The Storyteller - Dark Legacy (2013)

The Storyteller is power metal tale from Sweden. The band gone into four studio albums full of fantasy, holy quest, underworld adventure and many others. So you read it right, this is another epic power metal adventure, not from Italy but from the land of Northern Arctic. The band missed several years for being inactive but now they are fully back with a new tales, Dark Legacy. It's another concept album about Thor  or any other Norse mythology.

Good news is, the music and storyline went good. Release Me is melodious power metal opener, comes with enough progression from part to part. L.G. Persson vocal for once, I must admit, sounds 'hollow' when he sing in lower register. Interestingly, in this album the vocal gone from low, middle, into high territory, as well being clean and raw in turns. Strength of Valhalla is more straightforward, just after the snare drum intro this gone to standard galloping game. Dark Legacy used a chorus power as in folk metal ala Sabaton. Sweet epic melody found in God of Gods, this is a middle anthemic tempo tunes. The climax of this chorus driven tune is in Sancto Spirito, the band successful creating memorable point in the middle of the album. We also got Sands of Time, full ballad song with only orchestration, now it's feel like Manowar. Then just like any other 'good' concept album, the epilog is found in Battle of Yggdrasil, longest track to conclude tonight's story.

The Storyteller comes with good power metal materials, although we have met dozen of this variations before. Song flows supported with awesome composition, saved this album. Both guitarist attacks are soft in style, resulting in clean and neat solos. The utilization of wah effect for once make me think it is the keyboards shred. The guitarist also put a lot of creativity in their parts and not just following the standard chord progression along the line. Singer LG Persson keep being interesting character voice that may capture attention of those like to heard rather unorthodox approach in this genre. For trivia, the band also provide a good cover of Iron Maiden song, Moonchild in their 2002 album Crossroad (see this blog specialized in Iron Maiden cover subject). Enough musical adventure of Norse mythology to interest fans of power metal. Plus you got a good artwork in the cover as well!

Metal Harem class: ******* seven stars out of ten

The Storykeeper - Dark Legacy (2013)
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1. Release Me
2. Strength of Valhalla
3. Dark Legacy
4. Uninvited Guest
5. Forever They Shall Kneel
6. God of Gods
7. Upon Your Icy Throne
8. Sancto Spirito
9. Break The Bounds
10. Sands Of Time
11. Battle Of Yggdrasil

L.G. Persson – Vocals
Jacob Wennerqvist – Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Marcus Backlund – Guitars, Bass, Backing Vocals
Martin Hjerpe – Drums
Record Label: Black Lodge Records

Sweden power metal The Storyteller Dark Legacy album review

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