusion rock and funky styles. The future is bright for the next full studio album to come and we shall warmly welcome Julia into the guitar world.

Metal Harem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Julia Kosterova - Spring of Time (2013, EP)
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01 Springs of Time (feat. Derek Sherinian & Marco Minnemann) 06:08
02 The Wave of Luck (feat. Derek Sherinian & Marco Minnemann) 05:56
03 Stranger (feat. Derek Sherinian & Brian Tichy) 04:29
04 Hi Power (feat. Derek Sherinian & Marco Minnemann) 06:53

Derek Sherinian (ex-Dream Theater, Planet X, Black Country Communion, Billy Idol) keyboards,
Marco Minnemann (The Aristocrats, Paul Gilbert, Joe Satriani)  drums
Brian Tichy (ex-Whitesnake, Foreigner, S.U.N.) drums
Chris Buck (3 Crows), bass
Michael Devin (Whitesnake), bass
Rufus Philpot, bass

Female guitarist Julia Kosterova Springs of Time album review

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