Dreamtale - World Changed Forever (2013)

Dreamtale is always received high credits for their works. After releasing five power metal albums, the band is on waiting list for many fans. They are not yet on the mainstream, but with  quality albums they released so far, the justice may blessed upon them by the time comes. This Finnish power metal band is continuing their journey with a new 2013 album, World Changed Forever. I impressed with their latest, Epsilon album, so this is a good exercise to see how the boys may come up.

Cleverly open the album with animated story-telling prolog in The Shore. Sounds like a RPG game soundtrack or a theatrical teaser as we prepare for the first song to come, Island Of My Heart. So there you go, the bombastic strings riff attack. Island Of My Heart is simple symphonic metal attack. Interestingly they also put in synth-loop in the chorus. Tides Of War come with tides of melodious intro, a standard minor arpeggios melody to bring the song that are very short in verses but strong in choruses. Same thing still there in We Have No God, a leading thematic melody and now an operatic verses in the beginning. Join The Rain is next interesting point, they come with full disco synth beat in power metal, now it reminds me of our recent Hammerforce music. Back To The Stars is a powerful ballad ala Stratovarius. Best cut from this album. Then the serious World Changed Forever, the song that not started with bombastic intro but rather emphasized on their song composition. There are twelve tracks in normal CD and all of them easily grab power metal tunes.

Looks like Dreamtale able to take the most basic of power metal formula and claim as theirs new invention on this album. Still consistent to many of their previous releases, so we convinced that in the ocean of cheesiness , power metal is actually still a vast area to swim. Every songs has a memorable choruses. World Changed Forever seems little or none breakaway from previous album. So the only issue is, whether you like to listen more songs on this styles or you don't. The singer Erkki Seppanen voices a characteristic performances, he is versatile and able to gives emotional value to each songs. Instrumentation are alright, Dreamtale not so overly technical but just what it needed on every song. For power metal standard, this is what the fans always needed to listen.

Metal Harem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Dreamtale - World Changed Forever 2013
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01. The Shore
02. Island Of My Heart
03. Tides Of War
04. We Have No God
05. The Signs Were True
06. The Heart After Dark
07. Join The Rain
08. Back To The Stars
09. World Changed Forever
10. My Next Move
11. Dreamtime
12. Destiny's Chance
13. The End of Our Days - Japan bonus

Petteri Rosenbom Drums
Rami Keränen Guitars, Vocals
Akseli Kaasalainen Keyboards
Seppo Kolehmainen Guitars
Erkki Seppänen Vocals
Heikki Ahonen Bass

Dreamtale World Changed Forever album review

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