Kee Marcello - Judas Kiss (2013)

Although Kee Marcello only in Europe (the band) for a brief years, he will still remembered as the guitarist during the band's height. Upon resign from the band he engaged in many projects, adventurously into various styles from metal to hard rock. Strangely, just as Europe transformation into hard rock blues band, Kee Marcello also  more comfort to write in this territory. Judas Kiss is his third solo album, full of catchy hard rock tunes in the mix between old school and modern sound.

The first song Zombie is actually pretty hard rock feel, Kee Marcello style of singing defines this more into modern bite. As guitar player, this did not gone into guitar supremacy type of song. Kee only keen to slash in few bar of solos and focus on the singing instead. Dog Eat Dog is late '80 anthem hard rock beat. This song had been made into video as well and the album's hit song. I'm Stoned worth mentioned for being heavy chugging riff song. Another enjoyable tune is Dead End Highway, an semi ballad track that quite heavy. Judas Kiss is yet another heavy and dark intro but the song itself didn't gone into too far from hard rock. The other interesting track is And Forever More, where Akane Liz's Liv Moon from Tokyo sing as guest. A good power ballad in this track. Coming Home is thick western, US feel , kind of Bon Jovi things. Awesome thing also there, as in Get On Top, which is an (almost) power metal track!

Versatile hard rock album with heavy riff and metal drumming thrown here and there. Kee Marcello presented more as a fine song writer rather than a guitarist do a solo album. Judas Kiss saw Kee Marcello successful catch up with this generation of hard rock. He did not went too traditional, although the standard riff and chug still connected well with past hard rock fans. The album also see in service drummer on being excellent in interpreted each tune into enjoyable beat. The power fill and variations are one of attractions. To sums up, this is a fine modern hard rock album by the man.

Metal Harem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Kee Marcello - Judas Kiss (2013)
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1. Zombie
2. Dog Eat Dog
3. Starless Sky
4. I’m Stoned
5. Dead End Highway
6. Judas Kiss
7. And Forever More (with Akane Liz)
8. Coming Home
9. Get On Top
10. The Harder They Come
11. Dead Give Away
12. Love Will Tear Us Apart
13. Metal Box

Kee Marcello – Vocals / Guitar
Ken Sandin - Bass
Tim Brown - Drums
Jonny Scaramanga - Guitars
Record Label: 7Hard Records

Judas Kiss album review, by ex-Europe guitarist.

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