Francesco Fareri - Mechanism Reloaded (2013)

Finally Francesco Fareri finished the fourth! Well, that's lots of f-word surely, which is the case of this new material from the guitar zeus himself. Mechanism Reloaded is the f*&%-ing fourth album, so long after his 'proper' 3rd album back in 2007. For decades, Francesco had been fascinating the guitar enthusiast for his eye brow rising, eight strings guitar. So now we will able to listen a proper composition on that wicked instrument, in his very solo album. To add more flourish, he invited another guitar mercurians to do the lick race together, thus summoned, Jeff Loomis and Jon Finn.

What should expect, skip the First Breath if you can't hold the breath! Mechanism Reloaded is none other than furious guitar shred song, comes with many intrigue flatten notes all over the scale. So then the style of this album had been defined, a progressive metal foundation, familiar to Jeff Loomis material himself, as this is the song where he featuring. (Or even the cover album is the same 'tall building' theme to Jeff Loomis other two albums). Evil's Icon take the thrash metal riff and beat as the whole pictures, the arpeggios are there for you to try out tonight. In Silver Blades I think the band try to give some edgy standard heavy metal feel, waves of licks going on but the thematic lick is keep on top of those, very intense compositions. Seconds of Balance is inviting for a headbanging for it's power metal like opening. Beyond the Mind looks like a song that try to break the fastest bpm record, then the last Temple of Sinners is a good riff for old death metal groove.

That's it. Seven Ferrari speed tempo shred song slip in the eyes. Well, there is one more bonus song, which you can check in his Soundcloud account, called After Thy Soul. The albums not include one sweet notes, consistently dark, heavy all Locrian (maybe) scale tunes. Perfect match for those who enjoy the death progressive materials. Two other member backing Francesco Ferari need a big thump up for sweating bullets on all this fiery stuff. So that the guitar zeus did not let a doubt in his shredding ability. Top of the game, good luck for other to follow his speed, get this one quick!

Metal Harem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Francesco Fareri - Mechanism Reloaded 2013
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1. First Breath -  01:36
2. Mechanism Reloaded - 05:00 - featuring Jeff Loomis
3. Evil's Icon - 04:43 - featuring Jon Finn
4. Silver Blades - 04:33
5. Equilibrium Elements - 03:54
6. Seconds of Balance - 04:06
7. Beyond the Mind - 04:22
8. Temple of Sinners - 4:43
Bonus track - After Thy Soul

Francesco Fareri , 7 and 8 String Guitars
Emanuel Calvelli Bass
Emiliano Bonini Drums

Album review of Italian extreme metal guitarist Francesco Fareri.

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