Hammerforce - Access Denied (2013)

Usually I am in no luck when comes to blind recommendation from other, but Hammerforce is not the case. The album was circulated highly in forum recommendation and it just prove why it is. For starter, Hammerforce can describe as the combo between Dragonforce , for its speed and electronic sound effect, to Hammerfall, the traditional power metal feel. Basically Hammerforce is power metal in spirit, but instead on dive into other symphonic obscurity they choose the opposite approach, they just jump into modern sound with lots of electronic sound effects. Thus making this album stand out right from the start. They are from mother Russia and this is their second studio album called Access Denied.

Almost every song is in the same formula here. Bombastic intro in spirit of power metal then decorated with keyboards pad effect. I Am I is the first one of them. Catchy, fast and energetic to define this song. Enjoy the rather unusual double pedal metal song with a good riff but once in a while the keyboard will join in the attack. Templates For All is also speedy track with short of neo classical licks intro. In the interview, the band said this is about people having need to met all the stereotypes surround them, something similar to Helloween's I Want Out theme. Wasted is another berserk drum rolling, the song is stand more to progressive feel. Another memorable track from the album. Fugitive is almost a full blend between hip hop with metal, nicely done. No Place for the Old Men is the only song started with 'slow' feel, but yet it's another bombastic full blast track. Not even the ballad intro in Reflections also, but this time it's an instrumental track to let us enjoy what the boys can offer with their musical skills.

Forty minutes and nine catchy songs, all in a quite similar vibes, is okay. We are not let's gone too exhausted to their styles but enough to grab. Hammerforce's Access Denied is easily most consistent fast and loud power metal album so far for this year. The keyboard elements that stands out will help them gain new interested power metal fans. Musicianship is easily just above standard to make this album really sounded. The only comment is for the vocalist, that he seems hesitate to bring all out in all those catchy tunes. So that's still enough room for future improvement. For now, enjoy this extrovert power metal album and for this you may believe the reviewers, that this is indeed highly recommended.

Updated - Interview with Hammerforce HERE, read in deep conversation with the keyboardist/guitarist Nikita about the band's background, influences, struggling and up coming plans.

Metal Harem class: ******** eight stars out of ten
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1. I Am I
2. Templates For All
3. Wasted
4. Mass Media
5. Fugitive
6. Earth Is On Trial
7. No Place for the Old Men
8. Reflections
9. Access Denied
10. Никто
11. Смена поколений

Aleksandr "Ariets" Zhuchihin,  Drums
Ilya Mamaev,  Guitars
Ilya Kapralov Guitars, Bass
Nikita "Mad Warrior" Merzlyakov, Keyboards, Guitars (rhythm), Vocals (backing)
Dmitriy Yanovsky,  Vocals

Hammerforce Access Denied (2013) album review

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