Mastercastle - On Fire (2013)

I got to known Mastercastle by their master guitarist, Pier Gonella, whom appeared in some of guitar clinics channel. While the early impressions of this band and the guitarist is okay, never expected that their new album, On Fire, is really taken the bite here. I like this album so far, they are highly melodic metal to begin of. Their styles is unique, not only it's included the favorite neo-classical shreds, but the singer is quite the sensational herself. She is not your power metal singer, but rather a hard rock feel! All the way sung the supposedly neo-classical metal tunes. Her voice is still unpolished here and there, but it's added the naive and raw feel to the record. Not to mentioned, Mastercastle managed to get hire gun drummer John Macaluso, which to my knowledge are busy with Symphony X now!

Come to hear the first offering, Silver Eyes. This is a melodious song, the style is something glam metal plus the power metal drumming, not after you met Giorgio Gueglio then you will feel even stranger yet refreshing. Then comes Chains, an AOR feel intro with it's arena drumming and very Lita Fordian singing is really unexpected from the band from Italy. Platinum is another melodic metal in the epic minor feel riff. Giorgio got unpolished low pitches voices feel here, but it's okay and really fresh to hear. Plus in this song, she is doing duet vocal with his bandmates. Quicksilver is finally the quick double pedalling tunes. Gold Violet is mellow acoustic song, in typical Gothic female metal style, similar to Lunatica I think. Leaden Roads is another enjoy-ful song with tasty intro licks. Titanium Wings is yet one more melodic metal tunes. And with respect to the singer, two instrumentals tracks The Final Battle and Almost a Fantasy from Pier Gonella are what really interesting point in the album also.

I would love to hear what the world comments on this album. The instrument parts is okay, but the singer is rather controversial in this album, in a good sense. While all her non English accents are audible, the style of singing implemented in this album is sure not the cup of tea for everyone. But I do like. No doubt the frontman Pier Gonella is one of shinning shredder in the future to come. Drumming is clear and go the nice groove here and there. The last bass man is a good partner also, especially enjoy the playing in those two instrumental tracks. So it's a full support for this rising band, Mastercastle On Fire, surprise melodic metal materials from the team.

Metal Harem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Mastercastle - On Fire (2013)
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1. Silver Eyes (4:08)
2. Chains (4:52)
3. Platinum (4:19)
4. Quicksilver (3:28)
5. Gold Violet (4:44)
6. The Final Battle (instrumental) (4:16)
7. Leaden Roads (4:39)
8. Titanium Wings (4:12)
9. Almost a Fantasy (instrumental) (3:59)

Steve Vawamas Bass
Pier Gonella Guitars
Giorgia Gueglio Vocals
John Macaluso Drums - (Jame LaBrie, Yngwie Malmsteen, Ark, Symphony X, Joe Lynn Turner)

Italian metal band, Mastercastle, On Fire  album review

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